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Post any issues/suggestions you find with any forum styles here.

I can't guarantee that I will make every change that is suggested, though I will try my best to respond to all of them. You can post suggestions for future style concepts, which we will take into consideration but not commit to working on in any particular order or timeline.

I will delete issue posts once they are fixed.

Thanks! :>


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I don’t like how the headers are circular on the index—especially with the tops of the white bits being visible over it (see screenshot). Otherwise it’s great though.

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If I want to get an alert whenever someone deletes one of my posts, should I post that as a suggestion here?
It depends on whether the mod ticks the notification of deletion box so u probably won’t have much luck asking here. It’s good practice for mods to use it for the majority (keyword) of deletions but honestly that doesn’t mean they will, so sry abt that :/
Is the Christmas theme gonna be available year round for those that like the color scheme/forum organization better than the default or just at Christmas time?

Edit: For an actual suggestion I'd say remove the please excuse our look during the redesign message at the bottom because with the holiday at smogon message above it, it just feels like theres too much text there and gets a little crowded imo
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Is there a way for the Holiday theme to be the default one even when browsing Smogon without logging in? Right now whenever I'm logging out, it reverts back to the blue style.
this is a long shot but we could have a theme for every Pokémon (or legendary) so people can customize it a bit more to their own tastes.

for example we could have Ho-Oh as our theme so we could have him(or her depends the way you look at it) for our background and Ho-Oh's base coulors for the theme.

this is just a thought:pikuh::pikuh:

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