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Hey, y'all!

Christmas just hasn't felt right this year, so I had to make a celebratory holiday style for Smogon; introducing "Holiday at Smogon!" Showcasing cool, Christmas-y greens cut with festive red accents, this style stays loyal to a classic combination and is easy on the eyes so everyone can get in the holiday spirit. It also features a more structured subforum organization viewable from the index; leave feedback if you like it, or drop a suggestion here.

To use "Holiday at Smogon,"
  • click here, then select "Holiday at Smogon" from the Style list,
  • OR, scroll to the lower left corner of the index, click "Default Style," and choose "Holiday at Smogon" from the Style list pop-up.
To revert back to the default style, repeat the above steps and select "Default Style" from the Style list.

Happy Holidays!
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Guys Konami code already effects a bunch of shit on other websites if you type it in the right place
Do we really need it here too?
Looking forward to when we get more themes (honestly got tired of the blue all the time (which is saying something since it's one my two favorite colors))
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