Smogon Snake Draft I - Finals [Won by the Pacifidlog Pitvipers]

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Time to say goodbye...

Well, I need you to feed me some extra like since i didn't win enough to earn some serious one. I'd start saying a huge "thank you" to the best managers out there: Poek and uhm... who's the other one... can't remem- OH nvm, and ict of course. Thank for picking me and I'm sorry if things didn't go as good as you probably expected from me. I really wanted to finish with a positive score as both personal and common result but it wasn't my best moment (starting university, trying to find a new flat, a lot of stress) and I got a lot of rough matchups I couldn't even reverse at all (3 Attacks Char against no-lando team, HP electric Volcarona against Mantine). I just wanted to say I enjoyed every single moment in the team and that this was probably my favorite team tournament ever on the site. I really liked building for you all and trying to come up with original cores and ideas. I'm going to spend some extra word for everyone who was in the team.

Let's start with Poek - Thank you fam for everything. Thank you for picking and putting me in the starting lineup. I know I disappointed you and didn't score as good as the other OU players, finishing with a poor 3-4, but I hope that all the help and the support with building end testing was worthy for picking me. Thank you for subbing me in in the second phase and let me fix that pitiful score. You're an old friend and I know you since when you were unknown and you told me you wanted to get some trophy. Well, you did ahah.

ict - we didn't talk too much, honestly, but you were one of the funniest members out there. I literally woke up my flat mate at 2 am becos I was laughing out loud to your drunk posts. Oh, and ty for all those quality pics of your sexual conquers, day by day!

Blackoblivion - we did it! Well, we kinda got carried but we did it! Your run was as bad as mine, but it's ok. You're one of my closest friends on the site and I'm glad we got the chance to know each other even more than we did before. I hope to teammate with you again, one of these days! Hit me up whenever you're up for some chat!

Femen - I built a lot for you and you actually destroyed everything on your path. You're so good man and still you're a good user too. I'm glad we had the chance to talk and thank you for cheerin me up when my score wasn't as good as expected. You're definitely going to dig you way for other big tournaments, mark my words, fam!

Eternal Spirit - nice avy too. Oh man, giving you a shoutout reminds me I still have some job left, and you know what I'm talking about. I'll try to pay my debts sooner or later, but I just wanted to say you were a beast in this tournament.

Axel - you. fucking. rock. After a bad start, you were starting in finals and you showed em why you're called "sheriff". I swear, never seen such a dominance in a single match. I was scared as fuck because the team you used was weak af to both bulu and zygarde, but you managed to handle them as a fucking beast. It was an honor for me to teammate with you.

Ajna - I didn't even know you before but you proved you're solid as fuck. I'm glad we were team mates and gl with learning OU, I'm sure it won't be hard for such a good player :]

teal6 - probably the cutest user on the channel. Everytime I see you posting something on forum, I'm kinda forced to like and then maybe read it. You also showed you're good as fuck at mons, but that wasn't a secret I guess. I really loved to be your team mate.

Lacus Clyne - arggg i really wanted lacy to finish with a 11-0 but 10-1 is still an ungodly score. I wanted to spend some other word about you but you just gave me a 2 line shoutout so I'm gonna stop rn.

BHARATH_THEBEST - that fucking finals match. Once you trapped the toxapex (oh, a toxapex, really? wasn't expecting them to use it), that Keldeo cleaned everything. Gratz for your huge personal score, fam, deserved as fuck.
London Beats - Didn't know you as person and was (sadly) underrating you as player. You're hella good fam, keep it up with the good work and thanks for all those :ghosthug: spams!

Star - thank your for all the support you gave us even after your ban. This trophy, fam, is yours too, even if you won't the pixels under your nickname.

Shrug , meepsvictory , Level 51 - we didn't talk that much but you were cool guys and surely showed you were good at the game. Meeps, your personal record is really good and you really impressed me, keep it up fam! Level 51, you fucking won a doubles match with a Staraptor. Do I need to say anything else about that? Shrug, your last match was impressive, fam. You got a perfect matchup but it wasn't luck, you just predicted every fucking mon he was going to use. What a beast.

@everyone else in the discord chat - your help was really important and I'm glad you were in the chat! A little piece of this trophy, is yours too.

We spent a lot of time together and we finally managed to win this tournament. I'm gonna miss you guys, for real.



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alright boys, it's that time. you guys are all fucking amazing, and the fact that we finished the entire season without having a single conflict within the team is crazy. we had so many great times in the chat ranging from teal's college experiences to ict's tinder hoes, and all the way to lacy's fucking incest mangas LOL. you guys are all so great and i'm so glad that we got to team.

(these are in no specific order, i just went down the team channel)
Poek - i'd never talked to you before this tournament, but thanks for trusting and supporting me the entire way. unlike leon's bum ass you were around a lot more and you were able to gas, bc you know you didn't get demoted on stours for being an idiot, but overall you're just a great manager. ty :]

BHARATH_THEBEST ok btb you are actually the best kid i've ever met. you're by far one of the most genuine users i've ever met on the site, and you're a great player too. your dedication to this tour was absolutely insane, so i wanna personally thank you for it. before you even got subbed in you were a great teammate, always helping with testing and building, and when you finally got in nothing changed. thanks for waking up at crazy times of the night to support us bro, you're the best.

Femen we didn't talk too much, but you were a great chat presence. you were a little inactive near the beginning of the tour, but as soon as you got in
you were great. congrats on going undefeated man, i hope you get the opportunity to play in spl, but if not just keep proving that you're one of the best.

London Beats thanks for gassing me the whole tour man, much appreciated. i know you prolly would have liked to play some more games, but you were super great for the team. you were another incredible chat presence that always helped out the ou guys. i also hope you get a chance to play in spl, but if not just show everyone that you're a straight beast bro. you made this tour really fun for every one of us, so thank you :]

Eternal Spirit gama fuckin' goat. you were incredible man. same as btb you were super active whether you were playing or not, and you always were super fun to talk to. your gas is some grade a diesel shit lmaoo. you were another one that always kept our moods up and made the tour super fun. ppl say you're an erratic player (you are, idiot), but you're incredibly smart when you really focus up. i feel you have the potential to be one of the best players on the site, and your record in this tour shows that. you showed up in the big games and helped us clutch out the w. VIPAAAAAA

Snou bro you're so awesome. i know you were disappointed in your record, but im really glad we got to team together. your singing is amazing, and i hope you continue to have a good time in school 'cuz you worked your ass off for it. keep your head up in pokemon and in life bro, you're a great guy.

Star my man. i wouldn't have even come close to my 8-3 record without you bro. you helped me out with tests and team selection, but the best thing you did for me was make me a better player. your critiques on my plays after my earlier games really helped me out and i can't thank you enough for it. outside of mons you're a dope guy and a good chat presence, but you unfortunately happen to be a fucking retard and choose to ghost little kids. anyways, it's all good my guy. wish you could get the trophy with us because you deserve the fuck out of it after helping everyone, but not everything can always work out :[

Blackoblivion we didn't get to talk much, but you always supported me in games. you're another really cool guy that helped make our team synergy what it was. i know you're a bit disappointed in your performance, but don't let it get to you. bad performances happen to the best of us, but what separates the good from the great is how you bounce back :o

teal6 TEAL. you're such a cool dude and you're one of the biggest parts of what made this tour so fun for me. despite finishing just under .500 the team would have never been able to win without you. you helped build the identity and attitude of the team, and that's a much bigger part of team tours than most people understand. you're also a much better player than people give you credit for, just gotta polish up a few things and you'll kick ass man. hopefully we can get a chance to play to team up again on the cryos :]]

Lacus Clyne lacy goat oml. you just barely missed out on the perfect record, but you're still an absolute tank. outside of your amazing performances you were another great chat presence and team player, which means just as much as the double digit win count you put up. i do not agree with your anime/manga choices, however i will respect and accept them 'cuz you're cool. also fuck the trap god that nigga is dogshit lmao. gg ez, idiot.

Shrug clutch master shrug. we didn't get to talk too much, but you're a chill dude. i know you had a pretty solid record, but even if you didn't it doesn't matter cuz you won when it mattered. glad to be able to call you my teammate, you're a tank. sorry that lc won't be in spl though, that's rlly lame :[[

Level 51 not too much to say about you 51 savage. you were a little quiet, but you were always chill and it was nice having you around. wish i coulda helped you out with dubs, but im absolutely clueless in it lol. you came out with a positive record, and even though you fell short in your finals match you're still 51 SAVAGE.

meepsvictory meeper123 the goon. my fellow tugger, you're dope as hell. solid ass pokemon player, cool ass dude, and supportive teammate. you were always a great part of our team discussions; the team wouldn't a been the same without you man.

