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If it’s a small losing streak, it might be a fluke; if it’s a large losing streak, you could change up your team or reconsider your tactics and work on getting better. The best way to get better at Pokemon is practice.

the only format i like is vgc and ive done that (change a team) but then i get into the same long losing streak with that other team is aggravating lol

You could take a break from PS if it’s aggravating you. You could also try a different format out and see if you enjoy that.


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hey a weird thing happened to me during an NatDex AG match:

Yveltal got choice locked and then had its move disabled from a lucky Cursed Body. The following turn, I was barred from Dynamaxing and thus unable to break out of struggle. Is this a normal mechanic?
This is exactly how it works in-game too. As soon as you hit “fight”, you’d be forced to struggle, bypassing your ability to select dynamax. The dynamax selection button is in the same place as where you select moves and being forced to struggle in a situation like you’ve described prevents you from being able to select either a move or the dynamax button.

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