Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - July 2010

Heracross on UU ?
Flame orb 4 attack set is overpowered there. Also choice scarf
Answer: no he will be a BL at worse. Hes just too strong
As JSND said Heracross is not a pokemon to be putten down to UU. You can just put on a Scarf on him, click any damn move and then click it for the rest of the game until all of his pokemons are down.
Alakazam cant stealth rock, alakazam cant rapid spin,alakazam is killed by 1 bullet punch, alakazam cant get past blissey without being crippled or without taking big damage, alakazam cant kill TTAR as easy as Starmie(situational)
,Alakazam has bad typing in tandem with laughable bulk,Alakazam cant use boltbeam,Alakazam lead is killed by 2 attack while they are taunting,Alakazam is killed by +1 Gyarados,Alakazam cant explode,Alakazam
cant kill gyara and nite at the same time. And the list goes on
If that isnt outclassed i dont know what it is
lol Azelf rapid spin

and dude they usually will be performing different roles, I mean, how many sweeping Azelfs have you seen? I admit that a sweeping Azelf can be quite effective, but they usually will be leads cos they are effective at being a lead. Alakazam can do the same things except SR and boom, so Zam usually has to resort to sweeper sets, which of course meet a quick end aganist any Ttar/Scizor/{insert pursuit user}

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