Smogon Premier League X - Week 1

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We can start with a light
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Eidon vs Pak : i expect only the best from specs mother fucking cranidos

vs Bugzinator : kinda have to predict the people from my generation that are now miles ahead of me in skill...

Pearl vs Lycans : Pearl is pretty much the only player ive seen play for so many years and still consistently improve while everyone around him gets worse

Christo vs HarrisIsAwesome : Christos gonna steal this mans Vbucks and floss on his grave omg

Sage vs robjr : robs nuts
Missed the first week of the prediction tour so I'm gonna post what i think about the matchup's for SM here

Congregation of the Classiest vs Team Raiders

SM OU: 1 True Lycan vs bro fist | Power rankings don't lie, this guy is nuts and his username is envious
SM OU: Finchinator vs Talah | Honestly think this is a upset in the making.
SM UU: edi0n vs Pak | Pak proved the haters wrong showing he could pop off even without pearl's support and edi0n hasn't shown much diversity in his building even if there is only a small sample size for him.
SM RU: Nat vs Cynara | Golisipod bout to crush souls :psywoke:
SM NU: Garay oak vs SPACE FORCE meeps | meeps hasn't been active in a while, and I think people are underselling garay's versatility, especially with support from finch.
SM DOU: EmbCPT vs Biosci | Highlight of this series IMO, two DOU goats, favoring embCPT because I think he has the teambuilding edge.

Cryonicles vs Wi-Fi Wolfpack
SM OU: ABR vs Charmflash | ABR is the Armada of pokemon, sad to have to predict against a user with a great taste in league champs tho :blobpensive:
SM OU: BHARATH_THEBEST vs Kickasser | BTB been away for a while & kickasser has been taking names.
SM UU: HT vs bugzinator | tony and bugz have worked together before, and while ABR support is amazing, I think people are underselling how much tony brings to the table in terms of UU help.
SM RU: Ajna vs Welli0u | Highlight imo, everyone sleeping on the Well but Ajna is fire just like his music, excited to see this one!
SM NU: elodin vs Eternally | Haven't watched elodin play in NU so I favor eternally.
SM DOU: SMB vs Human | :blobshrug:

Alpha Ruiners vs Stark Sharks

SM OU: Empo vs Tricking | Favoring empo because tricking's run in the latest individual tour didn't look very good.
SM OU: imsosorrylol vs Tamahome | Tama is really good at putting up solid records in SPL, I don't expect much different this time around
SM UU: Pearl vs Lycans | I think this one depends on the team selection on lycans' part but its too close to call.
SM RU: RedEmption vs EviGaro | Have a gut feeling that this one is going to break Red's way
SM NU: LAX vs Teddeh | OML. Another showdown between the #1 and #2 from the PR that is too close to pick a favorite.
SM DOU: Croven vs fespy | Haven't heard of fespy before so favoring croven.

Dragonspiral Tyrants vs Circus Maximus Tigers

SM OU: Poek vs Eternal Spirit | ES has been in form while poek has been off, hoping to see a good showing from poek this SPL, but gonna favor the tigerboy this time.
SM OU: Mana vs Sacri' | Sacri’s the better player IMO.
SM UU: Christo vs HarrisIsAwesome | Christo is such a solid player I don't see him giving harris an opportunity to punish him.
SM RU: aim vs Pohjis | Pohjis won the last time they played, expecting the same outcome this time.
SM NU: ict vs Osh | Osh has looked really good in NU as of late, highlight for me cuz I always love watching ict play.
SM DOU: emforbes vs MajorBowman | Bowman had 1 bad showing and people write him off? This dude is insane and im expecting him to come out on top of the doubles field once again this SPL.

Ever Grande BIGs vs Indie Scooters

SM OU: Sabella vs FMG | As far as I remember Sabella has only looked impressive with rain, so bring rain counters.
SM OU: Cdumas vs Lopunny Kicks | I think this is going to be a long one where the player with the better long term plan will end up winning, and the frenchman's longterm gameplans have seemed more thorough
SM UU: Sage vs robjr | assuming the team matchups are even, I think rob is the better pilot then sage.
SM RU: KW vs Aeroblacktyl | KW has been taking names in RU.
SM NU: Kushalos vs Realistic Waters | The chef is a really good at making plays, so giving him the slight edge.
SM DOU: Ezrael vs miltankmilk | I think ezrael should win this one.


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forgot to do these earlier. not predicting SM because its uninteresting

ORAS OU: baddummy vs Trosko - this game will say a lot about both players either way, but im expecting rick to bring it hard
BW OU: ZoroDark vs SoulWind - the unanimous bw goat
DPP OU: Void vs roscoe - great matchup, if void doesnt play scared he should win since roscoe is usually predictable
ADV OU: thelinearcurve vs Jirachee - top heavy pool and linear has claimed the throne, rachee isnt the man to unseat him
GSC OU: Earthworm vs Cased - for my money, the best gsc player of all time. cased will surely bring heat but worms is too cool
RBY OU: Bedschibaer vs Hipmonlee - hip's decade-old gimmicks are no match for the cutting edge memer himself

ORAS OU: Leru vs TDK - the man may have had a bad snake but hes back where he shines, surprised to see leru in oras at all
BW OU: obii vs Sergi - waiting to see if sergi lives up to the hype, obii is solid
DPP OU: Malekith vs DeepBlueC - stoked for dad's return to dpp, he has a wild side for sure
ADV OU: Veteran In Love vs UD - crust vs uncrustable, could see 2 weezings
GSC OU: k3nan vs Fear - the player to beat after last year, always excited to see what he comes up with
RBY OU: Alexander. vs The Idiot Ninja - rby is an italian civil war half the time...alex has better reads

