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Snake Draft Introduction
Snake Draft Schedule (TBA)

Hello UU! This thread will be a place you can discuss the tournament, be it about metagame trends, predictions, or just cheering on your favorite players and teams. I'll keep it updated as the season plays out.

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Potential UUers:

Ambrette Astrotias: Hogg, Manipulative, Tricking
Black City Mambas: McMeghan
Berry Forest Bushmasters: Accelgor, Gondra, pasy_g
Cianwood Cobras: esche, Lycans
Goldenrod Gliders: Empo, TDK
Lake of Rage Leviathans: Cynde, robjr
Lanakila Nagas: HT, kory2600, Sacri'
Shinto Ruin Serpents: Pak, teal6
Sootopolis Sidewinders: aim, FLCL, Shiba
Terminus Taipans: dodmen, Sage

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Coming Soon

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Nagas and Leviathans drafts particularly impressed me in terms of the options they have, from the Nagas they have 3 players I would expect to go positive in this field even though I think it’s very much going to be HT playing and the two Frenchmen in OU. It also helps that HT and Sacri’ have got have absolutely tons of experience building in UU tiers so we should see plenty of solid stuff pumped out from these guys. Rob and Cynde was a pairing that really seemed to work well towards the end of last SPL so bringing that together again looks like a smart move, rob looks strong as ever and neither of them are predictable builders, making them hard to prep for. Expect good results here. All of the likely UUers are deserving of being here, but these combinations really stood out to me as ones to watch.

aim should probably be added to the sidewinders potential uuers, I know he plays everything but I think he’s taken a particular liking to UU recently and it’s a lot more likely we see FLCL going into OU and one of him or Shiba taking up the UU slot.
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Gz to all the uuers that were drafted, definitely hyped to see some dope matches... I've definitely got my eye on Accelgoat, esche, and Sage specifically. I'm confident they're all gonna do amazing, especially with the people on their team, dodmen + Sage is a cool pairing that we could see a lot of cool builds from, same with esche + Lycans. From my experience, esche has always been one to bring some spice on his teams, should be cool to see what they all come up with. Gl to all.
Hey, thought I'd give some preliminary PR's a shout, doing this largely on the basis of starters+building support. I'd like to preface this by saying I'm basing some of what I say off of finch's snake preview vid, and i'd also like to say i'm rooting for sage, the future 11-0 player.

It's hard to phrase a ranking system without making perceived slights to players, and while I've tried to avoid that, take everything I say with a grain of salt. The game of mons is fickle to the point where anyone in this group can easily beat anyone else.

Goldenrod Gliders: TDK - You'd be hardpressed to find a better player than TDK, not just in the UU userbase, but in the tours community at large. I don't want to slob his knob further, but I'd fully expect the first overall pick to live up to his billing with a solid record, he's too talented and diverse of both a player and a builder not to.

Shinto Ruin Serpents: Pak - I've heard people underrating/being skeptical of Pak without Pearl's building, but those fears should be 100% assuaged by his play and his work ethic, dude can crank out teams like nobody else and despite a lackluster snake last year, he's easily one of the premier players in the UU pool. An impeccable 8-3 showing in SPL is in no way a fluke, dude should go hard.

Lanakila Nagas: HT - I'm likely rating HT higher than some, and I wouldn't be surprised to see other people rank him anywhere from sixth to third, but I think having Sacri as building support makes HT easily the third best option in this field, and an absolute force to be reckoned with. A respectable SPL and strong UUPL place him higher than other players with admittedly less experience in recent months, seguing perfectly into my next player.

Cianwood Cobras: Lycans - On his day, Lycans is easily one of the best UUers and one of the premier players in the tour scene as a whole. Despite having a strong 7-2 in last year's Snake and a respectable 4-5 in SPL, questions about his desire to build and a shaky 1-4 in UUPL are two glaring question marks. While esche can whip up crafty builds, his involvement with and commitment to UU are also relatively dubious. Lycans has arguably the highest ceiling in this draft, but with the caveat of having a slightly shaky floor.

Lake of Rage Leviathans: robjr - I don't think I'm alone in saying that Rob, while being able to contribute to building in multiple tiers, was a bit of a reach pick in the second round. Although the Cynde/Rob pairing in SPL was obviously successful, in large part due to the duo playing off of their respective strengths, it remains to be seen whether the pairing will work to such successes over the course of an entire season. Nonetheless, Rob's gonna provide a ton of value, it just remains to be seen whether or not he'll live up to his second round billing.

Black City Mambas: McMeghan - Admittedly, i'm not as high on Roro as other people are. While it may be sacrilegious to disparage him, as I think he's an incredible player, he's had relately average performances in both Snake and UUPL, with some of his team choices also being fairly questionable. I in no way doubt his ability to consistenly outplay and outmaneuver his opponents, but his UUPL team choices frequently left me a bit baffled. I think McM has one of the most stable floors in the tournament, as his playing ability makes it extremely unlikely he goes below 4-5, but it remains to be seen how his building will go and how that could concieveably affect his record.

Sootopolis Sidewinders: Shiba - Despite coming off of a great UUPL, question marks do exist regarding Shiba's ability to perform at the highest level, as his lack of participation in a major tournament could end up hurting him. Despite this, he's a solid builder and player, and I think he'll easily pull his weight and put up a respectable record. There's honestly not much more to say, Shiba is another high floor pick who shouldn't disappoint, despite the lingering question marks.

Ambrette Astrotias: Manipulative - At times, Manip is a tough nut to crack. Despite a solid snake last year, Manip had a lackluster UUPL and SPL, with questions about motivation also existing. It remains to be seen which version of Manip will appear for this tour and to what degree Hogg will impact him; I'd give him a decent ceiling with one of the lowest floors in the pool. It wouldn't surprise me to see Hogg starting towards midseason, but it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for Manip to have a solid record either.

Terminus Taipans: Sage - While hard to be impartial about the homie, her experience is obviously a major question mark, as her standout performance was in ULT, with a less than enthusing 0-2 in SM in UUPL. I do think building support from Pearl and Dod goes incredibly far, as partially evidenced by Pak in last SPL. I believe Sage is competent enough to pilot their builds well, but she has arguably the shakiest floor in this tournament.

Berry Forest Bushmasters: pasy_g: I think most people should be skeptical of pasy_g, as, although he's a strong ADV player, it's unclear if he's made any meaningful forays into UU. Despite having arguably the best UU building in the tour with Accel and Tony, I wouldn't put it past the Bushmasters to be starting Accel by midseason. Not intended as a slight to pasy, but having a meaningful crash course in UU is easier said than done.


The greatest story of them all.
Likely matchups for r1 of snake, sun phases stand out particularly to me but overall we should see lots of good stuff here

HT vs. Lycans
HT vs. Shiba
Lycans vs. pasy_g
pasy_g vs. TDK
TDK vs. Shiba

HT vs. pasy_g
HT vs. TDK
Lycans vs. TDK
Lycans vs. Shiba
pasy_g vs. Shiba

McMeghan vs. Manipulative
McMeghan vs. Sage
Manipulative vs. Pak
Pak vs. robjr
robjr vs. Sage

McMeghan vs. Pak
McMeghan vs. robjr
Manipulative vs. robjr
Manipulative vs. Sage
Pak vs. Sage

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