Tournament Smogon Snake Draft 2018: Ubers Discussion

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Round 2 Division Predictions

Sun Division

GaryTheGengar vs The Trap God - Should be an interesting match, but the TTG's consistency and sheer dominance of the tier should translate to a slight edge.

GaryTheGengar vs HunterStorm - Both players have something to prove, I'm really interested in seeing Hunter make a comeback so he should be able to clinch this match.

KyogreF4N vs HunterStorm - Kyogre is the better player overall but his team composition is rather monotonous (though not weak) and I feel that Hunter can easily overcome that. Would have to give Hunter the slight edge hear even though he has less experience.

KyogreF4N vs Zesty43 - Zesty has already proved himself in the first round of this tour. Even though KyogreF4N has more experience, Zesty should be able to bring some heat team that can constantly pressure and overcome KyogreF4N's usual building tendencies.

The Trap God vs Zesty43 - If there is a single player than can beat The Trap God, it's Zesty. While TTG might be the overall best player in Ubers at the moment, Zesty is the best builder. I'm sure he'll be able to bring something dynamic that will truly present a great challenge for TTG to overcome and hopefully defeat. One thing to consider is that The Trap God plays nearly perfectly with every play style whereas Zesty usually brings more offense oriented (Bulky Offense) teams. To win this match, Zesty will really have to prepared for anything.

Moon Division

Exiline vs Leru - I think Leru will make a comeback this round and clinch this match with some good plays.

Exiline vs Garay Oak - Garay Oak should take this match with ease, he's one of the best players at the moment and just needs to stay level headed throughout.

vs Garay Oak - This match is difficult to predict. While Fireburn has more experience in high level tours, Garay may just be the better player at the moment. Overall, I think it will be a close match, but Fireburn should be able to clinch it with some difficulty

Fireburn vs Cynara - Fireburn is the better player overall. Cynara will need to put her knowledge of the tier and translate that into good team composition and optimal playing in order have a chance of winning this.

Cynara vs Leru - I think if Cynara stays focused and brings a dynamic team to this match, she will clinch it. I believe Cynara is the better player between the two but Leru is also seeking to improve his current tournament record.

All in all, I expect to see a good show from all of the players!
since my snake run has come to an end. g1 vs Sharow W
Going into this Mu I was rather concerned with what Sharow could bring as he's known for building some crazy teams. However after watching a lot of his tour games and his friends tour games who supplied teams for I realized he actually uses more standard builds quite often, so while I made sure to be strong against offense I was fairly sure he would bring some form of balance and it worked out that way. g2 vs Hunter W
Another game that was difficult to prep for as hunter is a strong HO player but also very strong at using Bulky balance to stall, so this prep was extremely challenging. Again I settled on a Bo primarily with a mindset of two breakers but strong mons for against offense like marsh and gira O. I had also been finding double fighting to be extremely strong at breaking teams as Luc beats a lot of the dedicated marsh checks or at least weakens them a great deal. g3 vs Kf4n W
This is probably my favorite build from this tour, It really is rather simple in structure but is extremely dangerous to a lot of the balances kf4n likes. The idea was to bait ho-oh with arc ground to allow for don to win after some chip on the arc and that is precisely how things worked out in this game. Ive also recently developed an infatuation with sciz thats a broke mon I advise you to use it. g4 against Ttg W
Keeping it transparent I had no clue how to build for this game and I probably made around 15 teams. Ttg in my opinion is easily the best player in usm ubers and can pilot anything. The only real thing I could pick up in scouting replays was that he liked t-spikes so I thought gar was a must. I really like double ghost builds so i went with gar + marsh. I had also been using a lot of arc ground so I assumed he would pack a ground immune like a skarm celes or ho-oh so Thunder on gar seemed like a great option. The final mon making it on was Ho-oh not really a mon I use often or at all really and something that his teams up to this point in snake had been a bit weak to so I figured it was a nice last mon in.

Has been a super fun tour was really glad to have been given an opportunity to play! gl to those remaining I expect both garay and gary to do extremely well and Ttg to bounce back and post one of the best records.
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Leru vs GaryTheGengar - leru hasn't been lucky or bad in his games, but still is coming off a tough group phase, while gtg has had 2 comfortable wins, albeit an intriguing team choice by ttg. leru will put up a tougher game than the 2 gtg played in group phase, and bring a better team, i favor gtg to to continue his win streak purely off of momentum.

KyogreF4N vs Garay oak - kfan really hasn't been impressive in this tour so far, his 2 wins being unconvincing in how they were achieved, and continues to run rp rocks don on webs. garay on the other hand has been pretty solid, but showed his unnecessarily aggro tendencies now and then which have made his games closer than they should've been imo. siding with garay for being better player and bringing better teams.

Fireburn vs The Trap God - fireburn has been on a roll, and it's really enjoyable to watch the old man who never plays step up perform so well. ttg started the tour well with magic coat groundceus and endure blaziken, but xurkitree was prolly too far as it cost him the momentum and then a bit unclean game vs zesty made him end 2-2. while predicting the current best ubers player to lose thrice in a row on such a big stage might not be fitting, i predict fireburn to clinch it with the solid builds and plays that he has displayed consistently so far.

grats zesty on such an amazing performance in your first big tour s/o not getting picked in upl
also gj to sarah exiline rabbit on getting picked, the tour didn't go as you'd expect but that's fine, you'll do better on your next big outing
and grats to 56 on almost making it. honestly i had my doubts with you as manager, but you barely missed out on qualifying, and in such an unfortunate way too. if you choose to manage in spl as well, hope it goes better for you boss

lastly, gl to all the friends who qualified, and let's hope we get some good games to spectate and armchair


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Stage 1 is now over, meaning players are now playing under a 1 team vs 1 team format!
here are the match ups for the first week of the second phase:

[SERP] Leru vs GaryTheGengar [NAGA]
[COBR] KyogreF4N vs Garay oak [LEVI]
[ASTR] Fireburn vs The Trap God [BUSH]

I also udapted the replays!
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It seems like fewer people remain in the Snake around this point. It is quite sad that not everyone gets to hold a trophy and walk away with satisfaction but I think the games were great for the most part. Thanks for representing the playerbase in such a big tour and good luck to rest of the people who still remain in the tournament.

No I'm not doing predictions when I haven't watched these people playing tours for a long time ;-;
Leru(70) vs KyogreF4N(30): I feel like kf4n has underperformed up until this point and leru is coming off a big win. However we have seen kf4ns skill ceiling before so if that version shows up he can definitely take this one.

GaryTheGengar(65) vs Fireburn(35): both guys have impressed me a ton, and both are coming off losses so will be looking to bounce back. In both of fireburns losses he seems to have ran into a player that was willing to make plays to beat him. I think gtg is one of those players that has the ability to read the game and make predictions even in crucial points of the game. I think this will pose issues for fireburn, although Fb's team selection is always strong so that could come into play as Gtg's last team obviously was not the strongest of the tour.

Garay oak(40) vs The Trap God(60): for sure the game I am most excited for garay has been playing outstanding the last few months and Ttg's team last week was my fav of the tour so far. I think that this is a difficult mu for garay however as he is someone who likes to play very aggressive, and I do not know if that will work against Ttg who I feel is probably the best current player at weighing risk during the game and reading his opponent.

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