Smogon Snake Draft I - Finals [Won by the Pacifidlog Pitvipers]

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On behalf of Omfuga, here are his graceful words.


Well, I had a great experience this tournament. I could never ask for better teammates. I love all of you guys. I don't really care about team tour trophies as anyone who knows me could tell you, but I can't help but be a bit salty that we were constantly painted as the villains of the tournament for some reasons I can't quite understand. I think a few people on Smogon kind of control the hivemind mentality as they always have, it's pretty silly but it is what it is. I guess even when you have Star bragging about ghosting half their roster in every chat he's in, still no one wants to root for us ;_;. Still though, grats pitvipers, I love a lot of you guys and I'm glad to see you with a trophy. Specifically congrats to Meeps, Ajna, and Axel; I'm happy for you guys.

Going forward I hope never to play a lower tier game in a team tournament again. I don't know how I can be more clear than I already have been about that. I know a lot of people think, especially at the start of the season, that I am washed up or maybe I'm just not good. I guess 8-4 is really not what I wanted but I at least proved I can still compete in SM OU. But at the end of the day for me I just feel I've let my team down, and partially I was mad about it because I feel that being put in RU, LC, and Ubers significantly hindered my ability to contribute to my team. Still, I hope you guys can forgive me, especially for my frustration with the situation.

Tony- When I found out I was going to be playing with 2 of my closest friends on here I knew it'd be an amazing season. I wish I could've been better for you guys. You're probably the best manager I've seen on Smogon, and it's a refreshing change to team atmosphere. It's hard to quite put into words what you bring to a team when it entails so much more than the immense help we all received while preparing for games. Just your presence made it so much easier for me to be happy this tour, and I hope I can play with you again soon.

ABR- It seems we're a really powerful core in team tournaments, though such a thing might never happen again lol. It was an honor and a pleasure to team with you, instantly when you/tony/me/gingy were the only ones on the team, I already knew I could be comfortable and happy with the environment. Obviously you helped me build all of my teams, and I was really satisfied with every OU team we built together. Maybe I'll never be super excited for a team tour again after I feel i've personally let you and Tony down, but either way I'm glad just to have had the opportunity to play on this team. Not much to say about our friendship that everyone doesn't already know, so thanks for being an awesome teammate to me again.

Gingy- LOL sorry for being so mean to you all the time. I hope you know it was playful... I thought at the beginning of the season that you didn't like me and I just shouldn't talk much when you were around. I was surprised you are a very funny/pleasant guy. It's awesome to have you around and you brought a lot of fun to the team, on top of being yet another great supporting teammate. Thanks for believing in me!!

Cdumas- One of the nicest people i've met... especially on smogon lol. I really can't understand people like you who are so innocent LOL but I was really glad to see your positive outlook on every scenario. I just hope you don't let people take advantage of you for it, because I'd hate to see that :(. You're an amazing player and simply an awesome guy to have around, and I hope you didn't take me too seriously all the time, I'm really glad to have met you this season!

Mana- Along with cdu, another player I'd never heard of before snake (because I had mostly quit smogon for a long time before this tournament). I was shocked to see how amazing you were, and Cdu as well, you guys give me hope in the future "new blood" of smogon lol. Overall another funny guy like gingy, and genuinely one of the smartest people i've met on Smogon. I wish you the best in the future, and thanks for testing me a bunch even if you use whack sets x_x

The Trap God- I had mixed feelings about you before the tournament due to some personal interactions a long time ago and some cheating accusations from SPL. I think maybe because of that I was blinded to just how amazing of a player you are, and I really saw it first-hand this tournament. You're one of the best ubers players ever and I'm excited to see you play much more in the future. Not only that, I feel like I know you a lot better, and I think you're a genuinely good person, and the controversy surrounding you is kind of unfair and hypocritical. I'm sure you'll continue to impress though, and eventually everyone will shut up. I wish you the best of luck man, and I'm sorry for not helping you in ubers at all lol.

Sken- You know I love you so stop apologizing to me LOL. I've never harbored ill feelings towards you or any player on my team who has performed poorly, trust me! And also, 4-6 is certainly not a record to be ashamed of. I was of course excited to team with you because we have been friends for a long time, and you don't owe me anything. Thanks for being around to always talk to me, and being my most loyal twitter follower. Also, thanks for showing me hot Spanish rap and helping me continue learning Spanish in chat LOL.

Snaga- Sorry for being mean to you too lmaoooo. Thanks for winning when it counted and always playing around with me in chat. You put so much dedication into preparation, regardless of what your record shows, know that you deserve to be 5-0 :sob:

Kory2600- My biggest supporter!! I'm sorry your record doesn't reflect how awesome I know you are. Regardless, no amount of wins could bring to the team what you bring with your attitude. You're always just happy to be there and happy to play and I think that's awesome :D. We didn't talk *that* much but know that i'm a big fan and rooting for you always!

Lednah- Led :3. Only bushmasters OU player with a 100% win rate... omfg.... What else is there to say? Seriously though, another super nice dude on our team. Even when we would mess with people in jest you'd defend them and I think that's adorable, so sorry for being so cynical sometimes LOL. #OmfugaTeamSpain2k18

Bugzinator- A PO legend. Glad to see you still able to perform with the best in UU. You did well and should be proud.

Natalie- Nat :3. I know you didn't get to perform to the best of your abilities this tournament, but I've always believed in you as a competitor and I still do! Thanks for being the more relaxed person in the RU chan and helping me even when I was being unresponsive LOL. I hope you can forgive me if I was too harsh.

Qsns- When I first heard we got GOD qsns I was shocked to hear you were on the bench. Not memeing btw, I thought you were gonna play over marilli LOL. I've always respected you as a player and I hope you get more opportunities to prove yourself in the future.

Yui- I wish you had stuck around after your games :/. No one was mad you underperformed, but it's sad that you didn't stick around. You're a funny guy and an old friend of mine so it was fun to be around you for the first few weeks.

Marilli- Doubles god Marilli!! I don't know much about doubles but I knew after playing you in tests only a few times that you were fucking sick, and you proved that. Thanks for playing me in doubles a bunch too LOL and I wish you got to use autotomize celest ;_;

Da Raikage- Not gonna give every helper an individual shoutout but you certainly deserve one. Truly the brainpower behind a lot of our NU and I wish your ideas were executed to the best of their ability. Make sure to stick around on Smogon, I'd hate to see you go.

