Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 8

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k so tof was apparently on a trip till friday. he didnt reply to my vm so i went on #sgb to ask around and got this

03[15:22] * Now talking in #sgb
03[15:22] * Topic is 'League Fixtures are up - ||| SGB 2 - 4 Scooters - - - - ITT: a fine win for me; don't worry ToF we will do it this week for serious! | Sorry guys I wasn't here and forgot to change the roster for this week D: time zones ):'
03[15:22] * Set by ENZ0 on Tue Mar 15 18:43:50
01[15:23] <folg> tof
01[15:23] <folg> whre is he
[15:37] <~Kinneas> he'll be on friday and saturday
[15:37] <~Kinneas> folg can you play on saturday?
01[15:37] <folg> yo
01[15:37] <folg> yea i can on sat
01[15:38] <folg> not friday i think
[15:38] <~Kinneas> okay
[15:38] <~Kinneas> he'll definitely be back by saturday so that should be fine
01[15:38] <folg> all right cool

so we were going to play today (since it was the only day he could) but he never showed up basically. been waitin since 9 am my time and its 8:15 pm and im gettin off...

EDIT: nevermind we played and i won in an intense match. gg bro


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