ORAS OU: blunder vs reiku - best oras by any standard
BW OU: We Three Kings vs dice - kinda hoping w3k wins so we can add it to dice's hall of shame but i doubt it
DPP OU: GaryTheGengar vs 6A9 Ace Matador - worst game of the week, loser will 100% rage/get infracted
ADV OU: Gilbert arenas vs zf - already happened but not a hard one to predict regardless
GSC OU: sulcata vs d0nut - the milk elitist got underrated as fuck in prs, hes my dark horse for gsc (just like last year, lol)
RBY OU: Heroic Troller vs Kaz-Gasai - yikes

ORAS OU: xray vs craing ;_; - when ben cares theres only a handful of guys who can beat him, lets see if he cares
BW OU: FLCL vs Ojama - was shocked to see fooly in bw, feels like his worst preview tier. ojama is a beast
DPP OU: soulgazer vs giara - im gonna regret this but giara has kingpin support and finally escaped the gsc minefield
ADV OU: Golden Sun vs dekzeh - really hard to call considering we havent seen either at their best in years, going w my gut here
GSC OU: choolio vs Century Express - i hyped up ce a ton but he sticks to standard and chools is a gsc savant who wont fall to anything ordinary
RBY OU: Nails vs MetalGro$$ - he cant keep getting away with it
Lost 2-1 in a series that was very unforgiving to both me and Kaz (i don't know if the chat was legit trolling or not but i had a very lucky g1). I'm salty but also extremely excited right now. I tried to join this very tour as a starter for almost 3 years now. Finally took a slot and can prove myself on the biggest stage of them all, hope i will live the hype of my rank and bring my team, the amazing Tyrants to the red.

Ggs Kaz your team better make it to playoffs because i won't be satisfied without a rematch
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SM OU: 1 True Lycan vs bro fist - 1 True Lycan is a really solid player as you can see from his strong showings in both wcop and snake, and that's why I hope to see a good game here. However, bro fist is just the best SM OU player in the game right now and it's hard picking anyone else over him, especially considering that he doesn't have to singlehandedly carry the building load for himself.

SM OU: Finchinator vs Talah - This seems like a crazy prediction, but I'm really feeling like Talah is gonna take this. Finch is obviously coming off of a dominant run in smogon tour, not having lost a single SM OU game until that questionable finals game against z0mog. However, Talah has a penchant for savvy teambuilding that matches up well against Finch's preferred playstyles and has exponentially improved as a player lately, so I believe he'll pull off the upset here.

SM OU: BHARATH_THEBEST vs Kickasser - Kickasser is obviously coming off of a pretty solid Smogon Tour run, but BTB has looked phenomenal in the team tours he's played, especially when he's been happy/teaming with friends like Snake 1. He's another one of those intelligent teambuilding minds that's going to have his team checked over by some of the tier's best builders and is easily good enough to take a game off of Kickasser.

SM OU: Empo vs Tamahome - I know that Empo is considered the better player right now, but Tamahome has been great whenever he's had the chance to SM and I think he's more comfortable in a team tour environment whereas Empo does better in individuals. Tamahome is good at bringing teams he's comfortable with and can pilot well and I think he'll be able to pilot the team he brings to great effect

SM OU: imsosorrylol vs Tricking - Tricking is coming off of a great couple of tours, but I'm gonna predict the upset again here. Sorry has been on an absolute tear lately from both a teambuilding and playing perspective. Sorry's a really high ceiling player that can take out basically anyone at the top of his game, and seems to have dealt with his nerve issues against good players based on his series against Finch in blunder's tour, so I'm excited to see how he performs this SPL and want to see him go positive.

SM OU: Sabella vs FMG - art student LOL

SM OU: Cdumas vs Lopunny Kicks - Cdumas is just a really methodical, consistent player that basically never makes mistakes when playing. He's almost always gonna beat anyone that's below his skill level barring absurd outplaying or matchup disadvantage, but this isn't to say he's unbaetable. Lopunny Kicks definitely plays with the right amount of aggression to take Cdumas down, but I just think Cdu's too good to predict against here given his obscene track record.

SM OU: Poek vs Eternal Spirit - I'm a lot higher on Poek than a lot of people are, you don't go from being a top 5 SM OU player to being washed the way people are acting like he has. Poek hasn't shoed up a ton in tours lately, but he's definitely active right now and seems motivated to do well, so I wouldn't be surprised if he put up another positive record. That being said, Gama's team tour record is nutty and he's at the top of his game right now, so he's one of the few people that I think are clearly favored against Poek.

SM OU: Mana vs Sacri - Sacri's a pretty strong player that has a solid grasp on the current metagame, but Mana is a fucking amazing player and he's active enough right now that I think he's going to be near the top of his game this SPL and should be able to take this game. Sacri is a good player, but he isn't perfect, and I think Mana will be able to take the advantage and end up winning the game with his crafty playstyle.
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SM OU: Finchinator vs Talah - Finch is an inspiration to all the NU players worldwide. He’s a testament that hard work and dedication equal success, as his recent dominance has shown. Don’t know who Talah is but sounds like an Indian name. Indian people are generally good at math, technology, and video games so I expect this guy to be competent at Pokémon at the very least. Should be a fight.

Gonna finish the prediction later.
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