And of course much love to Zorodark, Chillshadow, and New breed for the help towards the end. PO gang unite...

And one last shoutout to finch for being a great supporter to me, and for helping abr test

That's a wrap. Smogon has been cruel to me sometimes due to my awful attitude towards certain people and people always wanting to see me fail. At first I wanted to do well in Snake to "prove something", but at a point, maybe I should take a look at what has really mattered about my time on this website-- how I've treated people and my relationships with people. I want to apologize for my behavior and also thank everyone on my team for giving me another opportunity to be happy and do something fun on here for once. This was a good tournament to end on since I can't play anything for the next half-year. Sorry again for getting banned when you guys needed me.

See you guys in wcop! - Omfuga

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I’m so happy, we break that power ranking, nope I’m wrong, we SMASHED that power ranking winning this tour and doing the best regular phase and poffs (obvs), The atmosphere was so good I’ve never met a team like this (oh nvm is my first team in this community but I feel like this atmosphere is unic), we are not a team, we are more like a little family, we finished this tournament without any conflict and the atmosphere was so good I just was awake at 4:00 for 2 things: watching anime and read our chat, because we probably have the best tour’s chat,with ict drunk posts, teal youth stories and obviously lacy and poek with that weeb chat, but this just was a SUMMARY.
Poek : Ye I’m sorry icy I keep loving you but poek has to be the first one, When you told me “I’ll pick you in snake” I was very happy to be in the same team as you, you were a great manager, you helped everyone in every tier and your posts in the chat were hilarious. Thanks you to give me this opportunity to shine in a tour I’m sorry because my newness cost a game running a 0 hp gastro but w/e we got some memes for that. (and ye now I triple check my teams in every match ROFL).

ict : ILY LEON THE LION, thanks for trusting me bro I’m so happy to know you as manager you were one of the primal points in our team’s atmosphere your posts were hilarious and give us the (power/force) to do this, you helped all of us and when you can’t believe us when axel and btb won their games and your reaction was beautiful, ILY Leon.

Star : Our fallen soldier, you were a solid pillar of our team, you helped everyone in every tier since ou to lc, and your chat’s presence was wonderful since day 1 you are a great person, teammate and player. Thank’s you for all Star.

Axel : Again and again and again we are together in every Spanish tour since 2017 and now in smogon snake draft when poek picks you I was like oml this will be hilarious, I know you were very unlucky and you didn’t have the enough time to prepare sometimes but when we need THE SHERIFF WE GOT IT, YOUR FINALS MATCH WAS IMPRESIVE, that is the reason because you are one of that player I admire, you are able to win everyone in every match with your playstyle if you have a wincon. Ty for everything axel and we got the trophy this time. Which will be the next one? c: .

Ajna : MY FAVOURITE RU PLAYER, YOU ARE GOD, Bro you fucking did it every time I was seeing your games I was impressive you are a very good player who is underrated you are pretty good if you don’t play drunk ROFL.

teal6 : The one, The wonderful, The TEAL, bro idk how we can’t have a good atmosphere if you are in the team you are one of the coolest guys in this community with a wonderful cinema taste ( but I recommended Once and you didn’t see it already ROFL). In UU you did very well exept in the finals but we are humans and did misplays sometimes so its fine bro, you are competitive as hell and you give us the force/power to win this trophy

Lacus Clyne : LACY!! The UBERS GOAT 10-1. You are literally the best ubers player and I don’t know why you got ranked so low but ye YOU SMASHED THAT you are a very hard working person you deserve this trophy a lot.

I enjoyed every talk with you we have the same good taste to avys , anime and mangas. We will keep speaking Lacy! n_n.

Femen : I didn’t know you very well before this tour and I judged you, I told you, but…. I was completely wrong you are a very good teammate and a very cool and a nice guy, I enjoyed every speak since the first one when you pm me, you give me a lesson and I go with it, I hope we keep speaking femen you are fire.

Snou : Cutest Italian boy I’ve never met and probably I will meet, you are so cute snou, you are a hard working and you have cool team’s ideas , to be honest you don’t have the record you deserve but don’t be sad you are a good player and everyone know that ily snou and I hope keep speaking with you.

BHARATH_THEBEST : THE INDIAN FUCKING GOD, BTB MORE LIKE BTGOAT, Bro you are so fucking flames giving us teams since day 1 if I did the scouting job you did the building job giving us good ideas always, and pls when you go out to play you did very well. Gratz BTG.

Shrug : LC Beast I didn’t know you before this but you are so fucking flames you played very well with the pressure everyone won’t play like you in a crucial match and you give us the trophy, everyone was fucking nervous and when we see how you were playing and how finish it, the chat was so fucking flames and our hearts pump so fast. I’m glad to speak with you and let’s speak more ok?

Eternal Spirit : BRO I didn’t speak too much with you but when we spoke was funny, you did a very good tournament since phase 3 gratz GAMA we will see and be active in pitviper´s chat.

Blackoblivion : HI HI HI BO, I know this wasn’t your best tour but I know you will do better in the next you are fire and you were pretty active in the chat your comments were flames and your reactions too. Ily bo keep active.

meepsvictory : Our nu god, you were fire the entire tour and give us important wins, you are anti anime but you have cute dogs so I have to love you meeps n_n.

Level 51 : RAPTOR? SAVAGE? THE FUCKING LVL RAPTOR SAVAGE 51. You are a very good dou player bro and a very good team mate I’ d like to speak more with you but we w/e will do it.

Special Shot outs:

John : you were so usefull in ou helping everyone with his team ideas and you was fucking fire in the chat was good stay in the same team during poffs again, ty john!

CrashinBoomBang HELLO? THE FIRE MAN? THE CREATOR OF HEAT MAN? IS THAT YOU? You give us a lot of fire moments in the chat in poffs and helped in low tiers like lc ty cbb!

Pearl : Hey pearl thanks you for helping us in uu in poffs your help was crucial to decide teams and your presence in the chat was wonderfull ty for all !!!

blunder : Hey bro you helped us in poffs and i'm very happy for that and your chat presence was so fucking good. ty blunder!

