Smogon Premier League IX - Player Signups

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Banned deucer.
Player Name: GGFan
Tiers Played: RBY OU
Timezone : GMT +8
Significant Time Missed?: No

My name is GGFan. Almost 13 years ago I was banned from Smogon. My ban has finally been lifted. I look forward to meeting you on the battlefield.

Some of the managers may be curious as to who I am exactly. I began my journey competing in the GameFAQs realm for three years. After GameFAQs died and I was ostracized from Smogon, I embarked on an odyssey that took me to fame in the Netbattle realm, Brazil, Germany, RBY2K10, Pokemon Online, and Pokemon Perfect, where I currently reside. Now I have returned to Smogon, where I hope to set things right and forge a new era of friendship and competition with the epicenter of competitive Pokemon. If you would like my detailed resume, please don't hesitate to contact me via PM or Discord.

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