Smogon Snake Draft I - Administrative Decisions

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The tier changes that happened today takes place before phase 1 started and are thus valid for the tournament.

UU: Drops:
Mega Gardevoir
Mega Latias
Mega Gallade (quickbanned)
Mega Ampharos
Mega Heracross (quickbanned)
Hoopa-Unbound (quickbanned)
Mega Altaria

UU Raises:

RU Drops:
Mega Bannette
Mega Abomasnow
Mega Absol (quickbanned)
Mega Camerupt
Zygarde 10% (quickbanned)

RU Raises:

NU Drops:
Mega Audino

NU Raises:


RU has quickbanned the following pokemon: Mega Absol, Zygarde 10%, they will not be allowed in phase 1.

UU has quickbanned the following pokemon: Mega Heracross, Mega Gallade and Hoopa-Unbound, they will not be allowed in phase 1.

NU has banned the move Aurora Veil, it will not be allowed in phase 1.
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If two trainers' oo's meet, they have to battle!
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Reminder that for the rest of this phase all SM OU games should be challenged in the SM Ubers tier instead, in light of the recent Arena Trap ban.
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If two trainers' oo's meet, they have to battle!
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RE: Kingler123345 vs Dundies

Situation: While talking in the LC Discord Kingler12345 jokingly told Dundies, one of his opponents, to challenge him on the main server, soon afterwards challenging him to a random battle and then cancelling the challenge. Coconut, Kingler12345's teammate having seen this, challenged Dundies to a LC battle under the name "Kingler123345", which he accepted thinking it was his opponent. As a result Dundies revealed the team he intended to bring to the real battle.

Since there is no proof that anyone else in the Sootopolis Sidewinders was involved in this, the team as a whole won't be punished, though they won't be allowed to pick a replacement player since the tour is already underway.

Result: Coconut will be Tournament Banned for 3 months and not allowed to join the second edition of the Smogon Snake Draft.

As none of the Tournament Director's are currently available to post, I am making this post in their stead. However, please note that this decision was undertaken by the TD team and not the hosts of this tournament.
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Re: Cdumas vs. Nedor

Situation: Cdumas and Nedor had scheduled for Wednesday 23:00 GMT+2/5 PM GMT-4. Cdumas was around at the indicated time, Nedor was not. Cdumas was present on smogtours for two hours after the scheduled time without any showing from Nedor. Cdumas had indicated very early in scheduling that he was not able to play over the weekend, so as a consequence a game did not happen.

Nedor and Astrotias management asked for an extension to allow the game to be played, however this was rejected. Team tournaments very rarely allow for games to be played outside of the timeframe specified by the hosts, as substitutes exist as a vehicle to get a game done in case of a missed game time. The fact that neither of the Astrotias' managers were online during the scheduled time of the game (or afterwards while Cdumas was online) serves as a possible explanation for the lack of a substitute being subbed in, but not as a redeeming factor. Moreover, an extension would imply that both sides were equally at fault for the game not being played, however this is not the case as a time was scheduled for and Cdumas was present for said time whereas Nedor was not.

A further note on why extensions are rarely seen in team tournaments - players regularly get subbed out for games where they fail to make an appearance for a scheduled time. Giving an extension to a player that had missed his time would be an intrinsic advantage given to him and his team that other teams are not granted. If hosts would regularly allow extensions to be given in team tournaments for simple matters such as one player missing a scheduled time, the consequence would be that otherwise rule-abiding teams could stop slotting in substitutes when their player is unavailable, and could instead merely ask for an extension.

Result: Cdumas is granted an activity win over Nedor.

2017-09-26 Isa edit:
A second request for an extended game was sent to the hosts. We declined and motivated as follows:
after discussing the case again with gb, we still do not believe that there's enough justification for an extension.

we recognize that the situation arose as a result of a misunderstanding. however, we believe that astrotias could have taken clearer measures to avoid or prevent the misunderstanding in the first place. we've found that doing one of either two things would have prevented this situation from arising: 1. telling cdumas that a substitute was being considered. this is not an option we'd expect astrotias management to take, but it's an option nonetheless that'd make it clear to cdumas that a battle is readily available. 2. explicitly ask cdumas what the latest time he can play at is. this is an option that both of the hosts feel should have been taken by astrotias. cdumas did say that nedor "shouldnt rush it's fine", but a) given the context i personally find this to be more a case of cdumas saying that real life is more important than this game; and b) he was around for over an hour past the scheduled time, and 50 minutes past saying that nedor shouldnt rush. even if you interpret cdumas statement as an indication that he would be around for some time rather than a philosophical c'est la vie, this is a fair amount of time that was spent waiting.

