Smogon Snake Draft: Doubles Discussion


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Thread framework stolen from Checkmater
The draft is now finished so here's a place for us to discuss DOU in snake draft, the players selected and any other Snake related things about DOU

Here is the full list of players taken with the likely doubles players being:
Bushmasters: marilli / qsns
Rattlers: Stax
Nagas: miltankmilk
Taipans: Biosci / Matame / Miyoka (?)
Leviathans: Jhon / Croven
Sidewinders: Kaori
Serpents: Demantoid
Astrotias: Memoric
Pitvipers: Level 51
Gliders: MajorBowman

Feel free to express your heartfelt support for your friends and toast to the confusion of your enemies!
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Shocked frania didnt get drafted. i would've thought guaranteed starter for sure.

excited to see what lv51 brings each week too, as far as i can remember its his first team tour?

interested to see how the leviathans do too. jhon is obv a very good player but as far as i know hasnt played all that much sm, and croven too is good but hasnt played much at all since kang.

biosci/matame should be p cool to watch too as well as marilli/qsns.

grats to everyone that got drafted and i expect to see lots of good games! if i had to make a prediction at the start id say taipans end up with best doubles record since biosci is proven v good in spl and matame is a good support to have
Congrats everyone who was drafted. It honestly feels like we're starting to have more managers in these team tours aware of the community so it's great to see all these new faces to the team tour scene. Feeling good about this season and working with Matame, lets have some good matches!


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Schedule for phase 1 is now out and looks like this

Pacifidlog Pitvipers vs. Lanakila Nagas
Pacifidlog Pitvipers vs. Berry Forest Bushmasters
Pacifidlog Pitvipers vs. Goldenrod Gliders
Lanakila Nagas vs. Shinto Ruin Serpents
Lanakila Nagas vs. Victory Road Rattlers
Berry Forest Bushmasters vs. Ambrette Astrotias
Berry Forest Bushmasters vs. Victory Road Rattlers
Terminus Taipans vs. Ambrette Astrotias
Terminus Taipans vs. Sootopolis Sidewinders
Terminus Taipans vs. Victory Road Rattlers
Goldenrod Gliders vs. Lake of Rage Leviathans
Goldenrod Gliders vs. Shinto Ruin Serpents
Ambrette Astrotias vs. Sootopolis Sidewinders
Lake of Rage Leviathans vs. Shinto Ruin Serpents
Lake of Rage Leviathans vs. Sootopolis Sidewinders

This makes the probable matchups look something like this:
Level 51 vs miltankmilk
Level 51 vs marilli
Level 51 vs MajorBowman
miltankmilk vs Demantoid
miltankmilk vs Stax
marilli vs Memoric
marilli vs Stax
Biosci vs Memoric
Biosci vs Kaori
Biosci vs Stax
MajorBowman vs Jhon
MajorBowman vs Demantoid (lol)
Memoric vs Kaori
Jhon vs Demantoid
Jhon vs Kaori

Feel free to discuss these matchups, any that look particularly interesting or funny or anything else about Phase 1!
marilli is underrated

it must've been really difficult to make a list like this, because I feel like the players in the top 5 and bottom 5 are pretty interchangeable. Every single player in the top 5 has arguments to be ranked #1, and even for the "bottom" players there isn't anyone I can say with certainty that they'll have a negative record.

It's good to see that there are a lot of talented players with equal skill level out there, because it's good for the tier and for the spectators, because we're definitely going to get a lot of good matches out of this.

Thanks power rankings makers for the rankings :toast:


Lets keep our secrets dirty
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SM Doubles: Level 51 vs. miltankmilk
SM Doubles: Level 51 vs. marilli
SM Doubles: Level 51 vs. MajorBowman
SM Doubles: miltankmilk vs. Demantoid
SM Doubles: miltankmilk vs. Stax
SM Doubles: marilli vs. Memoric
SM Doubles: marilli vs. Stax
SM Doubles: Biosci vs. Memoric
SM Doubles: Biosci vs. Kaori
SM Doubles: Biosci vs. Stax
SM Doubles: MajorBowman vs. Jhon
SM Doubles: MajorBowman vs. Demantoid
SM Doubles: Memoric vs. Kaori
SM Doubles: Jhon vs. Demantoid
SM Doubles: Jhon vs. Kaori



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Phase 1 is over and the results have differed pretty dramatically from the power rankings! Here is a look at the DOU results from phase 1

(hosts aren't awake but Level 51 and MajorBowman are both 1-2 following 51's win in their game)

Here's a look at the likely matchups for phase 2 (assuming there isn't a sub)
Level 51 vs. Jhon
Level 51 vs. Demantoid
Level 51 vs. Kaori
miltankmilk vs. marilli
miltankmilk vs. Biosci
miltankmilk vs. Memoric
marilli vs. Biosci
marilli vs. Kaori
Biosci vs. MajorBowman
MajorBowman vs. Memoric
MajorBowman vs. Stax
Memoric vs. Jhon
Jhon vs. Stax
Demantoid vs. Kaori
Demantoid vs. Stax

Feel free to discuss the results from phase 1, teams that you liked or hated, the highlight matches of phase 2 or anything else related to snake!

Biosci vs. MajorBowman
Demantoid vs. Stax
marilli vs. Biosci
remember when memoric, milk, and marilli were all ranked low (i think? not actually sure)... smh @ OGs being slept on.
I know this is a joke, but I just wanted to make sure it's clearer for others if this is an actual misconception. Power rankings for doubles in SPL/Snake is mostly judged under 3 factors: Experience with team tours, official tournament success, and general hype around the player. Milk and marilli frankly had very little of those things going into this tour, and memo even though he has experience has been quite ded recently so not much hype around him. Whether you're ranked high or ranked low, I don't think anyone who is playing in these tours are slept on. And if you haven't learned that yet then keep watching I guess.


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All phase 2 matches are done and the DOU table now looks as follows:

Here are the likely matchups for phase 3:
Level 51 vs. matame
Level 51 vs. Memoric
Level 51 vs. Stax
miltankmilk vs. MajorBowman
miltankmilk vs. Jhon
miltankmilk vs. Kaori
marilli vs. MajorBowman
marilli vs. Jhon
marilli vs. Demantoid
matame vs. Jhon
matame vs. Demantoid
MajorBowman vs. Kaori
Memoric vs. Demantoid
Memoric vs. Stax
Kaori vs. Stax

Feel free to discuss the results from phase 2, teams that you liked or hated, the highlight matches of phase 3 or anything else related to snake!

miltankmilk vs. MajorBowman (not that it'll necessarily be the best game but looking forward to getting a shot at my tigre teammate)
marilli vs. Demantoid
Memoric vs. Stax
Biosci matame vs. Jhon
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