Thanks you to everyone who supported me and my team during the season specially: McMeghan ,obii i,Lednah ,Garay oak,Lycans ,
Znain ,Posho ,Leru ,Sken ,Alastor Law, Real FV13 .

You thought I can’t tell you nothing Gondra ajajaja I won’t do it Ily my little one, you are a very good player and overall one of my best friend or my best friend in this game ily too much.

to all the rest who didn't mention words like be active or keep speaking i assume as we are all a little family :3
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Keepin this one short.

gratz pitvipers, my man Blackoblivion in particular.

Shoutouts to my team, love y'all. Couldn't wish for a better group of ppl to be with. :heart::heart::heart:

Shoutouts to the ppl who helped me / Bushmasters out, appreciate it a lot; shoutouts to the OU room goons, you know who you are; and last but certainly not least, shoutout to that one guy who might be able to get an OU win next time if he would spend his time on getting good instead of talking.

This will be it for me (at least for a while)...
Damn what a tour.I really enjoyed my 1st teamtour as a bushmaster with the perfect managers ( Tony and the VERY USEFUL Gingy ) and the perfects mates. I won't do special s/o but ily all guys <3.Thanks to Chill Shadow , Da Raikage and ZoroDark for helping us ( esp. da raikage our day1 helper) and also thanks to the french gang ( not the washbin one lol) for cheering for us.Again a really big thanks to my managers for giving me a chance to compete in this tour and all my mates for being the perfect mates ( Especially Cdumas, tu vas tous les bouffer en SPL mon gars.)
annnd that's all.
Hope to see you in SPL guys.

E: We HAVE to make a call with all of u guys even if my english is trash lol

E2:And gratz to the pitivipers.
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What started as a meme ended up being one of my best team tour experiences ever. Me and Leon didn't really have a plan because of how the format is and we didnt really need to because theres always going to be this one manager that takes ages to draft someone, giving us time to think and draft a group of friends but also experienced players at the same time. I'm really glad to have been in this tournament as it was a total blast. However, managing took a lot of time off me, so I'm probably just going to stick to playing until I get bored of the game i supose, but who knows. yada yada yada u know the drill by now i'll just get to shoutouts :3

ict one of the most trustful persons i have met here in my opinion. even though he does stupid shit all the time, he makes up for it by being one of my best friends in this site. you didn't do much aside from talking late at night while being drunk as fuck but that was enough to make one hell of a good team atmosphere which was really important to the team since i'm a quiet one and just focused on testing/building teams for my teammates. i don't think i can tell you anything that u don't know of already, love you bro. we'll team up in SPL again and get the triple trophy lol.

Star Thanks for staying in the team chat and testing with basically everyone on the team even if you knew you wouldn't get the trophy. People talk a lot of trash about you because you just can't stop gasing people and it seems they get annoyed by that. I guess you won't be able to do that for a while but keep doing you bro. You're a fantastic person to talk with and an amazing player, it's such a shame you had to end up being banned like that but I supose thats how things go sometimes ;-; . You were basically another manager for this team, thanks for putting such an insane amount of effort, love you.

Axel Amo niñoooooooooooooooooooooooooo. TIO TIO TIO don't be sorry about ur performance, all it matters is that you pulled through for us in the end. I have teamed with you multiple times and I love the dedication you put in the game. I don't regret picking you r1 at all as I know how much of an amazing player you are and you showed it in the finals. You should have 2 trophies right now, alas. (Shoutouts M Dragon for the team you used though)

Ajna While it might be true we weren't able to talk much because of the timezones I loved your positive presence on the team, gasing up everybody while also being the best RU player in my opinion. I'm so glad to have met you bro, your performance was incredible keep it up my man :3

teal6 I've always enjoyed talking to you since you picked me in SPL and I'm glad I was able to draft a team good enough to give you your desired trophy. While you might not be happy with your performance, you were clutch a lot of weeks and I appreciate the effort as its hard to play a tier you don't really want to play. You're the man lets win this next spl <3

Lacus Clyne Since the yuri incident we started talking a lot, mostly about anime and manga and you were one of the few picks we thought before the draft. You have done an awesome job lucas, don't let other people get to you they're just envy you did so well and don't be sad because you lost the finals, you ended up 10-1, without you we wouldnt even have been able to reach finals, i know that for sure. Seriously, congrats on that amazing performance, you deserved it after preparing so much for your opponents, which is a very important thing for ubers players out there since the teambuilding is key in this tier. We will keep talking for sure, enjoy your deserved trophy :3

Femen me and this guy go a long way. we have been friends since fucking 2011 and we joined this community at the same time, although you weren't as successful as me lol. no words need to be said as I've known you for the longest, your performance was excellent and you're surely going to pop in a lot of tours from now on. mariokart4life

Snou No worries man I'm not disappointed at all. Bad luck streaks always happen in Pokémon, and it happened to you this tour, you'll rock the next one I'm sure. Anyways its been a while since the sigyliph days huh? I'm so glad we share this trophy my friend, thanks for all the work you've put in this team, its appreciated. Also keep on singing dude, you'll get famous eventually. ily

BHARATH_THEBEST ict told me to draft you and hell was I surprised by your team presence and performance. I'm so glad I got to meet you, we went from not knowing eachother to just talk about random shit every day. You're a fucking beast bro keep being undefeated in team tours overall oml. I kinda feel sorry for you since a certain TD felt like playing with you and when he's suposed to be your friend, its absolutely impressive to me what people are capable of these days just for some reputation but whatever. Thanks for everything man, needless to say I love you as well. (i just happen to love everyone on this team lol)

Shrug I knew I had to get you since I saw how nice you were in LTPL. Thanks for clutching the win teal6 v2. GOAT CLUTCH OML yada yada yada

Eternal Spirit MY MAN. I LOVE YOUR INSANE IDEAS OML. YOU DESTROYED THIS TOURNAMENT. Thanks for bringing up, really made it easier to pick teams for us lol. I'm sad you lost your SPL trophy but atleast you'll have the snake one :3

Blackoblivion this man got the best matchup with webs and decided to throw it away lmao. i enjoyed the dbs convos though lol.

meepsvictory Even though we didn't talk much you're a fantastic player and you didnt let down anyone man your record is insane stop bashing urself for losing in finals ;_; av raticate ftw

Level 51 o boi. this dude always got scared before a match and i had to calm him down. dude you don't need to worry about anything you're a fucking beast lol and even went positive. After all, you've beaten KyleCole in a random ladder match so you're always going to be at the top no matter what. Thanks for the effort you put in the team :3

London Beats I flawlessly copied your order lmao and that's why you're last. You were one of the best teammates hands down, you tried to talk with everyone, post scoutlogs and always up to test when needed and even got some key wins during phase 2 and 3. Don't thank me for picking you, if anything I have to thank you for putting so much effort on the team even if you were new to this environment. We will keep talking about anime as weebs we are, keep up the good work, you're most likely getting picked in SPL so I can't wait to see that happen. You are being called mini poek in some posts, lets see if you can stand up to it lol. Chiya + Snake Trophy = :fire: .


