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This thread will be a catch-all for things that don't warrant their own announcement thread.
  • Infraction Appeals forum created where users who have received an infraction they deem inappropriate can appeal to the entire mod staff. Only you and Mods+ can see threads you create.
  • The Sun and Moon subforum merged into Orange Islands.
  • Closed Forums reorganized for ease of access and readability.
  • jumpluff demodded for inactivity.
  • Toast++ resigned from Administrator.
  • Forums have been shuffled around a bit; the most significant changes include Past Gen C&C being tucked away as a subforum of C&C, B101 and RMT moving above WiFi/Orange Islands, the collapsing of Battle Spot and VGC into subforums of new forum Cartridge Metagames, and some renaming of a few subforums and categories to appropriately frame these modifications.
  • Going into 2019, we are placing more emphasis on keeping resources up-to-date sitewide (more on this come January). To begin with, Information & Resources has been re-spackled. A number of outdated or repeated resource threads have been consolidated to optimize navigation. The Introduction to Smogon is now more concise for easier digestion than the old Primer; this is also now displayed in a notice to users with less than 50 posts. The Tiering FAQ was updated, and you can suggest new Forum Styles here.
  • I'm back... and so is the new and improved Video Game Championships forum! It's gotten a very noticeable face lift and been pared down considerably: there is now only one subforum that houses all competitive VGC discussion. Furthermore, the 2019 Ultra Series analysis writing process has been moved into it (help us write them!) and will result in open-ended discussion threads upon their completion. This structure will hopefully make it easier to navigate and post in the forum. Last but not least, Netherious (Shivershaft) has joined the VGC forum staff as a project moderator. Congratulations!

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An easier way to add Pokemon sprites and minisprites to posts was added, which hopefully should make life easier for you guys when posting RMTs and VR threads and the like.

For example, :bulbasaur: adds Bulbasaur's minisprite to your post: :bulbasaur:

whereas prefixing it with a generation's two-letter code adds that generation's full-size sprite / 3D model. E.g. :dp/bulbasaur: inserts Bulbasaur's DPP sprite, and :sm/bulbasaur: adds its SM model.

:dp/bulbasaur: :sm/bulbasaur:

Further tweaks / optimisations may be made to this feature, but it's currently functional enough for you all to use, so hf with it.
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