Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - August 2009

Roserade made a crazy ass leap. It sucks to see Rhyperior being less used than the likes of Umbreon -.-, but hey I want Rhyperior to be a star in UU. It is also nice to see Roserade and Smeargle crack the top 10 in leads because in my opinion they are some of the best leads that could lay hazards and cripple opposing bulky leads.

edit: if Alakazam does somehow end up UU, a sub LO set will start lookin attractive
Oh god, if Roserade goes, Milotic will get a huge boost.

Rhyperior won't be too bad; even with its good hp and Solid Rock, its common x4 weaknesses, low spD and spe will make sure that many things can check it. RP sets could hurt, though.
So, let's look at interesting tier changes that may be coming up

OU vs UU

Roserade is well above the OU cutoff, so unless it takes a huge dive in September, Roserade will be leaving UU. This will have a huge metagame effect. Most interesting is that spiking duties will have to fall to Omastar, Qwilfish, and Glalie.

Alakazam is a bit below the OU cutoff. A good performance in September would probably save it from UU, but it has a very real chance of joining UU. The effects this could have is unknown. Zam has both good offensive and good supporting options, but Sucker Punch and priority is everywhere in UU, which may give it issues.

Rhyperior is quite a bit below the OU cutoff, and will need a fairly strong performance next month to keep itself out of UU. In UU, the large number of Water and Grass attacks flying around may keep it from being too big of a threat. However, Rock Polish Rhyperior would be a deadly addition to a Sandstorm team, and CBperior could probably do well, too, what with its 624 attack and Edgequake STAB. Also, the Trick Room players (ie, me) will love him. 140 base attack and 40 base speed...*drools*

Porygon2 looks like it won't be joining OU unless its usage takes an upswing next month. Of course, Porygon2 was never a major player in UU, so this probably won't matter.

Umbreon has fallen in usage. If this trend continues, it's likely it will rejoin UU. Again, Umbreon was not a huge threat in UU, so this is unlikely to be a major change.

Heracross usage fell again. Though he's unlikely to become UU next tier list, it's very possible in the future.

UU vs NU

Charizard has been losing usage, and has been below the UU cutoff for the past 2 months. It is likely it will join NU, adding yet another dangerous offensive threat (BellyZard, anyone?). I don't think any wall in NU can stand up to BellyZard, and Jumpluff is one of the best ways to set it up. This could get interesting.

Nidoqueen lost a ton of usage this month. She could bounce back, but she may be joining NU come October. Her defensive presence could be very useful in the tier, with some nice resistances, good support movepool, and Tspike absorption.

Typhlosion also lost quite a bit of usage, though it's still above the UU cutoff. But if it continues this trend, it will wind up in NU. When it comes to all-out offense, Typh is an even better Entei, with more powerful Eruptions for early game and Blaze Fire Blasts for late-game. A potentially very interesting addition to the tier.

Similar to Typhlosion, Magmortar took a huge hit. I'm starting to suspect Dugtrio is responsible for this. Magmortar is a pretty nasty mixed sweeper, and will likely be a major threat in NU should it fail to make UU.

Medicham has been hovering around the UU cutoff for the past two months. In July, she was above it, and in August, she was barely below. She may well find herself in UU in October, which would certainly take that load off the NU metagame.

Drifblim will probably to to UU. It's been well above the cutoff for 2 months. This will leave Dusclops, Sableye, and Shedinja as the only defensive ghosts in NU.

Leafeon and Magneton's usage exploded since July. If this holds, they'll both be in UU come October. Magneton means Probopass will have to take up steel-trapping, and with Leafeon and Tangrowth both in UU, Meganium will have to be the go-to for defensive Grasses.

However, they're nothing compared to Kangaskhan, who saw probably the biggest increase in usage ever, and will be certainly leaving NU by the next tier list.

Lastly, Porygon2's usage has been falling, meaning it's likely to enter NU next tiering, though a strong performance could keep it in NU. NU Trick Room would probably love the extra TR starter, and Download would help keep its threat level up. Trace can Intimidate Tauros and grab Water Absorb or Flash Fire to wall their respective users, and can trap Probopass, though you'll need HP Ground/Fighting to beat it. Additionally, Tracing Wonder Guard could be game-ending, though you'll want P2 to carry Toxic or a SE attack, for obvious reasons.

After looking at these NU changes, the metagame looks more fun than ever. We really need NU ladder on the main server. Perhaps once stage 3 is over, a NU ladder can replace the suspect ladder.

EDIT: I figure I may as well put in my predictions for the tier list changes come October.

Roserade -> OU
Rhyperior -> UU
Alakazam -> UU


Kangaskhan -> UU
Leafeon -> UU
Charizard -> NU
Magneton -> UU
Nidoqueen -> NU
Porygon2 -> NU
Medicham -> UU
Magmortar -> NU

In order of decreasing likelihood.
I've been playing NU a lot recently, so, OU isn;t much for me at this instant, however, some things interest me:

OU Leads:
Azelf is Number one by a mile again, despite Metagross being better at beating other leads... especially Azelf. Jirachi is rising each month, more people are forgoing Stealth Rock to just Hax the rocks away, and people complain about hax.

Despite Bullet Punch Scizor, and Scarfrachi, Aero's at 4...

OU in general:
Unlike last month, Scizor and Salamance useage have risen slightly. Heatran has overtaken Gyarados, however, his % is lower than Gyara's last month. Heatran's gone up, possibly because it walls CB Scizor's Bullet Punches.