CrashinBoomBang Thanks for asking me to join our team chat, you really improved it greatly as you made it a lot more active holy shit. Needless to say you're one of my best friends in this site and I love talking about irl stuff w/ you. Take care of yourself though, too much acid might be bad.

John Much like cbb you have been a great friend for a while and I always love talking with you. Thanks for the ou advice you gave to our players although you stopped gama the wild boar to bring his ungodly shit which would've 6-0d in semis lol.

Pearl Probably the person I've talked the most with since I joined smogon and that speaks a lot. Great chat presence and help, thanks to you as well. I can't really thank you enough because you showed me what rewrite is so... i love u ♥ (no homo)

blunder its only natural i would only add my best friends to my team chat after they've been eliminated lol. thanks for the support man even though you just talked to say 2 RINGS JESUS. u know i love ya though


Arii Stella you weren't in the team chat but you're a really important person to me so you had to be here. i can't thank you enough for how much you always have supported me over the years. Don't listen to the people who keep bashing you for no reason for things you've done really long ago. just keep dont giving a fuck about them and make fun of these posts like you just did and people will eventually stop calling bullcrap. just make sure to have fun with whatever you're doing. For some reason TDs are biased against people who live in countries which can't afford a good internet, i don't know why they think applying rules like that to people that clearly keep dcing and its an obvious dc but i digress, they think its fair when it really isn't. te quiero mucho mi niña ♥♥♥

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Okay I'm not a very talkative person but I'll try my best, you guys deserve it. First of, I want to apologise again to everyone for my inactivity during the firsts phases of the tour as you all noticed. I've been through rough irl stuff this past months but I tried my best to make up for it and earn my place in the team, I hope I was helpful afterall.
This was my second tournament ever and I'm so glad I got to play it with you guys. You all were so kind to me and that helped me to don't let my nerves get he best of me on my games, and I absolutely wouldn't have been able to end up with this record without your help, so thank you guys for that, I'm really happy and thankful :D
Even if I didn't talk that much, I had a fantastic time with you guys, everytime I'd get on Discord you were talking, playing, helping, making the chat atmosphere charming. Everyone was so welcoming to me when I finally said something so it wasn't hard to fill into the group, and then I got to play and you all supported and cheered me and I am really thankful for that.

Poek - Well what can I tell you that you don't already know lol... it's been almost 7 years of friendship and I still think you are so authentic and charismatic it's so fun to play anything with you. Even if I'm on one of those inactivity periods you still talk to me and keep in touch in generall, that's very remarkable because you don't tend to see people like you everyday, specially on the internet... As for the tour, even if I clearly am not as skilled as you are, you don't leave me behind and give me the opportunities to play in instances that I wouldn't get the chance to if it wasn't for you, whatever the game or community it be, so even if we don't always succsed we still have fun which is what matters the most in the end. Can't wait for MH to have fun with you buddy.

ict - Bro this was the second tour we team up and so far I can say you are an amazing player and even a better person, it's really funny to chat with you. I still remember the great atmosphere you created back in our jajapl team and now your drunk story times always made everyone laugh and I wish I had the time I wanted to stick to the team from the first instance. Thank you for trusting in me and I hope to team up with you again for whatever,

teal6 - I'm really glad I met you bro. You were the first to welcome me and tried to introduce me to the chat like if it was nothing, I will always be thankful for that and for your positive attitude in general. Believe it or not it helped me to focus on the tour and hyped me for my games when I started playing mainly because Poek asked me to, if I'm being honest. I'm looking forward to chat with you and I hope we get to play or team up again bro. :D

Star - The true mvp of the team without a doubt. When I subbed in you immediately gave me ideas and teams for my opps and every single one of them worked perfectly and you kept helping me with builds in playoffs. Like for real, you put in sooo much work in pretty much every tier helping us with tests, builds and helping us get our shit together in general... You deserve this trophy more than I do. I really hope we can team up again in the future to chat and play with you.

Snou - You're really cool guy and a really interesting player to watch and play with. Please don't let your record get to you, nobody even doubts of you capacity as a player after this tour and you are the first that shouldn't do it. I learnt alot from you, you were always the first I'd ask for help with my teams and you always came up with great teams and ideas, you were so helpful for me, so thank you dude. I'm glad I got to met you and I hope we keep in touch to chat or even play for fun every now and then. Good luck in your future tours!

Eternal Spirit - Gama the goat. I still can't believe you stepped back on that Hoopa set, it'd have destroyed everything in its path. Not to mention that Greninja, you don't mind if I use it in the future right? Because I will def try it sooner rather than later. :D Thank you dude for trusting me and helping me in playoffs, you're an outstanding player and I'm sure you'll get your SPL trophy back (only if I team up with you again and we make the ultimate OU core ftw haha).

Axel - "and in the end, the trophy you take, is equal to the performance you make" this is you dude, your record was shit ngl and that def affected your motivation, but I'm happy I got to watch the Sheriff himself in the end, srsly, I don't get hyped by almost anything related to Pokemon but your game was incredibly fun to watch, I'm looking forward to watch your SPLs games and hopefully we get to team up again in the future. Good luck man!

