Smogon Premier League 5 - Semi-Finals!!!

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Might've been my team's only loss but...

How about you win a fucking playoff game for once before posting shit? Something laurel has done. Who cares if laurel hurt your feelings on some youtube video that nobody cares about, get over it. Cryos nor spl is about posting dumb stuff like this.

Edit: sorry about my post but i have to leave now and I was not happy with my teammate's post. congrats to sharks for making final and gj wolves too.
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Please tell me why do we worry
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wolfpack shoutouts

Limitless: Thank you for drafting me. I learned so much from you and I could not be more grateful for everything you have taught me.

Gr8astard: Easily the best BW2 OU player, one of the best XY OU players, without your help I would not be this far in OST and I may have lost the SPL match, but you are an amazing teambuilder and a really good guy.

DittoCrow: I wish you were around more x:, hope I proved you wrong this season

Yusuke: Adam is one of my idols, he is a really good guy, an incredibly hard worker, and he is incredibly smart. It sucks you got parad on the Roost, but whatever. You killed it in the regular season, and you're one of the main reasons I am on this team. I remember texting you freaking out the day of midseasons wow.

Joey: What a boss, he picks up ubers two weeks into the season and completely beasts it. He's a really really good guy, but he should probably learn how to tie a tie x: I probably played 40 ubers games with you and won like 3.

Blunder: I wish you were around more, and I wish you had a little better luck in UU, but you are a very strong player, and a really nice guy.

Toxzn: Thanks for always believing in me, but you're killing me with the esmoke x: glad I got the win in your spot man

Marth: Dean is a god. He makes plays the average person cannot even fathom, he is in round of 16 in OST, playing probably 20 XY OU matches total... Real team player man, never seen a guy take a loss so hard. If you're back next year, I know you'll kick some ass.

Kingofmars: Damn come along way with you since you fucked me in the mafia game. Hope I helped you with doubles through out the year, and thanks for all the help in VGC. Hopefully you can win worlds :)

JabbaTheGriffin: Really nice guy, always happy to help me with teams for OST, shame you're not that motivated with mons anymore but it happens after playing for so long. Absolute beast and hax god, undefeated regular season in BW UU what a beast. Can't believe you were willing to use a recovery move vs Stellar.

FLCL: Man some people say lower tier people can't play other tiers, FLCL in top 16 of OST, and almost won XY OU tour twice... lol this man is a god, no wonder you went for like 22k, wish you got luckier in the regular season, but the win vs malekith was clutch

Silentverse: We probably played 60 test battles oh my god. Glad you did so well this year man, the two crits and last turn flinch vs Heist was BS, but its mons. Really hard worker, glad I became good friends with you.

Harsha: Although you weren't around that much you are a really nice guy, and you were always happy to help when you were around. The week you played UU and won was pretty sick not gonna lie. Hope you get into MIT o.o

Danilo: Really fucking annoying sometimes o.o He just sits in wolfpack channel telling stories about him not pooping for days, and him smelling his own farts?? Anyways, Danilo is one of the main reasons I am on wolfpack so I thank him for that. I kept saying you'd lose in playoffs to motivate you but I guess it backfired :((( anyways, you taught me a lot about adv, and i'm really happy you got into Oberlin n_n

Prem: I was drafted on the team to help you test, and I think I did a shitty job so I'm sorry for that x: but you're a really good LC player and you have really good ideas. Really really nice guy and really supportive.

DracoMalfoy: Really wish you weren't screwed by hax immediately vs Atticus, but you're an amazing player, and a really hard worker. The only games I could ever win vs you were complete hax... was a sick football game today ;)

Jorgen: Didn't talk with you much, mainly cause I don't know jack about GSC, but I'm glad you got that win vs Colchonero, your always going to be a huge threat in GSC, if only Thunder hit Lax after the crit :(((

non wolfpack shout outs

Blarajan: Self explanatory would not be on the team without you, even though it wasn't on purpose, and Corkscrew beasted it... if not for you I would not have made all these great friends

McMeghan: For telling Hugo I'm not a cancer, and always believing in me, despite all my antics

Jasonpwn: Always having my back and sticking up for me. Could not have a better friend.


Going to be very sparing with the non wolfpack shout outs or else I'd be writing them for days. I hope Cryos win finals, I like pretty much the whole team, MDrag, BR, Jason, Blarajan, Blim, rap game HSA, CyberOdin, to name a few, kill 'em guys.

edit: Reason I didn't care about lose to Arctic is because it was on purpose so Sharks would expect me to suck in playoffs x: worked imo

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no problem laurel you did well buddy :) grats to sharks for being our opponents this should be an excellent series and i'm really looking forward to the matches this week. wolfpack will always have my respect and Limitless i think your team can safely have no regrets because you guys did really well this season.
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