Axel sheriff. you were really quiet and got off to a rough start, but you pulled through in the one game that mattered. your situation really shows what team tours are all about. you're only as strong as your weakest link, and while you are definitely not a weak link, you just needed a little help getting back on track. you played that last game flawlessly and helped us win, great job man.

ict leon the lion. thanks a lot for drafting me bro. we go way back to the old uu days, but you stormed the scene a bit before i did haha. glad we got to team together and share a trophy, was a crazy fun ride. thanks for all the stories and laughs this year; i really mean when i say i'm never gonna forget this tour (corny ik, blow me).

Feliburn my day one. throwback to the sowver, the bw ru chat, tru, and more. you've been a part of all of my tournament success ever and are one of the biggest reasons why i keep coming back to showdown and mons. love you man.

lighthouses while you have not always been a part of my success because you're hot ass, you're still my other day one. glad you proved to ppl you could hang in officials in your "main" tier bro bro. you'll never outheat me in tests, but at the end of the day you're almost half the ru player i am, so that says something. jk love you bro, hope we can team in a big tour one day.

Natural Talent come back for real brodie, miss you.

EviGaro my prodigy. you're gonna be mad good really soon, just keep playing. thanks for being a great friend, and thanks for all the tests :]]

shoutout all my tug friends (i don't wanna name you guys ill leave someone out)

shoutout Slurmz tho, i always forget to give u one bro :]

shoutout to everyone who supported me and everyone who made this tour fun, thank you.
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I am so glad we were able to Win this Bros and Lacy! I Love everyone of u :heart: and this is "THE BEST" team one can ask for.A Fantastic team atmosphere and everyone being so cool n awesome <333.We had some lit convos and had a great time together.We had some awesome memories n I will always remember each n one of u for the rest of my life.I was pissed sometimes coz I cudnot catch some of the games Live coz of my ass timezone :(. U are all so fire.Never Change my Dudes <3.I am so happy I met all of u :D.
Personally my entire adventure feels great.I started playing mons seriously like last year June.My journey starting off as a random Ladder hero all the way to WCop where I met Some of the coolest people in my life to Getting Drafted In Snake and Being undefeated in all official teamtours :D,Which shows that with A Great Team and a little hardwork and dedication anything in the world can be accomplished.A lot of people on this site are my frens and I am really glad to have met u all :).
With my mumbling finished I would like to move on to a few shoutouts.
Starmaster-My first shoutouts has to go the fallen hero.When most people would have left after what happened U still stayed by our side and helped(helped not ghosted lol) every single person in almost every tier coz u are the GOAT.I really wished ur unbanned soon n we team together again.All of us will dedicate one pixel from our trophy and make u an Imaginary trophy :D.
ict -Thanks a Lot for drafting me onto the best team ever.U were really funny n kept a humorous atmosphere in the chat and kept getting all of us fired up when needed.
Ajna -U are the GOAT RU player omg.U showing up building a team one day before and killing it out there on the battlefield is Fantastic man.Keep up the good work.
Axel -U were really busy n we dint talk much but u are a great player and a worthy round 1 pick.Don't let one bad season get to u.A wise man once said "ONCE A GOAT ALWAYS A GOAT".
Blackoblivion -Thank u for adding the Fire Ghost hug emoji which brought our great luck and success.U were really cool in the teamchat especially in the anime freaks chat (DBS).
Eternal Spirit -Gama U are a freaking beast,Holy shit man.U are so fire.Doing and winning every game lol.U are amazing as u showed most people who thought u wud sack ur wincon in 5 turns what a great player u have become and ascended to the top.
Femen -U were a bit busy and we dint talk a lot but U Contributed significantly to the team and had a fantastic season.Keep up the good work.
Level 51 -51 Savage aka the raptor.Holy shit man u are so fire.memeing all the way to the top is awesome and u were alone n did all ur prep by urself n still did fantastic.Great Job Bro!
Lacus Clyne -"Officially Lacy"( sorry I forgot ur smogon name and had to go back to discord to check it :P)-U are the undisputed Queen Of Ubers with one the greatest all time records.u are like the second most active person in the chat and u were awesome.Keep Winning WEEB!
London Beats -WEEB!!!U and Lacy had lots of weeb shit to talk lol but u were so fire and a great teammate.Ur a great presence in the chat and U always show up when the team needs u.
meepsvictory -The Greatest of all time.U are so fire dude.I knew u even before we were paired on the same team.U are a great player and an amazing teammate as well.Hope to team with u again.
Snou -OMG Dude u have such a cute voice!GOAT Singer.U are really one of the best teammates ever man.Building for everyone alongside me was amazing.U are a great player and builder.Keep up the good work Fam.
teal6 -Teal my homie,My bro <3.We did it man!U Finally have a trophy!U are one of the best people on this site and I am so Glad to have met u.I want to team with u in every tour ever Dude.Love U Fam!
Poek -Saved "THE BEST" for the last.U are The best manager I could ever ask for dude.U and I share a bond which we will for the rest of our lives.I have learnt so much from u and wud just like to say thank you for supporting me throughout and believing in me.LOVE U BRO! <3.

blunder -Thank you for having faith in me bro!U are honestly one of the best people I have ever met and Thank You for all the Support <3.
CrashinBoomBang -CBB u are the GOAT DUDE OMG.U were a fire presence in the chat and U are one the most awesome n coolest people I have met.Stay awesome for life Dude.<3
John -(Ironically the one who never Johns)-It was an honour to have u being a part of us.U excel as a player and a builder and I am glad I could learn a lot from you.
Pearl -U are fire dude.U were a great addition to chat and u were really awesome and supportive.Thank you for all ur contributions.
xray -U are one of my friends who I met when I initially started.Thank You for ur continuous support and u are the best man <3.
OLT CHAT-This chat was really flames when I initially joined and I met Some of the best people ever.Shoutouts to all of u for being a part of me.
THE DEN-Really cool place with majority of my frens in here.Lots of new Talent in here.This chat is a part of me since the very first month I started.Love u all <3

Lastly huge shoutouts to all the opponents I faced and we faced as a team.U were all great people and its all fun competition and as long as we are all having fun Its Great.
Finally,Gratz Pitvipers!


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I'm so bad at doing s/o and my english is not the best too so I'm not doing individual shotouts, but this team really deserves some words, so let's go.
First of all I want to thank my managers ict and Poek for trusting me enough to pick me in first round, I would have liked to return that belief back with a good record, but that was not the case. For different reasons I haven't played at my max level in this tournament beside finals, in the first part of the season I had literally no time to prepare the games as I want, plus I got really unlucky in some matches. Luckily this amazing team carried me to finals and finally I was able to prepare and play the match the way I like and help the team to win this finals.
I also want to congratulate bushmasters for their performance, u have been a great rival.
I feel really lucky to have been part of two amazing teams like Scooters and Pitvipers in both SPL and Snake.
When I was in Scooters I thought that I couldn't find a team like that, with so many good players and good atmosphere, but I was clearly wrong. Pivipers has worked as a family where EVERY member is key. All of u are amazing players and good people too, It has been a pleasure to share team with you <3.
Last but not least I want to thank all the people who have always believed in me and supported me, you know who you are (:

That's all, the Sheriff will be back for SPL stronger than ever.



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Hey sorry for cringe-emotional essay but i didnt really want to end these incredible past 2 months on a bad note so guess best i could do was writing for teammates. This first teamtour on smogon was a blast for me. I got everything i could ask for : amazing teammates, a friendly atmosphere to join after painful days of work, a good record, opportunities to play hype games such as this tiebreaker i wont ever forget, besides the outcome... This is basically the 4th teamtour finals i lose in a row (including french tours) so obviously disappointed but i guess it has happened to many and you gotta keep trying…

Tony : You are the best manager i could ask for for a first drafting-tour. Thanks for trusting me the whole tour, from drafting me r3 when i had almost no reliable experience to allowing me to play every game even semis tiebreaker. You succedeed in keeping a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the team where everyone felt like home. Your cheering posts before and after games were so cute, you really are perfect and even if i rarely show my feelings i can say that i have i lot of admiration for you. I have many regrets about being too lazy in term of teambuilding not only for me but also teammates, this is something i really want to improve in the future. I hope what i tried to do at my best (aka playing) still made you happy coz that was my main goal :D We had our ups and downs in low tiers but our result in finals and overall in UU is a clear reward of your hard work. As i told you last time you will be an inspiration to me for managing in next french pl, for the moment gl with everything in life and hope we can keep in touch.