BHARATH_THEBEST - Even if we didn't talk much I really enjoyed your presence in the chat and I'm sure this tour was a blast for you aswell. You put in so much effort in your matches and even got time to help the others which was huge considering your timezone. You were by far the most hyped member of the team I'll never forget those matches when you woke up at like 3 to just watch the game and cheer our player. Your opps were harder than mine (not trying to underestimate anyone, just my humble opinion) and you still pulled out that 5-0, so well deserved trophy!

Lacus Clyne - You're srsly amazing. By far the most unexpected player to get that incredible record and you still pulled through. Your presence in the chat put some good pressure on me because I saw how much effort you put into your games and everyone else was doing so good too that I couldn't let them down with my awful performance. But in the end that also helped me get my record so thank you for that haha.

Blackoblivion - It's a shame you didn't get the record you were expecting but shit happens bro. I could recognise you as a great player before the tour started and I still do it after it ended. More will come and I'm sure you'll be flawless when the time comes. Thanks for the good times and good luck in the future bro!

London Beats - my mannn you're :fire: I'm glad I got to meet you same with Axel, it's nice to see that there are more friendly spanish guys around :D Despite being your first official tour iirc, you rlly did great dude, your help was so much appreciated in every match and your :ghosthug: spam was always nice to cheer everyone up haha. I hope we meet again in tours and chats friend!

Shrug - What a glorious way to end the tour my friend, you showed everyone what you're capable of as a LC player and I had so much fun watching your games. Not to mention your temper was really helpful for the chat haha, so thank you for that. I hope to see you in future tournaments, I know you'll do great again!

Ajna - Probs one of the most underrated players of our team. Very energic and funny guy, your victories would always bring strengh to the chat and I think we all needed it sometimes. I'm glad there are many players that got to shine in the tournament environment thanks to this tour. Thank you for the good times!

Level 51 - The ultimate definition of heatman and DOU goat... Every time you played you would bring joy to the chat whether it be for your absolute fire teams or for stunning plays you would make. Very well deserved trophy, enjoy it bro! n_n

meepsvictory - You really exceed in this tour buddy, grats for that nice record. Even if we didn't get to talk that much I could appreciate all the effort you put into your games, always trying to innovate and make the games more enjoyable for the expectators so thank you for that. Enjoy your trophy and till the next one buddy!

CrashinBoomBang Pearl blunder John - It was great to have you guys in the chat, you kept it active while we were dying inside because it took forever for finals to start and gave us many good times. You also helped us alot to prepare for our matches so thank you for that, you're all incredible players and cool guys in general.

Lycans - I've lost count of how many tests I asked you at any given time and you'd always accept to help me no matter how many times I'd get mad at the game because you always swept me with the most stupid mons. LOL Still had fun while playing with you, I hope to be as helpful for you in the future and I'm sure you'll get your trophy eventually.

Gondra - Another great and underrated player here. You're just starting buddy so be patient because hard work pays off in the end. You're capable of anything you commit to. Thank you for sharing me some ideas and teams for finals. Hopefully I'll see you around in SPL :D

Shogarth - DONDE ESTA MI PUTO PACK Y MI AUDIO ARGH MALDITO MMGV. Aunque no me ayudaste en nada para el torneo siempre estas ahí para mi y fuera de bromas te aprecio un montón. <3 Espero mantengamos contacto por muchos años más :3

Arii Stella - La mas bella de Smogon (con respeto Poek). Me alegro que volvieses a retomar contacto con el grupo, después de todo siempre te hemos apreciado y eso no cambiará. Espero sigamos riendo por mucho tiempo más amiah n_n

Posho - Me alegro que Joga te incorporara a la familia después de tanto. Eres un gran chico y tryhard por excelencia, no necesitas que te desee suerte porque tu sabes que eres capaz de cualquier cosa, así que mucho ánimo y haz historia en el ST :D


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Well we are finally done. I am extremely glad to have gotten a trophy for the first time, I have been playing since Grand Slam IV and have inched close a few times so to finally cross the finish line feels great. I have my team to thank for the victory as they performed above and beyond what could ever be asked of them.

I wasn't going to write shoutouts but Bharath kept asking me to so I will mention it. Weirdly I feel more inclined to do them when I'm in that sad state after losing so it feels quite odd to do it from the other way around. Most of our players on our team are newer and don't have the experience of losing under their belt, so there is this infectious optimism and confidence amongst the members of the team that really was incredible to see. It's something I think I had earlier on in mons and am glad to have experienced again.

Poek - love you brother. im so glad val wanted you so much for SPL last year cuz that's the main way we became boys and at this point i dont know what smogon would be like without you man. i know i give you nightmares with my results-obsession and always looking at the future and thinking of the worst but i'm working on it! also i promise i will not use the Dex Sets if i ever need to play again because i dont want gliscor slower than nidoking lol. thanks for trusting in me and taking a chance on me when it wasn't clear that i was back in form, i'll do the same and stick by you as a Cryo for as long as you want brother.

ict - i'd like to publicly claim that it was me, teal6, that came up with "leon the lion" which everyone stole. that said how long have me and you been boys. i read what you wrote about having extra motivation to win this tour for me and that made me choke up a bit no lie, my favorite part of this game really is the relationships and how much you end up wanting to do for random bros you meet on the internet and our relationship exemplifies that. i appreciate that you would take me to task when i misplayed or did bad, i honestly prefer that over pretending everything is okay, because i know you really believe in me to be great. get ready for GSC lol

Star - this is now my third time being on an official team w/ you and we both know it wont be the last. you are by far the player i have teamed with most on smogon between trophy tours and unofficials too. dunno even what to say, we were pokebros for however long but i genuinely just consider you a friend outside of mons too bc 99% of our conversations have nothing to do w/ the game anymore.

Blackoblivion - BO you are my absolute boy. you know how long i have admired your play, because we seem to have fought eachother in tournaments so many times and you have kicked my ass on pretty much every occasion. thats why i was so glad to have you on my team, your attitude and interests align with mine so perfectly and i look up to you as a player. im not gonna lie when you asked me to test a few times and then beat me 3 games in a row it was a little disheartening but thats okay, i'll just strive to get better to keep pace with you. i maintain that you are going to win a individual trophy during gen 7, just depends which one you want the most - you are insanely consistently good and have such heights to ascend to.

