Smogon Premier League II - Week 7

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lol, a secondary effect from my own move completely screwed over any chances i had of winning. gg ib
i lost in the saddest game i have ever played. para here crit there para here crit there para here is literally how it unfolded. sorry team, there was absolutely nothing i could do
undisputed said:
Delta 2777 said:
Hey, when do you want to play? I'm GMT -5 for the record
hey whenever you want. i was planning on just hanging around and challenging you when i saw you on irc, but its up to you. im gmt-8 just fyi
This was me and Undisputed's only conversation exchange. I've been pretty active on IRC so (I guess) we must have kept missing each other out of bad luck. I have SATs tomorrow so there's a decent chance that this won't get done.
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