tournaments primarily exist as a vehicle for games to get completed, which is why extensions are seen. however, team tournaments are notoriously strict with extensions due to the existance of substitutes, and they are only handed out in the edge cases - see Tiba vs. Bedschibaer in SPL 6, HANTSUKI/Luigi vs. HJAD in WCoP XII, Fakes vs. BKC in WCoP XI and TheThorn vs. Steve Angello/miltankmilk in SPL 8. two of these games were extended because of issues with the completion of the game (endless battle and real life schedule while in-battle becoming more important than playing ability). the most similar cases to the one in front of us are the third and fourth, Fakes vs. BKC and Thorn vs. Steve, which was extended as it existed in a true vacuum, where no other teams were indirectly involved due to the game being part of the finals. this game however does not exist in a similar vacuum. we as hosts believe that it'd be unfair to other teams that have followed the proper substitution protocols if we were to give out an extension to another team here, as it'd give astrotias a free pass for not substituting on time. contrast to the nagas, where reiku failed to show up on time for his game versus bro kappa and was subsequently substituted for zamrock for all three remaining games to guarantee that the games would be played. if nagas hadn't substituted anyone and had used their starter in the other two games, by the same token as the current case they could have asked for an extension. however, they abided by the framework set and made a substitute. the nagas would be unjustly disadvantaged compared to the astrotias despite the similarities in the situations that these two teams faced.
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RE: elodin

elodin was recently banned from the forums for creating an alt and posting in the Phase 1 thread. It's important to note that the infraction only resulted in a ban because of a prior active infraction from a completely unrelated situation. Given that the second infraction has very little to do with tournaments themselves and that the first one was unrelated, we have decided to allow elodin to play in Smogon Snake Draft.

Note that we made this decision using the precedent established with a previous case. Just like in Cased's situation though, another infraction-worthy deed will get him removed from the tournament.
Result: elodin will be allowed to play.


If two trainers' oo's meet, they have to battle!
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RE: AriiStella vs Thimo

Situation: In their phase 2 ubers game AriiStella DC'd at team preview, then before host action could be taken to make a proper recreation they challenged each other again, resulting in a game in which AriiStella DC'd after turn 2. Once again instead of waiting for a proper recreation they challenged each other and played the first 2 turns identically to the second game, with the difference being that AriiStella's Lunala missed the turn 2 Hypnosis. After that, instead of either side pausing so that a proper recreation could be achieved they kept playing normally until the end of the game.

Result: We interpret AriiStella's choice to keep playing the game after the deviation from turn 2 of the second game as her forfeiting her right to a rematch, so the result of the third game is valid, Thimo wins.

For God's sake in the future wait for TD consent before carrying out recreates.
RE: re: Omfuga

Situation: Because the new policy was not in place when Omfuga was banned, and we decided against retroactive punishment, we have decided to allow him to play in Snake Draft, as per the old policy. This takes effect immediately and the Bushmasters will be allowed to sub him in for Phase 2 if they want to.

Result: Omfuga will be allowed to play.


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RE: Level 56 vs TheThorn/Znain

Situation: Thorn and Level 56 agreed to play their phase 2 SM OU game on Saturday, October 7. Level 56 suggested the specific time of 7 PM GMT +2 in a VM to which TheThorn never replied. On Saturday morning Level 56 also left a VM saying he wouldn't be able to play on Sunday. At 7 PM GMT +2, Level 56 left another VM saying he was online and ready to play, to which TheThorn did not respond. Level 56 waited for roughly 90 minutes before leaving. During this period of time, TheThorn was online on Discord but did not see the VM sent by Level 56, and no one on the Rattlers made any other attempts to contact him. When Thorn finally saw the VM Level 56 had already left and would not log on to Smogon or Smogtours again until his game with Eo Ut Mortus today, with TheThorn being subbed out for Znain in the meanwhile.

During Sunday, Level 56 was visibly online on Smogtours (when playing against Eo) and Discord (talking to me), however attempts to contact him by the Serpents were deliberately ignored.

The hosts deem Level 56 was nowhere near as forthcoming as he needed to be to get an activity win and also that he deliberately ignored all attempts to reschedule that the serpents proposed, while Serpents have shown a clear willingness to get the game done, even substituting out TheThorn after he missed his game. Usually, deliberately ignoring your opponent is grounds for an activity loss, however in this case TheThorn had already missed the "scheduled" time while failing to offer one of his own. We deem both parties as faulty for the game not getting done, and the final outcome will be according to that. In the future teams should do their best to contact an opponent that isn't online during the scheduled time, to prevent this from happening.