Eternal Spirit - fucking gama ilu man. you are another one i feel i have fought like at least 12 times in official tours and i only remember winning one (and i lucked you in it lol). your style of play is the closest to my own but this tournament you showed you do it even better than i could dream of. i love the aggression and confident play and the usage of teams that work for you even if others dont like it - to me that's exactly the type of player that i want to be. im glad you were always in my PMs after a game where if i won, you complimented me and if i lost, you consoled me. i consider you a great friend and an even better teammate.

Snou - snou dude your straightforward optimism and kindness is a genuine treasure. i could always rely on you to be interested in talking or having fun whenever you were online which is what every team needs. whats more, you are talented in so many ways its really something else. im very glad that we got a chance to be on a team together and would like to do so in the future, i think your outside-of-the-box thinking about the game is incredible

Ajna - for this being more or less your debut on the big stage you really blew everyone the fuck away. i told you a few times that you gave me heart attacks with talking in smogtours chat while playing but frankly if you keep winning who cares haha. i aspire to have that level of confidence in my play, something that will only come with more practice and training. but damn man what a tremendous showing - even in games where you didn't play at your best you still did enough to win, which is a level of consistency i wish i had in myself a lot. you will continue to grow as a player and have big things in your future buddy

meepsvictory - dude i love you lol. i think you have the closest sense of humor to mine cuz we both find legit unfunny shit hilarious like casually talking about our performance. two year break seemed to have done you good, too, because you played like a fiend in this tour so maybe it's time for me to disappear for a bit lol. that said we run in a lot of the same circles and have matching trophies now so ik we will likely be around one another for ages, keep it up brother

Shrug - you have phenomenal taste in Late 20s Internationally Famous Starlets and also phenomenal taste in Winning Games When They Most Matter. thank you so much for being the one to deliver this trophy to us especially when i had dropped the ball earlier, i can't repeat that enough.

Femen - you are such a sweetheart bro. i hope you feel comfortable breaking out around us because i consider these teams as close to family as you can get on the internet, i loved chatting with you and finding out more about you and then seeing you fucking BURST onto the scene with win after win. you have an incredible career in this game ahead of you especially with the rate you are going, you will go onto big things and i can't wait to see it

London Beats - i liked your shoutout, i think we both have good taste in movies too :D another person i am glad to have gotten to know, you really helped our atmosphere which was always so relaxed and kind, i never felt like i would have a rough time in chat after a bad game mostly because of you and everyone making it so comfortable to come back to. i hope you continue on with the game and keep kicking ass, you did great for your first big tour brother

Axel - my man im sorry you didn't have the tour you wanted but not gonna lie, that game in finals was a work of art. that is the real player you are, a genius that knows exactly how to win when most needed. i can't wait to see you in spl even if you will be fighting our team, i want to see more beautiful games just like that one

Level 51 - when i heard about how you got drafted for our team i cracked up. doubles is a hard as fuck tier and yet you did EVERYTHING on your own game after game after game, no prep or team help whatsoever. honestly so impressive, i admired your attitude in never being (publicly) nervous and jumping right in when we needed wins. i am also glad i learned more about you because you seem to have an interesting life, and you're a great guy so im glad to have made a new friend

Lacus Clyne - i don't know what i can say that hasn't already been said about your run lacus but it was so brutally fucking good. i know EXACTLY how you felt losing that last one in the finals but the good news is, where i didn't have someone to save my one misstep in SPL, you were part of this team which covered for it. to see someone get so effected by a loss is actually heartwarming, it shows just how much you cared. for any SPL managers reading this, even if ubers isn't it, you would be a fool to pass lacus up - i have NEVER seen someone prep with the level of absurdity that she does. legit her discord channel is 80% her talking to herself about what to use with nobody responding and it goes on for hours and dozens of teams (in contrast, mine was getting a PB from christo/dodmen and pasting it saying "this is what im using"). on top of being an incredible player you showed a next level commitment to the team and people on it, + the girl from your avatar is something else so how could i not love you

BHARATH_THEBEST - saved you for last big dog. honestly btb i consider you one of my best friends on the site over the past few months, it's too bad it had to start out with you kicking my ass so bad in WCOP lol. but when we played i saw it right away, just how good you were and how talented. i like to think that i picked up a bit of scouting ability from Val after the past few years and if there is ANYONE on the site i would say is the next Big Superstar it would be you. your teambuilding is next level good, you consider just about everything and don't stop until you have it perfect. your play is a perfect mix of short and long term and most importantly you have an unrelentingly positive attitude that brightens up any channel you are talking in. honestly there is no player i've ever met on smogon i want more on my team than you, you are a FANTASTIC teammate both in-game and out-of-the-game and i hope you stick around for a long time because the tournament circuit NEEDS more people just like you.

also i'd like to do a special thanks to the people outside of the team that helped me throughout:
Christo Hogg Pearl ABR

as well as our last minute hanger-ons that joined our chat when they could tell which way the wind was blowing:

blunder CrashinBoomBang John

tho i dont FULLY forgive john for "the hoopa fiasco" ngl.

great season, thank you all for giving me this opportunity and i'll see you next time.
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Level 51

i hang a left and there's _________
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doot doot shoutout boys
Poek and ict: thanks for picking me up despite me being an unproven player and this being my first big team tournament, and for helping me to recover from my pretty rough phase 1. with Poek there to calm me down whenever I got nervous before or after games and with ict to shaft me after every dumb L it was like good cop / bad cop lmao. couldn't have asked for a better pair of managers for my first team tour, love you both. glad that i could stick around til the end instead of bringing qwilfish and clicking x on the team.

also big s/os to KyleCole for being the reason i got drafted lol

i loved this team, it was such a great atmosphere and within the first week people were chatting about their sexual escapades so that was kinda interesting. i still haven't downloaded icy's sound file and hopefully never will. huge thanks to everyone for being such a great team and for welcoming me despite me being pretty a unfamiliar name to most of you. i was unfortunately a bit of a spectator the whole tournament and didn't interact much with most of you so please forgive me if these shoutouts are a bit short, i wasn't intending to do individual shoutouts at first but i was guilted into it i guess in the end my love for yall overtook my lack of words. wow look at me im a poet