ABR : Thank you so much for your dedication the past two months, i honestly consider being with you as a gift that allowed me to perform way better than in any other environment and go far in both snake in olt, i’m so grateful to you :) It all started when yourself picked me and you cant imagine how happy i was to be drafted by one of the players i respect the most. You were constantly active and building teams for everyone even in low tiers that you also seem to master somehow (not as well as gtp where you are clearly unbeatable). Not gonna talk about the days you had to lead the team instead of our managers because you would brag about it for 3 months lmao, but you really did an insane job and i can say i learnt so much alongside you. Your ingame particularly impressed me this tour and it was always funny to me when i came back on discord after my games to see that we kinda thought same way everytime. Enjoy your break after working that hard on many tours this past months man, hope to teammate again with you ;3

Gingy : Memes aside, it was a great pleasure to be with you, i always wanted to be a bushmaster so seeing you stalking me in my olt ladder games always made me laugh :D Your best niche was obviously being a flawless gtp host (avoid reusing tho please) but you also helped a lot in everytier and were one of the main reasons our chat was that friendly. Back in SPL7 when i was quietly watching games on stours i enjoyed following your run a lot so i hope you will be back to tournament games soon :]

Kory2600 : Tu ne te rends peut-être pas encore bien compte mais t’es en train de devenir un joueur énorme, en si peu de temps passer de ladd avec AV thundurus jusqu’aux playoffs du ST… J’ai beaucoup apprécié être avec toi et j’espère qu’on pourra refaire des tours rapidement ensemble (p-ê en fcl comme tu dis :p), ne sois pas déçu par ton score et n’oublie pas que tu as dominé le SM au ST, tu vas faire une énorme SPL j’en suis convaincu. Ptit so à tous les autres shabs du clan, vous rendez ce jeu vraiment énorme pour moi chaque soir, vous gérez les mecs.

marilli : I dont know anything about doubles and you always played at some ungodly hours so i couldnt even watch to balance this but everytime you brought us a win so thanks a lot for that, you always had great preps and im really happy you did that well for your first official teamtour (i might be completely mistaken on that but i think it is). Idk how bugz tied us for cutest user in the team because you clearly are way above me >//////<

Nat : We have come a long way since you were trying to get me to play BLT on tours room… I was really happy to team with you and get to know you better after we were already starting becoming friends, and especially that you got the spot you deserved in a teamtour. Keep enjoying hosting and playing as you do and im sure everything will be great for you, dont forget im always hanging to play some bss factory too :p

The Trap God : I know all the controversies around you and despite acknowledging what happened in spl i'm convinced you were clean this tour, your record on ladder and your playing ability should prove this anyway. Dont forget to remain classy in your wins though :p I know Ubers is gone from spl but as many said dont hesitate to move to OU, you will receive a lot of help from our team if needed.

bugzinator : You are one of the craziest teammates i ever got, from posting power rankings of our own players to leaving our whole convo everyday for some reason and spamming one-liners on forums, but obviously all this always made me laugh, i didnt know you at all before snake but now i can say that you are a beast and completely deserve best UU record, keep slaying in SPL and maybe in slam because i believe you have the ability to play really well overall.

Omfuga : I’m extremely happy i got to know you better and get rid of all prejudices people have against you, you are the kindest user on smogon a super friendly guy always here to help and cheer for everyone (especially for me :D really appreciated your support everytime). However PLEASE stop getting mad after a loss or anything else because everyone knows you are a great and fearful opponent to face so you have no reason to overreact for this kind of stuff.

Ban Manaphy : Man you really are one of my favorite users on this team and i’m so happy we could team together, you always came up with some crazy ideas to build and i love your fantasy and passion for the game, always willing to help and impose your wax shit in everytier (fortunately abr was here to blacklist half your ideas). Your PMs before and after my games were always kind to me ; now please join spl :3

snagaa : I really think you proved in this tour that you are a very competent low tier player, we indeed started getting results in NU instantly after your sub-in and your finals game was just fire. Gl in rest i hope you get your chance to shine again in teamtours.

Sken : BEST Discord avatar hands down. Before snake you were one of the only few LC players i knew (pretty sure i drafted you in every mocks lol) and i’m not disappointed at all, you have a great metagame knowledge and put a ton of effort in your builds, as well as being always cheering for others, i hope you are not down after the loss tonight because we lose as a team anyway, there will be other opportunites, maybe next snake ?

Lednah : You did not get to play much but you were always around to help in OU and one of the best chat presence if general, hope you enjoyed the tour and im sure you are able to play at least in spain teamtours ; i also appreciated your support a lot during olt. Love Spain :D

qsns : We didnt interact much but you were a great help in dubs and im glad your got your shot in the doubles game, gl in other tours :]

Yui. : Same didnt really get the oppurtunity to talk to you, hope everything is fine and you will keep having fun in NU community.

Helpers : Was a pleasure getting to know you all guys, i also joined snake to meet a bunch of new cool people so having new faces in the team was always nice, thanks for the help you brought to our low tiers as if you were part of our team.

To anyone who rooted against us, I dont know how you can leave the team you spent your whole time for 6 weeks just to hate another or take part for a team you literally have no link with, but w/e I guess I had to somehow be disappointed about the community after this tour too. Not gonna dwell on « cheating » too but I would like to point that tolerating and triviliazing ghosting is gonna lead nowhere. I just dont get how a team with a banned player that brags about playing games and the most talented players such as BO being benched for some reasons gets all that support. I guess we also had our hated personnalities in addition to a meme you had to follow to look cool but still all these mindless posts (especially after extension decision) were kinda childish. In our Discord for instance we had a chan in which the player was removed during his battle and only others could talk, i hope all teams will be able to settle this in the close future because this is blatantly not the case everywhere, instead of allowing players to talk in there discord while playing because « lol everyone does this ». I also hope SPL managers will be picked with that in mind.

To those who cheered, despite everyone saying smogtours chat is cancer and full of nonsense, I gotta say all this atmosphere is part of the adrenaline I'm looking for while playing so please dont stop, nothing worse than a dead stours chat when you play a game and want to give your best.

See you in SPL
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Nah real talk just wanna do a quick shoutout to tony and the lads. I had a very helpful team to be on and wouldn't have performed as well without it. Special thanks to Tony for taking control of the majority of my team building and giving me more time to just fuck around lmao. The rest of you worked so hard and were easily good enough to win this thing on another day but it wasn't to be. Congrats pitvers.

lost sorry lads
Here we goooooo boys. What a hell of a ride this has been good lord I'm so glad we did and I couldn't have asked for a better team to share this trophy with, honestly. Every single of you were amazing and unique on their own which was just fantastic and a great experience and a wonderful feeling being able to team with you all. I have played serveral tournaments now, but this was the first time I managed an official tournament... I mean I had some previous experiences but this was definitely different. Funniest thing was Poek just wanted to sign up for likes and shit and giggles, but when we actually found out we were in consideration of a spot we thought like fuck yeah why not lets do it. And that I think is a very funny and beautiful story that we started originally as a meme signup straight to dominating all phases and the playoffs and finally winning the trophy :heart:. First we got a lot of shit, which was mainly because of me... we were considered a incapable duo and that we couldn't provide ''Strong Leadership'' but I'm more than glad we were able to prove them wrong. Starting off with the draft me and Poek didn't really fucking have a draft plan at all we were like hell yeah lets build the plan around our first round pick. All we knew was that we wanted to get Lacus and Star 100% no matter what, and I'm glad we could grab Star R2 as he was a big big help for the draft and planned the team as it is together w me and Poek. Starting off with with Phase we had a nice 19-11 start with a bunch of 3-0s which I was extremely happy off. Phase 2 didn't go that well and we ended up 15-15, however we were negative the whole time so i was glad we made it even at least. BUT HOWEVER we figured out what was wrong in Phase and juggled our lineup in tribute of our fallen ally valentine and busted out a clean fucking 23-7 in the 3rd Phase. I was so god damn proud of such dominance and that just gave us the right kick to perform how we did in Semifinals... a clean 6-0 massacre. Of course, full of confidence, we knew that the finals was harder but we were gonna win. Sadly we choked a lead and then went down 3-4 after multiple chokes and misplays which just drove me insane and I couldn't believe all the hard work was for nothing, it legitimately hurt my soul. HOWEVER i forgot we had GOD AXEL AND GOD BTB in the back bringing it back to fucking 5-4. I remember i was so tired i just went to bed, kind of sad... but woke up because my phone was booming off alerts lmao and I saw that we fucking pulled in. Words couldn’t describe how happy I was at that moment and I knew now or never boys. We finished last preparations with Shrug and he was all pumped and confident, my boy fucking clutched the win as a R13 pick up you had a big responsability on you and you mastered it easily good lord I love you. Overall I think it was a great experience managing, not sure if I wanna do it again but you guys definitely showed me that it was fucking worth it this time. Again, you guys were the best team I could ask for and I haven't had that much fun in a while, in Axels words I'd suck ya'll dicks. I'm sorry I was kind of useless as a manager LMFAO but I'm sure I gave all of you a lot of laughs and kept the team chemistry together which was very important to me, I wish I could've helped out more playing and teambuilding wise but I'm having a hard time irl with uni and all that shit but I was a goat manager nonetheless idiots.