Result: The game between Level 56 and TheThorn/Znain will be deemed as a dead game.


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RE: Star and GOAO

Situation: The TD team has obtained overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that Star has ghosted GOAO in all 6 of his Smogon Snake Draft games, both via discord messages and voice calls.
Furthermore, we have evidence that Star offered to test with Dundies prior to his match with GOAO and that he built a counterteam to Dundies' team that he gave to GOAO leading to this game, another very serious breach of tournament rules.

Result: tko and Dundies will have their loss to GOAO removed from their record and those games will be counted as dead games.
Star receives a 2 year tournament ban, due to the severity of his offences.
GOAO receives a permanent tournanent ban, as he was already tourbanned for ghosting Bouff in Grand Slam 2 years ago.


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RE: GOAO vs. Dundies, GOAO vs. tko

The hosts got an appeal from the managers of the Rattlers to grant rematches for the games where GOAO played and won, rather than ruling the games as being dead games, where GOAO is substituted for another player on the Rattlers. This proposal was met with intense discussion among the hosts, who found themselves disagreeing on how to properly proceed. The issue was raised with the tournament directors, and after lengthy discussions, an agreement was reached to allow a rematch between Dundies and the Rattlers. There will however not be a rematch between tko and the Rattlers.

Rematches in team tournaments have historically rarely been given, and indeed the initial call was to make both the relevant games dead. Individual tournaments can see rematches for various reasons, as the offending party is always completely eliminated in the process, whereas offenses in team tournaments result in the removal of individual players but not entire teams, meaning that allowing rematches in team tournaments means giving a team where a player has cheated an additional shot at winning. To give rematches in team tournaments, several criterion have to be fulfilled:
*The tournament format must allow for it. Giving rematches from week 1 games in SPL when the tournament is sitting in week 9 isn't a good solution as the change in results would have a drastic impact upon other teams. However, the Smogon Snake Draft does not place the same emphasis on weeks being won or lost, meaning that rematches can be done without impacting other teams as severely.
*The offense committed must be of a severe kind. "Regular" ghosting, while very much against the ruleset of Smogon tournaments, still allows for the opponent to fight back and gives them an opportunity to fight for a win. However, getting your team leaked to the opposition means that they enter the game with perfect information about their opponent, likely resulting in substantial counter-teaming and altered decision making that makes it a near-impossibility for any opponent to win. With this in mind, the TD team and the hosts deem the circumstances of tko's loss vs. GOAO as unfortunate but not severe to the point of mandating a recreation, whereas Dundies' loss vs. GOAO was one that he could not avoid as his team was known by his opponent during the team-building stages, as well as GOAO being ghosted by Star during this game. Ergo, the LC game from phase 2 between the Rattlers and the Leviathans will be replayed.​

For this game, the Rattlers must make a substitute that'd be able to play in GOAO's stead versus Dundies (or another player, should the Leviathans choose to substitute Dundies out). The Rattlers in their initial proposal suggested substituting in Bushtush, however, Bushtush had already been substituted into SM NU during that phase and is thus not allowed to substitute into SM LC for the same phase. Thus, their current pool of legal substitutes consists of Kiyo, Liones and Arifeen, as everybody else on their lineup played at least one game in phase 2.
The deadline for this game will be the same as for the phase 3 games, i.e. 11:59 PM GMT-4.

Going forward, team tournament games will be rematched in a similar fashion to the above if:
*The tournament structure and timing allows for it, as exemplified above.
*The offenses committed are of such a severity that the game was compromised to the point of the result being all but guaranteed from the moment the game was initiated.​

Result: The game between Dundies and GOAO will be replayed, with GOAO being forcibly substituted out.


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RE: Soulwind vs. Arii Stella

Situation: Arii dc'd on turn 12 of her game vs Soulwind for phase 3, as per this grand slam precedent this is ruled as a true dc.

Result: Since both players sent in their teams this is ruled a recreation.


Upon further consideration we've decided to null the grand slam decision due to making that ruling under assumptions that proved to be false. As a result the ruling above is void as well.

RE: Soulwind vs Arii Stella

Situation: Arii timed out on turn 12 of her game vs Soulwind for Phase 3.

Result: Soulwind gets a timeout win

The TD team will be reworking how DC's are handled in the future as well.
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RE: iloveleague vs. TheThorn

Situation: Thorn contacted iloveleague via vm and they agreed to a time on saturday. League missed the time on saturday despite many attempts by the serpents to get in conract with him and no attempt to reschedule or sub someone in over him was made (since the taipans had no subs left at this point).

Result: Activity win for TheThorn
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