Ajna - even though you weren't as prominent or flashy as some others during the tournament, i'm glad we had such a solid player like you to anchor our weeks as long as you weren't playing high. i'll confess that i don't have much to say since i didn't interact with you much (this will be a common thread throughout my post), but thanks for being on the team and picking up my slack :B
[3:25 PM] Ajna: srry guys
[3:26 PM] Ajna: thought my game was scheduled for tomorrow night
[3:26 PM] Ajna: so i got lit
[3:26 PM] Ajna: and uh it didn't end well

Axel - you didn't say all that much in the chat but i guess you were a bit cut up about your first two phases. i never really interacted with you much but i'm glad the sheriff was back in town for that finals game, truly a beautifully played match on your end. happy to see you end the tournament well and wishing you all the best in your future tournaments :)

Blackoblivion - even though this wasn't your best tour i was happy to have you as a teammate, your chat presence was always fire and even though you were benched for the later end of the tournament you still put in so much effort to help the others prepare. i know you'll have plenty more opportunities in the future to blaze your own trail :3! also i still dont get how its possible to have your dick grabbed for seven seconds by accident lol
[11:56 PM] BlackOblivion: there was this 1 time this girl in my class randomly grabbed my dick tho
[11:56 PM] BlackOblivion: thats it
[11:58 PM] Level 51: but did she do it like on purpose
[11:58 PM] BlackOblivion: no not really
[11:58 PM] BlackOblivion: but her hand was on there for a solid 7 seconds

BHARATH_THEBEST - what a fucking amazing user. it was pretty unreal how much work you put into building teams for everyone, you must have built like at least 100 teams during those 8 weeks which is just ridiculous. i struggled and lost sleep to build 10 teams for myself so i can't imagine how much effort must have gone into those dozens of teams you churned out on a daily basis. props on your great play, gotta confess i was pretty nervous about you vs abr in finals but i guess we know which player is truly _thebest.
[11:41 AM] BTB: How does tinder exactly work?
[11:42 AM] icy: u swipe left or right
[11:42 AM] icy: like or no like
by the way in case you ever use tinder, it's left for no like and right for like, just thought i would clarify before you make some regrettable decisions

Eternal Spirit - who uses to pick their finals team and then goes for a clean 6-0? unreal. also big thanks for getting my teambuilding back on track during phase 2 by throwing team suggestions at me even though you weren't familiar with doubles. i'm still working through that list btw

Femen - im p sure i never interacted with you ever until you told me to write this shoutouts post, and i don't really want to fill this space with generic shit, but for you to come out of seemingly nowhere and string together a hot 5-0 is really impressive. idk what else to say? you should get a name change or something, f is pretty close to s on the keyboard

Lacus Clyne - such a pure soul. apart from the obvious goat-ness of going 10-1 (basically 11-0), it was nice to have someone around who contrasted the insanity of pretty much everyone else in the chat. glad that you eventually figured out who rick astley was.
[6:56 AM] London Beats:
[7:09 AM] Lacus Clyne: Will watch it tomorrow. On phone atm. :/
[7:09 AM] Level 51: uhh
[7:09 AM] Level 51: did you just say youll watch that video tomorrow
[7:10 AM] Poek: LMFAOOOOOO
[7:10 AM] Poek: u ok lacus?
[7:10 AM] Lacus Clyne: What????
[7:10 AM] Lacus Clyne: Is it gore?

London Beats - i'll be honest, i only knew you as the weeb in the anime channel who somehow understood the pseudo-japanese lacus was speaking. not sure what else i could write about you unfortunately since we didn't talk much but hopefully there'll be more opportunities for that in the future!

meepsvictory - i've never seen nu look as cool as when you played it, and to be such a consistent player who we could fall back on was really a boon in the earlier phases. it could be because i'm not super familiar with nu, but you seemed to be bringing really cool sets every single game which was something i could only aspire to. looking forward to see more of your sick play in spl!

Shrug - you had a pretty hot start but maybe petered out a bit mid-tournament so i got pretty nervous about that deciding match in finals. turns out i should never have worried since you completely dominated the match. i can't even begin to imagine how much pressure you were under there, truly the :goat:. hope i'll get to see you play on the big stage again (even if it's not spl :I)!

Snou - like you said you hit a lot of difficult matchups in your games but i have no doubt that you'll continue to excel as a player. we didn't really talk much but it was nice to have such a cute user on the team c:

Star - in memoriam.

teal6 - idk why but you struck me as an extremely genuine user throughout the tournament, whether you were talking about the tournament or about accidentally starring in a porno. it was oddly comforting to have a person who treated a bunch of internet strangers like they were your close friends / family, and it was a lot of fun too. also i hope i never have a seizure around you
[10:50 AM] teal: and looked her in the eye
[10:50 AM] teal: and screamed at her
[10:50 AM] teal: i said
[10:50 AM] teal: "did you just have a fucking seizure?!"
[10:50 AM] teal: she was like
[10:50 AM] teal: "i don't think so"
[10:50 AM] teal: so i yelled again
[10:50 AM] teal: "i think you did!!"

sorry if your shoutout was kinda short or filled with generic shit, i did my best but unfortunately i didn't interact much with many of you guys so it's hard to write much :( my bad
snake was really stressful but you guys made it worth it, thanks for the memories n_n
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posting on behalf of starmaster, i haven't even read this yet so if there is anything banworthy in it its not my fault lol


As a preface, it was a really fun run on this team. After spl, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have as much fun on any following team tour but you guys definitely made it work. Despite not knowing a lot of you before the tour and also getting banned midway through LOL it was definitely a fun experience and you guys 100% deserve the trophy for picking up my slack. The 20-0 ou run especially is absolutely insane and glad you newer folk pulled through. So some individual shit ig

Poek – I didn’t actually know you all that well before this tour. We talked a bit in scooters and the olt chat but I really got to know you over the course of snake and we’ve had a ton of fun along the way. Thanks to you and leon for trusting me w/ the 12th pick because it was pretty fucking early lmao. You’re def one of my closer friends on this site now and hopefully we’ll get to do more shit together.

ict – well unlike with Poek, we’ve been good friends for a while now so im glad we got to team again, this time in an official. Despite being useless until playoffs LOL, you kept the team atmosphere fun with ur dumbass stories and snaps. Thx for trusting me with basically a managerial role on the team from the start and we’ll have more fun chillin on the cryos!

teal6 – been a long couple years since we met in spl 7 and its been a wild ride. you went from uu goat to head td and now back as a full-time player. And I finally broke out outside lc just in time to catch a tourban LOL. Like you said its been fun talking to you as a friend and hearing all your wild college stories and im sure we’ll do it even more come spl.

