Smogon Snake Draft: Doubles Discussion


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Holy shit I LOVE doubles! I've been reading up on this thread and as one of the managers in this tour I wanted to confirm the sentiments brought forward by Biosci and MajorBowman, at least from my perspective anyway.

Doubles has by bar the biggest risk of isolation when it comes to team tournaments like this one. Managers are almost exclusively singles players of some kind (including myself), usually pick a name they recognize from a previous SPL or something, while doubles players also often end up on teams alone and unsupported. I guess I'm posting here to gas up marilli acknowledge that the separation of doubles from the singles metagames is becoming less and less, which is a great thing to see. c:

I'm not gonna pretend I know doubles well at all, because I don't (yet), which is why I was set on getting qsns 100% and constantly ask him, marilli and miltankmilk to explain games to me lmao. I do know however that this metagame is undoubtedly very exciting and has brought some of the best battles in the tournament so far. Stay awesome please. n_n


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