Now let's move on to the dick suckery:

Poek: Starting off with my partner in crime, hands down my best friend on this site and my secret gay lover. There's no way I would have managed this tour without you on my side, this was all your stupid idea lmfao but I already said how glad I am how it worked out. I think you know about everything so there's no point on keeping writing gay shit here. Just know your my best friend and one of the few persons that I get perfectly along with and never had any problems with. I love you a lot, Jesús our OU slots would never had performed the way they did if they didn't have you to help out build test and all that shit.

Star: My dude, my fallen solider, same as Poek literally my best friend on here. The incredible work and dedication you put into this team despite being banned and literally gaining nothing from it just simply admirable. You helped where you could and I'm sure everyone accepted ur staying despite the unfortunate incidence but who cares you're a fucking part of this team and the trophy is as much yours as it is of every single of us. From OU to RU to LC you helped every single slot and I think it aint necessary to say that I don't regret picking you up R2, you're more than R1 worthy so I'm glad I stole that late. Best all-round player on this site by far fuck the haters dude your sacrifice wasn't for nothing.

Axel: After having all of our R1 options stolen since we got like 9th pick, Poek and me were settled on getting you. I'm ngl first, I was kinda disappointed about ur lack of interest and all but later on figured out what was the actual case. You got hella fucking unlucky every single game, literally couldn't catch a break my god. And I could see how much it upset you, you always apoligised for ur lackluster performance which was by no means necessary in an optimal world you would've easily ended up with a great record, but things don't always go your way, unlike in finals. The finals showing was the real Sheriff showing we all waited for. Never have I seen such dominance on such big stage. That's my tio AXEL. U won when it mattered who cares bout ur record u got her now.

meepsvictory: People were hella skeptical about ur early pick up but I was sure and very optimistic that it was the right choice. NU a tier full of noobs and you're one of them that could easily slay them and that's all I wanted. You dominated NU all the phases and ended up with the best NU record, deservingly. Although you didn't play optimally in finals (which PISSED ME OFF) you also got rough matchup and bad luck but who cares hehe. You contributed a lot to the team when it mattered aswell and I can't be mad at you for losing in finals after raping in first stage.

Blackoblivion: NGL I know what you're capable of and what you can do but you just didn't play up to it this tournament which I was kind of disappointed of. However you were always there for your teammates which is an important factor in a team tournament, so I can't be mad with you. If anything should be mad at me for throwing you on the bench for the rest of the season, which I agree wasn't that nice but you gotta understand me a bit here. Our OU was on a fucking killing spree and I didn't wanna make changes on it. I really wanted to let you play more, but you said its fine either way since you were busy with work and real life and all that so i took your word for it, hope u enjoyed ur staying and the carry. my backs hurting lmao.

Snou: Mhm Smogons best singer good lord, I'm a fan. Again I expected a bit more of you playing wise and all that shit but you really made up for it by being a wonderful chat presence like damn. You're so supportive and adorable and build a lot of teams despite having difficult circumstances. Same as BO you deserved more playing time but it was hard. It was very nice having you and you probably would've shown me more of you playing if I gave you more chances but hey at the end of the day we're all winners

Lacus Clyne: Xiao Hard R. My personal thot. Number 9 on Ubers PR. Questionable pickup... They gave you many names, but I give you one. UBERS GOAT. Holy fuck 10-1 dominated everyone like it you were playing 5 y/o kids. I knew the second I saw the format you'd be my Ubers player. I know you for a fuckton of years now (sadly) and we goooo waaaay back, so i definitely knew what I was doing here. And it paid out. And how it did. Best Ubers record, best player record god damn i'm so proud of you. Sad you couldn't get the 11-0 but what can you do when the opponent sends his drones to your house to scan your computer for teams. W/e trophy gg ez. ;) thx for the belated bday present babe

teal6: When we saw you were still available that late into the tournament we were like wtf we immediately have to grab you. Fortunately it was the case and we got you on our team. Even if your performance wasn't the you were always optimistic, accepted criticism and regreted shit when you did not do it properly which I value a lot. Again you're a great friend of mine. And you contributed to a lot of important victories and moments that made us grow as persons and as a team. Your motivational speeches and simply your presence just made everyone happy and confident. And thats why you were a key for the team, love you big al. Ngl a big drive for me to win this tournament was to fucking finally give you your deserved trophy which was longly overdue. I'm glad we got it together man.

Ajna: my fucking hard r bro, as you said we go way back but god damn you were ass back then. I'm glad to see that you've grown a lot as player and you were one of the primary choices of mine for the RU slot, so i'm glad i got you bro. It really is damn funny how we basically grew up together in SUU as new players then we both went our own way, while mine was stacked with success you rather caught the short end and flew under the radar. Now here we are united again, both trophy winners and our paths have crossed. I'm glad to share it with you homie. Keep your rap shit going its fire.

Level 51: 51 SAVAGE OMGGGG. You pm'd me with a nice ass application like it was for some job interview i thought like dude wtf? But then I saw u linked me a replay of u raping kylecoles ASS this was the moment I HAVE TO GET HIM OML. And I'm so glad I did it. I got a lot of shit for picking you up saying you only cheese and you're bad and all. But fuck you're the GOAT and one of the most fun players to watch. You raped bowman twice, so hard that his brain erased the letters GG out of his vocabulary. You came up with something cool every week and I was happy to watch you all the time. Even if I you didnt always win. I'm sure if you had some people on our team that couldve helped you building or preparing you wouldve definitely grabbed more wins but you went positive so I'm very happy for you knowing how nervous you got before your matches. Overall yourr a fantastic dude and a nice guy and great player. Keep owning these kids at vgc events oml

BHARATH_THEBEST: MY GUY BTB OMG STRAIGHT OUT THE SLUMS IN INDIA TO A TROPHY WINNER. Dude you're amazing, the purest and nicest human being I ever came across I love you. Your dedication to this team was the best I've ever seen. You produced teams like a machine and tested so much it's just wow I really didn't expect you to be such a perfect teammate. Its funny how you were a literal no name some months ago and went from 0 to 100 being 5-0 in snake, getting one of the most important wins of our season vs ABR and winning a trophy. Your positivity brightened everyones day and you gave us nothing but happiness and a smile whenever you talked or won a game. Love you little man you're amazing and I definitely want to team with you again no matter what.

London Beats: HMMM where do I start. You're literally mini Poek so I loved you already after the first day on our team. I really didn't know who you were before the draft but Poek was 100% settled he wanted to get you so I didn't disagree. And I'm glad I didn't i love you a lot, you're so CUTE and a very very very nice person. I enjoyed all of our talks all time I wrote a message I was happy seeing u and replying to me. You also motivated the team a hell of a lot and always made us keep believing. You were a fantastic chat presence and I'm glad you got to play aswell and even ended up positive while plying a couple of matches :3. I'm happy you were on deck and I hope we talk in the future, enjoy ur trophy.

Eternal Spirit: G fucking ama GOAT. I still cant believe u went 5-0 by picking your teams through what the fuck LMAO. I am and was always of you. Your crazy mind and plays just remind me of myself and thats what I like most about you. The idgaf mentality. Youre not afraid of anything when playing which is great because it can easily put you in a winning position. May backfire some times haha but I didn't see anything of that in this tournament. You just contributed a fuckton to this team by winning every game you played and Poek and me were sure keeping you on the bench until the last phase was the right thing to do. You're a freak nobody can prepare for you. Even less if we only let you play that late in the tournament. And it sure paid out as you just brought crazy stuff every week and easily won all games by outplaying. We go way back too, back to pokeevo days lmao im glad we r giants on smogon together now. Gama jr is still ugly btw.

