Smogon Premier League X - Week 2

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got some time on my hands right now and ru-saturday is quickly approaching so here are some ru predicts for you guys:

RedEmption vs aim

first off both players didn't show their best side in week1. I believe its too early to jump on the "red is trash at ru lmao"-train but hes up against a beast this week. Even though aim is not really active within the ru community he fought a good battle against pohjis last week. Especially his early game was on point letting him gain a lead early on. Wasn't quite enough to secure him the win which was at least partly caused by his team that wasnt bad but wasnt optimal either. Red however got his L handed to him by evi by not only having a worse team but also by having a worse gameplan it seems and also lost in terms of playing ability. He's not a bad player by any means but he has to step up his game so he can go face to face with some other players of the RU pool. I believe aim will grab the win this time though im interested to see what kind of team the ruiners will choose for this match considering red has great ru support in his manager CS and best ru user passion.

Aeroblacktyl vs Nat

Nat has an immense Metagame knowledge and for sure is the favorite in this one. Aeroblacktyls aka mop's playing ability surely isnt bad, he grabbed a win last week and he always seems to do quite well in tours from what I've seen however Nat may be the hottest pick for RU right now. Furthermore she(iirc) has the wit to abuse teams that lack defense against one of the many offensive presences which wreak havoc in this tier for now. Probably doesn't end well for mop considering he brought a team last week that had no zydog switchins whatsoever.

KW vs EviGaro

Definitly want to catch this one live. KW had an interesting team last week being sun even though it wasn't executed tooo well but I believe we have a lot to see from him as he was ballsy enough to bring the team he brought. Evi on the other hand has just been amazingly consistent in playing ru on a very high level. She brought a good team last week and could've tried to just win by matchup but didn't slack to make plays that clutched her the win very early. A very scary shark to face I would watch out for these jaws

Welli0u vs Kingler12345

I have a high opinion on both of these players but only one can prevail. The well has not only been involved more in the ru community but also has a slight edge in playing ability right now. Not a huge lead though this is mostly a gut feeling as kingler is not an opponent you can face and beat easily. Furthermore Kingler has slightly more RU support though both teams went the same unconvetional route of not buying an RU main but rather good tournament players overall. I haven't forgotten Kinglers grandslam showing from a few years ago as well and I dont believe playing ability is something that you just lose once you've been maybe a bit less active than before. Team choices will play a huge part in this 1.

last but not least the highlight of this week:
Pohjis vs Ajna

Catching this live is a must. I feel like this one is either ending in a matchup win where one gets to execute his broken Z wincon first and wins or it'll be an AMAZING battle with much brainjuice involved. Ajna's team last week was very well built and executed too whilst pohjis team was above average with only small issues. I've also played an rupl together with pohjis so I know what a goat he is and how he is probably going to carry the tigers with his knowledge in like every tier. This will also help him prepare the team for this one as there are a few picks from lower tiers than ru that can definitly work in this meta. This could go either way, me choosing pohgoat instead of bolding vs is probably just a bit of bias from me.

hyped for the ru marathon tmrw
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