Smogon Snake Draft I - Administrative Decisions

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RE: Reyscarface vs Sam

Situation: Sam and Rey scheduled for sunday with not set time but missed each other. The astrotias were planning to sub in nedor over Sam to get the game done but both players decided not to bother since their teams were already out.

Result: Dead game
RE: col49 vs Meru

Situation: They scheduled for an unspecified time close to the deadline on sunday, Meru was online for about 2 hours before the deadline while 49 was nowhere to be seen.

Result: Activity win for Meru
RE: M Dragon vs The Trap God

Situation: On turn 34 of their Semifinals game M Dragon's Salamence used Return and dealt 1 damage, due to the Salamence's happiness being set to 0. A similar situation was observed in this game from phase 3.
The team M Dragon submitted had 0 happiness on Salamence and we must treat the team he sent as the team he intended to use.

Result: The result of the game is unchanged, The Trap God wins.

In the future when dealing with teambuilder glitches: If you sent in your team, stop playing immediately after the turn affected by a glitch happens and put in an appeal in the battle chat for something to be done, at this point the timer will be turned off and only turned back on with TD consent. If the game is stopped after the glitch the TDs will look at the submitted team and make a decision based on that. This will be treated the same way we treat disconnects, meaning that if both parties sent in their team, they'll be given a rematch, either with the glitch fixed or with the glitch still present, depending on the team submission, if the party affected by the glitch sent in his team and the other party didn't, they'll rematch with different teams (send in your teams to protect yourself from this!). Not sending in your team or carrying on playing after you are affected by a glitch means you forfeit any right to a rematch. Also note that this applies to teambuilder glitches, glitches that happen in battle are fair game.

If your teams have the moves Return/Frustration i recommend triple checking them before sending then in and before playing as well
RE: Dice

Situation: Dice quit on his team midway through phase 2 without warning his team or providing a reasonable explanation to his managers upon being questioned. He was still active on Smogon after the point in which he quit but never showed up in the team chat or attempt to play his games.

Result: Dice will not be allowed in the next edition of the Smogon Snake Draft


New Policy on Team Tournament Insubordination:

From this day forward the TD team will punish "cancering" (the act of purposefully sabotaging your team with your presence/failing to complete your matches without a proper explanation) with a 3 month tourban and a 1 year long team tour ban. For a cancering case to be judged it has to meet 2 conditions. The conditions are:

1. The managers of the team in question put forth a formal complaint to the TD team/Hosts
2. The managers of the team in question provide proof of the player being a team cancer

The definition of what cancering is is entirely up to TD discretion but being a dick to your teammates, refusing to communicate with the team and refusing to play your games are all likely going to result in this punishment.

this policy won't be applied to Dice retroactively, he was judged based on the old cancering rules.
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RE: The Terminus Taipans

The TD team has obtained overwhelming evidence that there was significant ghosting among the Terminus Taipans during Smogon Snake Draft I. This ghosting took place in a private channel within the Taipans server and involved multiple players, including both managers. The channel was explicitly made so as to allow for ghosting and included numerous instances of outright ghosting. The TD team was able to match each of these instances directly to games played throughout the length of the SSD tour.

Players Iloveleague, smig (formerly p2), Tesung and -Tsunami- will all receive a one year tournament ban for their involvement. Bouff also participated to a lesser degree. While ordinarily this would result in a reduced ban, due to his previous ghosting history he will also receive a one year tourban.

Regarding KratosMana and CrashinBoomBang, managers are expected to uphold the tournament rules within their teams. For a manager to actively allow and participate in ghosting is especially egregious. Therefore, in addition to receiving tournament bans for one year, both parties will also be barred from managing team tournaments in the future, and will be barred from participating in the next two iterations of Smogon Snake Draft.

Games made null due to this (there was ghosting in other games but these are the only ones the Taipans won):

Iloveleague vs imsosorrylol
Iloveleague vs bro fist
Iloveleague vs Analytic
Iloveleague vs Steve Angello
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