Small Forum Updates

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This thread will be a catch-all for things that don't warrant their own announcement thread.
  • Infraction Appeals forum created where users who have received an infraction they deem inappropriate can appeal to the entire mod staff. Only you and Mods+ can see threads you create.
  • The Sun and Moon subforum merged into Orange Islands.
  • Closed Forums reorganized for ease of access and readability.
  • jumpluff demodded for inactivity.
  • Toast++ resigned from Administrator.
  • Forums have been shuffled around a bit; the most significant changes include Past Gen C&C being tucked away as a subforum of C&C, B101 and RMT moving above WiFi/Orange Islands, the collapsing of Battle Spot and VGC into subforums of new forum Cartridge Metagames, and some renaming of a few subforums and categories to appropriately frame these modifications.
Not open for further replies.

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