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Where do I go to see battle replays and sweeps? on the fourm
There are a variety of places:

Smogon's social media head has a replay vault here.

Also, If you navigate to the "Tournaments" section of Smogon, then navigate to the subforums for each of the tournaments, each subforum will generally have a replay thread which you can find with ctrl+f and the word "replay". If you can't find a replay thread then scroll through the individual threads in the forum until you find replays posted by the player who won that week/stage of the tournament. These replays are very good to watch because you know that the players will be good at pokemon.

Ex. replay thread: SPL Replay thread
Ex. of replays in a thread: OST XVI Finals thread, winner posted his replays

A few other things worth noting are that RMTs will sometimes have replays and that some tournaments won't show up in the "Tournaments" section. For example, PUPL has it's own replay thread within the PU subforum here.

Finally, although it isn't the question you asked, there are two good ways to find replays outside of the forums. On Showdown, you can click "Watch a battle" then sort by format and minimum elo, and on you can find "Fun" replays (which are all timeless classics), more competitive replays, and completely random replays that were just played by noone knows who.

Edit: If you want to find replays with sweeps in them, then as far as I know you'll just have to go through the replays and find the ones matching the criteria you're looking for.
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how to deal with BAD MANNERED PLAYERS.
for this case, simply doing /ignore [username] or clicking their name then "..." then "Ignore" will do your work (there's also "report" if you think the case is severe enough to warrant attention from global staff members).

(I cannot really help with Battles per hour)


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Hello I would like to Request a Guide on how to Efficiently Battle on POlk,emmon Showdown,For exampl; how to play more BattlesPerHour, and how to deal with BAD MANNERED PLAYERS.

You can be in multiple battles at once. When in a battle, go back to the Home tab and select 'add game.' in theory you can have as many battles as you want running, though keep in mind it gets tough trying to juggle multiple battles.
how do i do the big sprites for pokemons? i know that you can put small sprites like this: :garbodor: (:name of the pokemon:), but how i put the big sprites?

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