Shrug: clutch god shrug, mini teal6. Omfg. Seeing you and star work together was a pleasure and when i asked who we should get to lc the answer was immediately you. And I'm glad they suggested you. Your great team choices always gave you an edge every game combined with great playing skills nicely represent your great record which was very well deserved. You were kind of a no name too but guess what thats the past now. You're a big boy now and that final game was just sick and a nice representation of what youre capable off. Keep it up man thanks for everything you're a great and hella funny person too was nice to have you.

Femen: you dumb bitch. We go back to jajapl days lmao remember? I can't believe we were about to sell you back or watever for inactivity and all but after the 2nd phase u pmd me and apologised and told me what the issue was and i easily got a grasp of the situation and had no issue with it. You made up for it by going fucking 5-0, and completely dominating your finals opponent which i didnt really expect it to happen like this but god damn you impressed me my nigga. I could see how you were trying to make up for ur missing in the team chat by talking a lot too which i appreciate you. Keep beasting em mate.

SHOUTOUTS TO MY BOYS CBB BLUNDER PEARL JOHN for joining our team chat and gas up the atmosphere a lot especially cbb just by being there. john ure not forgiven yet about the hoopa but i guess ur big big help for the ou slots makes up for it lmao. love u pear and blunder to was nice having u 4 around and were gonna win 1 together 1 day.

Shitouts to all the dumb retards that were annoying my ass non stop I hope my dick on ur forehead feels nice now.
to Get Backer for trying to get access to my PM's on smogtours to hope to find some non existant bullshit and for trying to bait BTB by lying in his face like a pussy lmfao pathetic
I hope that one day the TD will overcome their obsession with me and grow up or at least talk to me personally instead of making shit up and play some coward actions behind my back to get something out of my players.
like what the fuck are u trying to do.
especially you Tony I expected more from you as we used to be very close friends but it hurts and disappoints me how power changes people and how people value tournaments or rather pixels over friendships xD smd
also fuck you goao stupid favelado
With that said I'll take a break until SPL see you then, fellas.
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Grats to the Pitvipers for an absolutely amazing season! They came into the finals with no one thinking that they'd be able to win more than one game in OU, let alone take every single OU game in the set. I'm glad to see great frens in teal6 and BHARATH_THEBEST performing well all season and winning a trophy in this tournament n_n.

Also, shrug and sken are gay as fuck
is now the time for shoutouts? sure, i suppose.

this was my first teamtour. it might seem silly or quaint to some people, but i was nervous about it. i had sort of a reputation - at least I thought i did, so maybe a looking glass-reputation, but it's the same thing to me - for being a poster first and a player second. that was true in lc (im one of the few CCs) and on the site generally, be it in the politics forums the social ones and in tours sometimes. this created a weird situation where i wasnt sure if i was good at pokemon or not. I thought i was, because i would play and beat lcers who were certainly moving onto the tour scene - it was pretty common for me to play pablo, dundies, sken, star, and all the rest and win games, but that translated into little external recognition. Slam came around, and i tried to do well in it, but college was about to start, so time was limited. I was actually leading the standings after like 3 rounds, lol, good times. But i lost to rodri in round 2 of lc open and i thought my hopes were dashed, especially when i developed a pattern in the other ones: play boldly and win the first game, then revert to bitch form and drop two and three. this bounced me from uu and ru against two future teammates of mine. With this i thought my hopes for snake were dashed, which was a shame because i rlly did believe i could acquit myself well and play at a level that teamtours required. I was wrong on the first idea and - i think - correct on the second. Which leads me into the team.

ict leon the fucking lion, lol. Where to begin. I could talk about the time you DIDNT post a stunning barrage of NOT nudes in a teamchat in defiance of the overwhelming probability that BTB is a finch-style 12 yo-acting-like-a-20-yo-adult. Or i could mention the times you partook in the liquor on fine german evenings and, sufficiently inebriated as to render your prefrontal cortex inoperative, retired to teamchat and alternated between incoherent typing and saying things like "id let (team user) pound me in the ass so hard id walk with a limp for three days. not homo though". But this is a celebration, so i'll stick to the true stuff: you were a fantastic manager. your enthusiasm was infectious and motivated me to play my best each week. nobody better to play for, particularly given you might be the best overall lower-tier player out there rn.
Poek overwhelmingly probable that you were the sweetest manager in the bunch this year. when i drafted you for lcpl, i did not anticipate reversing roles in a tour of less prestige some months later, but here we are. a quiet dude, besides in the anime chan, which you posted in with a ferocity unrivaled in our chat. I was a little nervous pming you before the tour, lol, esp when you didnt respond for approx a month - i felt like a huge dumbass getting rejected. but that didnt happen, and y'all took a shot on me. hopefully you're satisfied with the results.
to both of y'all: thanks for this opportunity. i think it worked out for everyone, lol.
Ajna ru GOAT, heh. I didnt know much about you or the tier going in, but it was always ony of my favorite games to watch each week, or however you'd phrase that for the pool system. you coming out and getting first blood was cold as hell.
Axel a quiet user, but one of the hardest mfs on the team. ik you had maybe a rougher start than you wanted but you showed up in a big way to slam home a crucial win in the final. im psyched to see you win like stour and know i was part of ur first, most sentimental trophy.
Blackoblivion though im still mad at you for beating me in ru open, you were a fantastic teammate. consistent phenomenal play in ou and a great chat presence despite being from europe and having an untimezone making it tough for me to see your games, heh.
BHARATH_THEBEST I will be honest: i did not know of BTB before this tour. This was certainly a great introduction. incredibly enthusiastic about our games up and down the roster, to the point where you likely warped your sleep schedule for weeks accommodating matches. and damn, was the finals game cold as ice. BTB GOAT
Eternal Spirit gama del FUCKING rey. a man so varied he can go undefeated in ou and also make the finals of smogons most important tour: littlecup open. fr, you helped a ton with teams and tests. people sleep on you like crazy, which they shouldnt - you have a higher gear that i think could rlly rlly mean big tour wins in the future. nice kid lol, congrats on the sex
Femen im a huge idiot who knows nothing about ou, so i was unacquainted with you also. but you stepping up and downing kory even off of his stour momentum was the moment i knew the trophy was sure for us.
London Beats HOLLA AT ME (free bobby shmurder, lol). a man with a confusing name, but obvious pokemon skill. your wins - particularly in set three - were hella well controlled, and i look forward to teams with u in the future.
Lacus Clyne best ubers player out. you surprised me with the depth and efficiency with which you could analyze your opps and their teams and create positives mus from your knowledge, and also by using full stops after every line you posted in chat (ex: Go Shrug.). a mind of such robotic analytical skills could only be topped by a different, literal bot, lol, and some misfortune. it's a shame you wont be bringing this skill to spl, but at least you have a trophy to console you.
Level 51 51 SAVAGE MODE BRUVVV. incredible pokemon throughout the whole tour - i remember one game thinking "holy shit, he's reading his opps mind". to my understanding, you're one of the most creative and effective doubles players and builders around, and we really benefited from your talents. 51 51 51 51 51 51
meepsvictory meeeeeps. nu at a level this tour did not expect and was not prepared for. your fixation on AV rat was strange at first, but it's broken, as is wishtect fox. your win was somehow our most certain of every week, and it's going to kick ass when you win slam next year.
Snou the craziest user on the team. u made the wildest shit work - some mons that i had forgotten existed showed up in your pokepastes. you justify it with a playstyle that's observant and forward-thinking enough to make em sing. good work bruv
Star a fallen comrade. your tests and critiques of my teams were invaluable, and you really took the dime goao dropped on u to the chin and got right back up. when you played, you were fantastic; when you were just a member of the team, you were also fantastic. no better user to be on a team with, thank you for recommending they draft me, heh
teal6 my fellow emma stone user, and the teams grizzled veteran (a weird phrase to type in reference to a like 24yo bonds trader on a pkmn website, but there you go). to address your pkmn first: you were a rock for us in uu. maybe not your blistering spl run, but certainly some good pokemon, esp your semifinal game, damn. this wasnt the extent of ur contribution though - you made sure everyone knew how to prep for games, got everyone hyped, and acted as a centering element for the whole squad.

thanks to the whole team, damn. we won. that's cool as hell - thanks y'all for doing this w me. no better group to win my first trophy with. much love
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a special shoutout

shouts to you, Luigi, for making this tour experience fun for everyone. much love. what makes this log particularly funny is that it's from 5:15 pm, which is four days to the minute before i iced a teamtour trophy for the squad. id say this is the least intelligent thing you've typed in a month but you were part of the lc in SPL decision LOL

WOW it was fun dudes. When I knew this tour was going to happen I got really hyped and was really curious about how this format would fit in our circuit and I’m actually happy for not only playing the first season of it, but also winning with such a nice team and I consider myself really fortunate for getting 2 really good teams in my first experiences in the tour scene (both tigers and pitvipers). Just a shame that I won SPL too but can’t enjoy my pixels anymore since none of us were involved with Mazar, but meeeh no hard feeling at all (I laughed REALLY much irl when I saw our trophy getting removed tbh LOOL).