Rotom-A would be in 5th right now, and has had a massive rise, probobly the reason for Gyarados' drop. (Over 1% fall)

Latias has had a massive 3% rise, and, corresponding, Infernape has fallen, as well as (Oddly) Gengar.

Blissey useage is down again... and Lucario is down too 0_0.

Thank goodness, Breloom's fallen. My teams always end up Breloom weak.

At the Border of OU:

44: Roserade: 4.01% (Compared to about 2 and a half for leads, it's being used elsewhere 0_0)
45: Porygon Z: 3.96%
46: Cresselia: 3.76%
47: Heracross: 3.70%
48: Rotom-C: 3.63%
49: Umberon: 3.49%
50: Alakazam: 3.29%
51: Porygon2: 3.21% (It's down XP)
52: Rhyperior: 3.14%
53: Dugtrio: 2.78%

Basically, right now, there's a danger zone of 9 pokemon. Roserade is OU, if the percentage stays the same, otherwise, everything below it is UU. (Heracross in UU... man, that's a dissapointment of D/P XD)

Umberon's been teetering on OU/UU for a while now. If I recall, the percent is about 3.5%. As it stands, Unbreon might go back to UU... along with Alakazam, and Rhyperior. Two very potent attackers.

Use Porygon2 MORE! He counters 3 of the top 4, who are all on over 15% of teams. There's a very realistic chance that P2 will render something useless, even if it's just by contributing a T-Wave on a switch-in Scizor/Lucario. I don't want him in NU... wait... actually, that might be good for me...

And, Trace Wonder Guard dosen't work I think.

Also, add Magmorter going to NU. He's at 2.87%... 62nd! Either that, or Hippopotas is UU now.
Not a surprise that Rose is on the verge of becoming OU. I personally can't wait for it to get bumped up, as she is an annoying pokemon to deal with in UU. Sleep powder the counters, drop insanely powerful leaf storms on other things and absorb / set up tspikes. I know my omastar lead will love to see her go.

Rhyperior in UU would be too good. I would have to make a Sandstorm and /or Trick Room team.

UU Usage
9 | Honchkrow | 12084 | 13.04

UU Lead
8 | Honchkrow | 2399 | 2.59

1 in 5 Honchkrow are leads, and Honchkrow is the #8 lead. I heard that LeadKrow was bad...
Holy cow, Rotom and Latias usaged spiked. Roserade is at a whopping 4%, which means that UU is about to get owned soon. Alakazam and Rhyperior are pretty much UU, but they will probably go BL.


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Thanks Doug.

I found the Ubers statistics surprising. Wobb, Darkrai, and Scizor usage shot up dramatically, while Groudon and Rayquaza surprisingly fell. Also, Deoxys-A passing Deoxys-S isn't suprising to me, I hardly ever see Deoxys-S leads anymore.

Also, Cresselia gets more usage in Ubers than in OU >_>.

Kyogre usage went up by almost 10% too. O_O
I really want to see some input as to what Rock Polish Rhyperior could do in UU o_o. Megahorn wrecks those pesky grasses, Earthquakes rips apart Registeel whose best option is Iron Head, and bulky waters take a beating from EQ.
7 | Ninjask

Eh? I don't understand this, I hardly ever see it! Maybe I just don't battle enough, but I've seen a hell of a lot more Smeargle and Roserade leads than Ninjask.
hey woke up today to new stats! thanks doug :)

I'm going to miss Roserade in UU =(

tbh if Rhyperior goes into UU I think it'll be somewhat of a dud like Dugtrio. Rhydon has been used occasionally and it has the same base Speed as Rhyperior and only 10 less base Attack. I think the same things that stop RP Rhydon from sweeping (vacuum wave, aqua jet, sucker punch, lack of things to set up on, etc) will also apply to Rhyperior. however there could be potential for a defensively oriented swords dancer in sandstorm -- like the ou subperior set -- due to rhyperior's solid rock ability. but I can't think of any attacks that solid rock would stop from breaking a sub... so probably not lol.
Nice stats, thanks doug.

anyone who thinks rhyperior will be broken in UU needs to look at rhydon, it has barely worse stats and it isn't even used enough to avoid NU tiering. The real significant change is going to be roserade leaving, which is almost guaranteed to happen now that roserade is 44th and probably still rising.
I really want to see some input as to what Rock Polish Rhyperior could do in UU o_o. Megahorn wrecks those pesky grasses, Earthquakes rips apart Registeel whose best option is Iron Head, and bulky waters take a beating from EQ.
I don't think Rhyperior would cause too much damage in UU. I mean, Rhydon is already legal in UU, and its base attack is only 10 points lower than Rhyperior's.

Gah, latios beat me to it.
I'm surprised that Magnezone's usage hasn't risen with Scizor dominating the metagame. Still in the same spot as July at 19
Roserade is an excellent lead in OU and hopefully will bump it up.

Heracross is sadly going down the drain.

Thanks for the statistics.

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Greatly appreciated as ever, Doug, thanks :).

| 44 | Roserade | 33804 | 4.01 |

Oh crap. And I was really beginning to enjoy the UU metagame too... ah well, I guess that's the beauty of this ever changing tier - chances are we will have a massively different new metagame to explore these coming months (Panglossian optimism much?).

UU: Potential Suspect and yet 6th in usage? Hmm, something to think about that no one else has mentioned.
Deoxys-E was 14th in usage when it was removed from OU. Shaymin-S was 17th the month before it was booted out to Ubers. A Pokemon's usage doesn't necessarily reflect its suitability in the tier.

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