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Hi guys, is there any information about win/lose? I would like to explore the effectiveness of the teams in competitive
Not with this project, since there is no reasonable data for it. However, this would be something for the Replay Scouter:

Currently, I am not collecting this information, however theoretically this is possible (would include it here:

I see some use cases, combining it e. g. with
Don't have the time for it, but would be open to a Pull Request!
This has been lying around for a bit and since I wasn't planning on upgrading the visualization, I integrated the visualization into the new Replay Scouter, creating a sort of Showdown Companion!

This is how it now looks:


This means, every new feature for the new Replay Scouter UI will also help the Smogon Team Dump visualization, so I hope this is the best for everyone!

If you want to use it, just visit this link:

Please don't hesitate to contact me, if you experience any issues and if you would like to support my work, you can do this here:
The beginning and the start of a metagame probably differ in the Pokémon being used.
For this reason, I wanted to add a more graphical way to visualize trends in the teams, since they range over the span of the whole metagame.
This is now possible with the new "Graph Statistics" view!

In this example, I searched for "gen8ou" and this is the usage result (as you can see, you can clearly see the DLC 1 meta with Clef being everywhere):


I built it rudimentary, but I see many use cases which could be charted. If you have an idea, feel free to post it or contribute on GitHub! (Current chart component)

Hope you can make use of this new feature!

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