Saying about myself: I didn’t want to start in the lineup for the first rounds because I had no PC and was kinda lazy too (ROFL), but I kept in the chat helping everyone that needed me and also did my own things “training in the mountains” as some people would say. Then the team needed me to sub in for Axel and I wasn’t getting my PC back soon so I just accepted the challenge and did my best on mobile. My positive run on this tournament was probably a surprise to a lot of people, both my SPL + WCoP runs were kinda disappointing even to myself since I knew how well I could’ve done but didn’t for simply not knowing how to deal with pressure, or not knowing how to balance my playstyle correctly, whatever. I was good enough to the big stage but needed to get polished, and now I’m pretty sure that I’m finally doing my things in a way as solid as they should be. People ashamed me for a whole year due to some bad choices and I don’t really care about it, but I’m a pretty competitive person and obviously didn't like to see people seeing more the bad things that I have done than the good ones, so I decided to turn it into something motivating and it’s working for sure. To you who always looked forward to me and always helped every time I needed, thanks a lot. To you who always tried your best to say negative things about me just to looks cool, troll, or better in a children’s internet game thanks as well, I would never get better without your bad opinions and I hope that my 5-0 (and my 6x0 in a finals match ofc) isn’t erratic enough for you.

Poek - My eternal rival. It’s funny how people always tried to pair us together in team tournaments for some fucking reason (LOOOL) and we only talked to each other when we teamed for snake. After playing SPL with tennis (who is one of the nicest people on this site) I was curious about how would be getting led for someone who actually is active playing the metagame and stuff, and you exceeded my expectations. Your memes, chat presence and game knowledge were crucial for us. I just think that you are a great PLAYER so don’t waste your ability managing too much in the future (like John does every year LOL). Thanks for carrying ICT ofc.

ict - You are useless and top 10 worst people of all time lol HOW CAN SOMEONE NOT LIKE MY BABY GAMA WTF. But seriously man when you came in my PM saying that you were going to pick me I was happy because you + Poek were one of the dual that I was looking forward to play for (Zeb’s as well, thanks Zebraiken <3) and I’m happy that you actually did it. I felt like you were kinda busy throughout the tour and weren’t as active as you wanted but your chat presence was actually enjoyable and your UU knowledge was imporant for teal. Vai se foder ARROMBADO.

Ajna - Cool to see that ict drafted someone to actually play this cancerous tier so I didn’t need to touch it LOLOLOLL. I expected you to do really well in this tournament because I saw too many nice things from you in the RU community during the last year, and I was right as usual hehe. Your metagame knowledge and playing consistency makes you a threat and I’m happy that you were in our side. Just a shame that I didn't help you as I wanted since I had no PC throughout the tournament but your circlejerk made an enough support. Good luck and enjoy your first SPL man.

Axel - You told something around 20 words in our chat between Round 1-3, you were really busy and even trying so much to help us you couldn’t because your luck sucks a lot lol. But I’m happy that you came back to play for finals and stunned as we all expected, you are a great player and I’m looking forward to team with you again in a less-busy time for you. Also congrats for holding part of my guts trusting on for the finals game LOOOL.

Blackoblivion - Hey boy I think that you are kinda disappointed about how the first rounds turned for you, but you shouldn’t. You showed in WCoP that you are a more than capable player and have plenty of ability to show again in SPL. You are a great teammate and good luck trying to beat me in future tournaments, since you literally lost every time that you played vs me hehehe. Love you.

BHARATH_THEBEST - Dude you are like a cotton floating in the air with your sweet personality. You kinda pissed me off during the start of the tour because I’m a terrible person and got uncomfortable with such a nice person having literally the most ingenuous and pure soul in this forums. I’m sorry mate. About your playing wise, dude, you already showed how good you are in this tour, I’d say that you have potential to be top 5-10 USM players in the next months, you just need a bit more tournament experience which isn't gonna be a trouble since SPL is coming. Good luck and I hope you don't lose your essence because we definitely need more people like you on this site.

Femen - When Poek dropped in the chat “I’m going to draft Femen” I quickly said “LOOOL this man is almost a semen don't do it”. But jokes aside, you weren't too active in the chat (very like Axel but while he said 20 words you did 8) but when they unleashed you we could see how competent and solid you are as player. Your team choices were always good and your balance between the fiery plays and the solid ones was near to perfect. We interacted really much in playoffs and I'm looking forward to see more from you in SPL. Good job dude!

Lacus Clyne - Our 11-0 Ubers queen (yeah you didn't lose that finals game for me fuck the bot with his trapping luck). Girl you were so fucking amazing, imo you are one of the best players on this site and should even try some shot outside of ubers because you fucking rocks. You definitely should be in SPL but isn't your fault Ubers being so hated for everyone. I definitely wanted to help you more but uber isn't my best place. Sorry for the retarded question that I have made last week LMFAO.

Level 51 - I enjoy your style really much, you and milk are my favorite doubs players lately and you showed how solid you can be in a lot of moments. For your first performance you did more than well and didn't even have a doubs partner in our chat, which makes your run even more brilliant. I suggest you to have some secretary in SPL as milk was in the tigers so you can put even more work in your prep. Sorry for not having my PC to help you, thanks to kamikaze I kinda know how to click in doubs but well you did your work in an amazingly way.

London Beats - We could've interacted more if I were a WEEEEEBO like you guys but your chat presence was always enjoyable overall. You really impressed me as player as well, and I think that you are something like a new Poek, so enjoy your moment joining SPL and good luck in the future!

meepsvictory - You haven't ended up bringing my random shits (what is a good thing maybe ROFL) but I really enjoyed teaming with you. Your NU knowledge is out of the world and I hope you can do as well as you did here in SPL. Sorry for stopping help you in playoffs, I wasn't too into NU after not getting slam playoffs rofl. Thanks for all the OU tests btw.

Shrug - You bought me in LCPL so we knew each other before the tour. You impressed me REALLY much (as you probably did with everyone LOL) and I really liked the way you handled your games. You are a pretty competent LCer and it's a shame not seeing you able to show more of you in SPL, but well happens. Thanks for turning on the clutch mode for finals, we all knew that you were the better player there and you just brought us the trophy, what a man. See you in LCPL again!

Snou - Your voice sounds like an angel flying towards paradise dude, what the actual fuck. You are even better than dudes like Justin Bieber come on. About your playing you didn't do as well as we expected but your record doesn’t show how good you are, your teambuilding knowledge is something surreal. I hope you can come back with a great showing in SPL, good luck my boy. Don't forget our deal btw.

Star - Dude we know that you didn't really like me before this tour (I admit that I wasn’t exactly your fan too ROFL) but since the first weeks came and I needed a lot of help with my “training in the mountains” you were my main testing partner (btw almost you all were unbearable lazy fuckers, idk how many times I was ignored asking “who wanna play” and having 0 answers in the chat) and were there every single time I needed. You were the best teammate I’ve had in this tour and I literally can't understand why you aren’t holding the trophy with us since your wins were counted to place us in playoffs. But well you are a Pitviper with or without trophy and I'm really happy for having you in our team.

teal6 - While BTB is the cutest teal is the nicest person I’ve ever met here. I think you just didn't feel confident enough to pull the best results, because you definitely have all the needed qualities to do well on the big stage as you already did in the past. But man, don't think about this anymore, you did great either way and I'm proud of you, from now enjoy your trophy and I wish the best for you in SPL. You deserves it.

blunder, CrashinBoomBang, John and Pearl - Thanks for the chat presence in playoffs, you all helped us with teambuilding advices and stuff, lots of nice conversations were made. Fuck john for ruining my possible 6x0 on semis’ game though.

