Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 5

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Air Huy has decided to add another VGC players to its ranks. With a dominating performance over last year's MVP we have signed Dragonspiral Tyrants' star Muffinhead to a multiyear, multidollar endorsement deal.

(Please donate to us so we can afford something other than Paint)
Had the game easily but I was afraid of missing Hydro pumps at the end xD

I'm worse than lebron james, GG. I think I deserve the bench for this.
I pmed 199 Lives when he would be on over the weekend so that I could arrange a sub for his battle vs us and he didn't tell me when he would be on but answered the pm.
A terrible fail with the team builder fucked me (my gengar had hyper beam over hypnosis and was fucked by pursuit ._.), anyway gg Aga and sorry team for my mental retardation :(
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