Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 9

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Since they seem to have been completely missed from the first post updates:

ENZ0 subbed in for Poppy and won.

Keelhauled beat Sapphire Birch.


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I hate posting activity posts, but I feel I should give an update on my match.

I told Cybertron at the beginning of the week I would be ready by Thursday and we both agreed. Yesterday, I asked him to play and he told me he would like to delay it to Friday in order to build a team. Today, I asked him if he wanted to battle at around 5 PM PST and he said in a couple of hours because he needed to pack for a trip. I had to leave before the two hours were up but I was persistent up until then, but got no response.
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RoyalFlush and I scheduled for "sometime around 9pm EST" last night but he didn't show up for the entire night. Hopefully we can get this done before the deadline. I'll be on around 10-11hrs from now, and most of tomorrow.


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i lose, he crits x mon that pretty much 6-0s him.. w/e gg

well sry guys it was a tough season and i really thought we could have gone far. it was still fun early on tho and im glad to meeted u all in irc =D
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