Century Express, elodin, Finchinator, lighthouses, Nintendi, Tamahome and Znain - You were part of my “Training in the mountains” and while most of my team were lazy fuckers as testers you guys were always around to play me, specially Finch and Tama. Thanks elodin for the Z-Koko set on Mob’s game (the gren set worked tho suck my dick :pikuh:).

baril chat, wrawn mates and everyone else who supported me with motivating and nice words - thanks a lot bros I really like the way that I'm usually treated by friends on this site and I hope to get even more friends during the next SPL. Special shoutouts to McMeghan, I wouldn't have the chance to improve as player without your experienced voice. Hope I can have the chance to team with you again in the future.

Good luck to everyone in SPL, as I said to some people I'm getting back my trophy 100% so prepare your ASSES if you aren't teaming with me. Cya!
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so yeah, it's been a pretty nice ride for me the past 8 months having came back to playing pokemon after a two year break, and i'm quite glad i've been able to establish myself on a high stage of battling, despite putting up dismal results in the only spl i played in. i'm definitely quite pleased we were able to win the trophy, and i'm glad how well our team worked together, but personally i do feel as if i were carried in the end, putting up rather disappointing results in my final few battles of snake despite having an excellent start to the tournament, i definitely wished i could have performed better late in the tournament, where it mattered more.


ict - you were important in reviving my pokemon career and helping me develop it to a higher level than before, having bought me for uupl (knowing you and me both started out as PO gods) and having faith in starting me throughout that tournament, which definitely inspired me to continue playing the game, and i gave you enough confidence to draft me in the 3rd round. definitely glad i was able to meet expectations during the phases, but i still wish i could have performed in finals but ultimately we still won as a team and i'm glad we'll get to continue as friends, now with a trophy to celebrate it.

Poek - while we didn't interact too much, you were still a personable manager who helped keep the team chemistry high. sorry for not playing at more optimal times for you to watch my battles. also i'm glad you were enthusiastic about my av raticate set (you didn't even question it and i remember me and star trying to create an optimal ev spread for it lmao), but yeah, was still glad to have the support of a respectable player.

Ajna - admittedly i didn't have too much of an opinion of you coming into this tournament, but i'm really glad we were able to get along well and was glad to see you consistently perform in this tournament. you're definitely one of the top ru players and i look forward to getting to see you perform in spl as well

Axel - we didn't interact to much and the phases of the tournament didn't go too well for you, but unlike myself, you were able to perform in the tournament when it was most important. watching your last battle was really entertaining and reliving as i didn't have to worry about my loss in finals costing us the tournament as much; really glad you were able to pull through for us.

Blackoblivion - it's unfortunate that you weren't able to play much after the first phase, but the team just got so hot that it was tough to slot you in, but you're still a solid player and i enjoyed chatting with you and look forward to getting to see you play in spl as well

BHARATH_THEBEST - really glad i got to know you before this tournament having chatted with you some in olt chat, glad i was able to help you some with some uu teams back then and you were also really supportive of me during my olt run, and you were willing to build three teams from scratch when i asked you the day of my battles. i knew you were an excellent builder and friendly personality prior to snake, and glad i was able to team with you in snake, where you were able to establish yourself as an excellent battler too. definitely glad you were able to help the team even when you didn't play with your hard work, despite your busy schedule with school. it was definitely exciting to see your development as a player in this tournament and i look forward to seeing you succeed in the future.

Eternal Spirit - you have a wild personality but that's what makes you hilarious. it was nice to see you explore more team styles during this tournament which definitely helped you improve as a player (you kept crushing me in ou test battles closer to the end of the tournament). it was hilarious seeing you use for your team selection and then dominating in playoffs. you were also there to help me early on with some tests in nu (i don't think i even tested nu with any other teammates), so thanks for that as well

Femen - wasn't able to talk to you much either, and was worried you wouldn't be able to contribute much due to your inactivity during phase 1, but i was glad to see you put the dedication later on in the tournament, which helped you establish yourself as a solid player, not dropping any of your matches, which was key for us in advaning in playoffs and winning the tournament

Lacus Clyne - a fellow PO god, even though we reigned from PO we didn't really interact much prior to the tournament, but i'm glad we were able to get along despite my well-known crusade against anime and you being the biggest weeb on smogon. your performance was very impressive and you definitely deserved to go undefeated but the last match just didn't go your way.

Level 51 - didn't really know much about you coming into the tournament (granted i don't much about most doubles players), but it was really nice to see you emerge quite nicely on the tournament stage. i think losing your first two matches really helped create a solid precedent for your performance in the tournament, as it really put you in a solid mindset to perform well in the tournament. was really cool getting to see you make some wild stuff work in a tier none of us had any clue about

London Beats - i didn't really know of you prior to the tournament either, but you were there since the beginning to provide solid support to all of us as a team and you fitted in nicely with the team. also good to see you have a nice start to your tournament career on smogon and i hope you get to have some more success in the future.

meepsvictory - I expected a lot more from you man. I had high hopes for you and bugz to come over as the PO power couple and dominate but things never really fell together that way. Best of luck going forward.

Shrug - was nice seeing you get to perform well in this tournament, while also performing very well under pressure, dominating the clinching match to win us the trophy. it was definitely good that you were able to work with star as i think it helped you develop quite nicely as a player. it was nice interacting with you in the teamchat as well and i think your posts are quite funny as well!

Snou - you weren't able to perform as well as you may have liked in the tournament, but it didn't stop you from providing consistent building support for the team which was still vital for us later on in the tournament, and you provided some nice general support for the rest of the team as well

Star - it is quite unfortunate that you were unable to finish the tournament as a player, but you still played a vital role in trying to help the team in every way possible. while the ban was unfortunate for you, i still think it provided a solid rallying effort for the rest of the team which allowed us to finish the tournament so strongly, despite arguably being weaker in raw playing ability without you starting. while you'll never officially get a trophy for the tournament, the community will still recognize you as a vital part to our success

teal6 - i really enjoyed interacting with you and you were definitely extremely supportive for our team throughout the tournament. you provided a really nice active personality which i think helped our team get along so well, and circlejerking with you able being in snake finals and winning snake was really entertaining as well. while your individial results may not have been what you desired, it was still nice seeing you put in consistent effort into trying to build and win in a tier that you didn't actively play in during this generation prior to snake, but your moral support really helped lift us to performing the best as we could as a team


Lax - my main testing partner, has always been fun consistently playing nu matches with you, glad we were able to both develop quite nicely playing so much with each other

Finchinator - you helped me test too and picked me to start for us central which motivated to keep playing pokemon too i guess so thanks

s/o fpoa
I'd like to thank both Isa and Get Backer for having this tour run smoothly in spite of the 1 billion bans and other issues that arose throughout the tour. Thanks to the team for putting up good results and making this tour a pretty enjoyable experience overall and kind of getting me back into mons a lil.

Abr was obviously a standout player and builder this tour. Sadly magama tran is op though so were here now XD. You did very well throughout the tour and provided everyone with builds throughout. Objectively between you and john its still kind of a toss up for who wouldve been the better first pick for a variety of reason but I aint about to throw shade for 0 reasons. I can say first hand though that you were worth your no1 pick. You built almost all our ou teams, put up a fantastic record, managed when me and Tony were out of action the last weekend of phase 3. You even tried to help in lower tiers too which was nice to see. You were an essential cog to this draft and couldnt have gotten this far without you. (P.s. stop calling him a td puppet jesus christ. If your gonna hate on someone at least do it for a factual reason good grief. When he gets what you perceive to be his way its cause he makes solid ass poonts to back it up and has support. At least be civilised about your abuse and trolling and if you disagree with a decisiob seemingky favoring abr possibly offer significant counter points to his arguements. This comes from someone who didnt necessarily like abr pre this tour so like......)

Omfuga was actually an extremely positive presence in our team chat for pretty much all of the tour bar 1 moment of madness but live and let die. Your overplay is excellent and I trust you to perform in OU at any level you wish to play in future. Just dont get banned again I cant go throught that once more.

I supppse moving down our user list we have Cdu. Undeniably performes excellent during snake. Hos record stands for itself and apart from 1 or two rocky games you played well and deserved your record wholeheartedly. IF you apply yourselves to tours you will go big big big big BIG.

Mana is the goatman. I know your unhappy with your rec but you put up solid performancea and should be prous of doing well in onky your second team tour. Sadly Abr is a party pooper and stifles your genius ideas but if you opt to continue with mons I see you also being one of the best new players to appear on site (despite yoy being an ou room vet for awhile now).

