Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 1

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Lost to royal flush in a wp gg. I had a small chance at the "end" with potential crits, but I only had it thanks to some previous luck. It wouldn't have been fair if I had won at the end to even some more luck. So yeah vgg. At least the first 100 turns were interesting lol.


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at first i thought alphas ruined would be funny, but after the execution... its undoubtedly worse than ALPHA RUINED


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Congrats tigers, enjoy your regular season victory, but here at the big boys table we play for the playoffs.


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Activity post.

PMed Conflict New Year's Day (Tuesday), told him I could play then or Sunday, preferably Sunday, because I had work the rest of the week. He shot me a time, for 8pm tonight, and I replied to confirm.

Have been on IRC all day. Got ready to battle about a quarter till, logged onto NBS, have PO open. PMed Conflict both here and on IRC at 8pm to confirm that we could battle when he's ready. Whois confirms he is not idle, yet he will not respond to battle me more than an hour later. I'm not going to continue wasting my time waiting on somebody who is intentionally avoiding me.

Edit: Conflict responds immediately after I posted this saying we can battle in another 20 minutes. I DON'T THINK SO. >:|


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gg frogs, hope we'll see you again in the playoffs

my last wish before the execution is that you guys can withhold from spamming the page with your victory cries
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