Do I keep with ou? I gueas i do. Lednah is the heart ans soul of the otherwise black hearted bushmasters and is a delightful human being. You ran into some issues at a difficult time but you always found time to help out and give some cool ideas/be an amazing chat presence.

I saved kory till last for only 1 reason, because uh.............. Ok I dont have a reason. Kory you are a great playee and dont let snake get you down. Adapting to team tours is hard but give it time and commitmebt and you will be fantastic. After joining a year ago you make smogtour playoffs and a major team tour finals. This is the groundwork for something phenomenal. Time to take that step and become an utter goat.

UU is an odd tier to shoutout, because on the one hand, our UU slot had a fanatic record, but on the other his name was bugzinator. Catch 22. For real though both Tony and Bugz put in trojan work this tour for uu and despire a few hiccups I think that combo proved to be a great choice for us. In spite of bugz giving me an F rank in the bushmasters user rankings and creating a bushmasters without gingy server you were once again a pleasure to team with (shoutout spl 6 falcons. By far myfave team tour ever).

RU we had 3 player play but Omfuga wasnt exactly a fan of that to say the least and snaga was also not exactly a willing participant. Thus we have Natalie, and honestly, beaide fron your whack sleep schedule which actually helped with us eu people being able to talk to you, you were honestly great. Your record in the end is highly unfortunate and not really reflective of your input into thr tier nor how good you are at it. I still rate you and think you can improve to be the best ruer out there atm. Potential to be good was something me and Tony banked on alot in draft and my own personal opinion of you hasnt changed. A great ru player with the potential to beat anyone on their day. Hope you get drafted in spl and do amazingly. Yoy deserve it for being an amazing person.

NU was snaga, Yui, Qsns and to be honest id nearly include da raikage in here too in spite of not actually being in snake.

Start with Yui. I stand by what I pmd you just before phase 3 was beginning. We took a gamble on you and in spite of you thinking you drained our resources your overall team presence and teambuding abiliry more than made up for a rough tour for you. You had some issues with your comp which sadly meant you couldnt be as involved in playoffs as you previously were but you are another user with alot of potential. Just need to take a step back during tour gamea and calm down a lil before clicking a move. Thinknthings through and you will get there. Your motivation to improve is incomperable tho and ive nothing but respect for that. I think you can do good things in tours if yoy choose to do so.

Next was Snaga. Snaga despite being an utter nutjob was actually very helpful throughout the tour even when not playing. Evidence by the fact he has the fouth most lines of anyone in our chat. You helped out in every tier you could and were generally fun to hang around. Even if you were another leading the ihategingy meme brigade smh. You were a nightmare to test because you are nuts but you pulled out some big wins for us and I think going neutral in this scenario was good. Your clutch game in snake should justify an spl slot imo. Especially for the 140th draft pick lol.

Da Raikage is going here because he was in our chat from day 1 and helped prep every single team every single week/phase. Idk if you play non po tours but you are fantastic at mons and a great creative influnce in an unfun tier. Hope you play spl or something dude. Standup guy.

Ok so qsns is going here because the next slot goes to doubles and qsns was the goat of both nu and doubles. Delightful user with a strong name. Have teamed with you twice now and both time you have shown how valuable you are to the team weve been on. Your contributions to both tiers were exceptional and ive no doubt about the fact you and marilli together 100% deserved best dubs record of the tour as a dynamic duo. Hope we team again 1 million percent.

Aight so marilli got ranked 10th in dubs btw. Just thought id remind people of that. Outperforming expectations match after match you really are an amazing doubles player to bith watch and talk to. Youve an excellent take on dubs and and was a teammate beyond reproach as far as how key to our atmosphere you were. Chilled out vibea and positive energy radiatea from you and you will 100 percent be going on to the biggest of stages in doubles or i guess vgc? If you want cash that is lol. Glad we banked on you and quick scope no scope to pull through in this wild tier.

Is ubers next? Guess so. The trap god aka I need a name change to repair my smogon rep asap was our preferred ubers player and by god it was worth. I know legit everyone has fun bashing on him but you should peobably give a chance so long as hes here and nog on the mazar side of life. Genuinely one of my favourite people to team with despite being a PR nightmare by virtue of being himself. What Jayde would call a thinker your approach to the game is as good as they come. Analysing matchups pre game for building and post game to realise any possible mistakes you may have made means you will transistion into ou nicely for spl ;) Overall please just stop jerking the hate and give him a chance. He deserves it. Hope to see you in spl.

Am i forgetting a tier? I dont think I am. Definitely not a tier worth considering for spl anyways. May be forgetting this tier but I dont think ill ever forget Sken. Competitor for nicest user on smogon and a major team player. Positivity and love radiates from sken so long as you dont call LC bad and Ive enjoyed alll of our team tour experiences together. Even if I had totally forgotten about our jajapl team until it was too late, my bad. Hope you either try transition to otger lower tiers or can continue to be good af at Usm lc. I know you dissapointed in yourself right now but chin up and keep on being a fantabulous human being. Take it from one of the guys who choked on spl7 classiest that you will bounce back from setbacks like this. Id cite blunder as a better example of bouncing back and continue rampaging tiers. (Minor shoutout to sg for losing to mono ice so the rest of us classiest can live on smogon without abuse ly xoxo)

Helpers wise Zorodark, Chillshadow and the aforementioned Da Raikage were fantastic help and truly great users who helped us out a tonne despite us being hated af. We did attempt to recruit levi ibto our teamchat too, aswell as ender but sadly both wanted to step away from mons so that was unsuccesful. Both helped in their own right and are quite clearly amazing players so maybe we will see em back one day. No such thing as quitting mons. Only extended breaks.

As far as my chief partner in crime Tony, he is pretty much the best manager on smogon atm outside possibly Callous but we gotta see how he handles a non PO tour. Fun user and pleasant personality in spite of his new Tournament Director Inquisitor role giving him near arch nemesis of smogon status. Extremely helpful and motivated af to do well in these tours, Tony's help cannot be overstated enough. If it was up to me he would have an eternal manager slot available to him in every team tour. Tony ever since you got TDK to snap me while I was trekking I knew I was gonna manage this tour with you. Our work pre draft payed off on alot of our slots noticeably and we managed to draft pretty much the exact team we wanted. Sorry I couldnt physically draft with you but alas, music festival mobile data is no bueno.

Just a small side note that I think empo not being drafted pre smogtour success for snake was a travesty from the beginning and not in hinsight. Goo many people let emotions cloud judgement here and empo was objectively a solid af sm ouer for this tour.

Oh and I also wanna say that Laurel jad as much of a chance as anyone at doing well in this tour. Extremely motivated and having demonstrated an ability to play recently with regards to grand slam Laurel should definitely be reconsidered by many as an option for tours such as these and given another chance to prove himself and his worth to a team environment. Didnt draft for reasons outside our control for what its worth. Same goes for empo.

Aight as a final note I just want to say congratualtions to all of the pitvipers. You guys did well this tour and Im glad to see users such as BtB given a chance to shine when he clearly deserved it from being a building bimbo in wcop. Wish he had laddered OLT too so I could steal him alas. Glad soms friends on Pitvipers won too. Majority of you are nice guys and Im cool with conceding the tour to yous.

I enjoyed phases fwiw and felt it didnt really affect our team too much with the stress of building or whatever. It was however significantly less hype than weeks but snake being much shorter than spl was a big + as far as optimising tournament scheduling goes. Probably not optimal atm as seen by 3 finals happening in the past week while smogtour is about to wrap up too but its definitely fixable. The team names suck and need to be changed to avoid the name memes jesus christ that shit was awful. While the name of this tour is definitely debateable although the draft format is cool and different.

Once again, Thanks for making this enjoyable for me team and im glad we at least got this far. I dont usually do shoutouts as Im relativeky private about how I feel about users but as a manager i should probably do these things. Even if we lost. Just wish that every single one of you could have a trophy now too but it was not to be. Reiterating my thanks to Luigi and Isa once more just because I dont think its right to attack the host of a tour in spite of no like major fuckups. Some misguided/rash decisions but I aint about to tar and feather someone for doing their best at hosting a tour which clearly needed hosting and actually doing a pretty decent job overall at making decisions others would not want to be in the position to have to make.

Sorry for spelling mistake if any of yall got issues with that take it up with sober me tomorrow and I might fix em.
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