BHARATH_THEBEST – you have an absolutely fantastic will and passion for this game that’s hard to find. You put in a shitload of effort building like 20 teams every phase looking for the best matchup. Despite ur real bad timezone, you woke up at odd hours of the night to cheer us on and that support was fantastic. You performed real well and im sure you’ll continue to do so in SPL.

Ajna – I honestly didn’t know you at all before the tour other than being “lol he’s wild” at the ru open Soulwind incident and u beating in oras ru. I just saw ur name when we were lookin for an ru player and couldn’t have imagined it working out this well. You were a really chill presence in the chat and obviously a fantastic player. Despite tagging me 5 minutes before the game to pick a team every time, I know you put a lot of prep work in and you’ll have a nice SPL. Keep up the fire rap too

Shrug – clutchman. We had fun prepping throughout this tour building some fire new lc ideas and you’re also a fun person to talk to. Sucks that lc isn’t in spl but im sure you’ll continue to do well in the circuit. Funny that ict and poek just tossing out names at random led to this pick, but it turned out great.

Axel – you were obviously really busy and unlucky throughout this tour, so you couldn’t quite live up the scooters standard, but you came through in the clutch when we really needed it. Glad we saw the return of the sheriff in the final game and I’m sure u’ll carry that momentum into a strong SPL

Eternal Spirit – Like you said, I didn’t like you very much before this tour (tiger bad blood and w/e) but you’ve really grown on me as a friend and have also improved a lot as a player in this tour imo. goat and you played fantastic in your games, especially finals. You’ll definitely start from the beginning in SPL and hopefully put up another fire record.

Lacus Clyne – Honestly I didn’t really know anything about you going into this tour and thought you were fairly mediocre but you completely blew away my expectations. You prepped endlessly and played
a million test games along the way to achieve ur fantastic record. Unfortunate that ubers isn’t in spl, but I think a team would be lucky to have you on work ethic alone.

Snou – Unfortunate that you weren’t able to play more but we had such an insanely talented roster that it was hard to squeeze people in. You helped a ton with the prep work building :fire: teams all season long for us. You’re also a fantastic singer and im sure you’ll go far with that talent. Have fun in spl

Femen – I didn’t know you either apart from that ATROCIOUS floppy game that made me real mad LOL. When you were inactive in the first phase I got kinda scared you’d be unhelpful but you turned that around completely in the rest of the tour. You played fantastic, beating big names, and also did a bunch of work prepping for your games. You were a fun person to talk to as well and good luck in spl.

Blackoblivion – Like snou, unfortunate that you didn’t get to play more in this tour. The rough phase 1 and then the breakout of so many other guys made it hard to fit you in, but thanks for all the help you gave us testing in ou and ubers. You were also fun to play dumbass hackmon cup with LOL and good luck in your first SPL.

London Beats – You were another person I didn’t know at all going into this tour, but you were a key cog in the team with a nice record and even more importantly, keeping our motivation going. Despite that dumbass 0 hp gastro LOL, you played your games well and hopefully get to continue that success in SPL.

Level 51 – I didn’t know you at all apart from losing to you in some random doubles seasonal and was kinda questionable at leon’s choice, but I turned out to be completely wrong. Starting with your (first) massacre of bowman, you really broke out as a player using FIRE teams and playing excellent. I hope your nice record has allowed you to overcome your nerves and good luck with vgc and spl if you decide to play.

meepsvictory – I knew you a bit from the slam and olt chats but you were another fun person to talk to and absolutely dominated the phases of this tour. Despite having a rough ending, you carried us in the phases and we were glad to carry you back for the end lol. You proved yourself after your two-year break and hope u have a fun spl.

People not on the team
Thanks to CrashinBoomBang John Pearl and blunder for keeping the chat lively and being great friends. Thx to ABR for helping a bit with teams and the like along the way.
Ardorin - Last Monday at 12:23 AM
damn tony 2/2 finals
0/2 wins

i guess that makes me L Dragon :100:

this loss stings more than i would like to admit, especially after losing the wcop final as well. :'( however, i feel i owe it to my team mates and newly made friends to write up a few shout-outs. alphabetical order ofc because i don't wanna make my preference for lednah too obvious. :heart:
not like your ego needs this (at all), but you were obviously incredible throughout the tournament. huge activity, incredible motivation, a team building machine and everything else i could ask for in a round 1 pick. we strung ou wins together throughout the tour and i don't regret drafting as 'ou heavy' as we did. our ou results weren't what we had hoped for in the final, but you worked hard all the way till the end. good luck in your quest to find the perfect girl for you, and by that i obviously mean that she's got to have the three most important qualities the future mrs. R. must have: blue eyes, blonde hair and stockholm syndrome. :weary:

Ban Manaphy
you're actually the only player i managed/captained both times i managed/captained an official team tournament. i immediately told gingy and abr i wanted you for ou 100% and thankfully they were both on board right away. i love your mind for this game and we obviously share a downright fantastic sense of humor too. i know you're busy with irl stuff the upcoming couple of months, but teaming up for wcop again would be my distinct privilege. you're low key the future of little cup as well for some reason lol. skentekenbewijs.

lads. i told gingy beforehand that getting you later on in the draft would be perfectly fine for uu. i never considered anyone else and you came through big in the final when it mattered most. 7 wins definitely isn't bad at all for a relatively late pick and you were a fantastic chat presence on top of that. did you know you now have the most official team tournament wins in both oras- and sm uu? we came close to winning 2/2 team tours together and i'm happy you enjoyed using the teams i prepared for you. you managed to make me actually laugh out loud more than once during the tour, which i rarely ever do so thank you for being your hilarious self.

cdudududududududududu. abr, gingy and i all really liked the idea of picking you, so we went quite early for you to make sure obii nobody else could grab you before we did. i know you're disappointed about not coming through for the team in the final, but you won 10 games, including the deciding game in the tie breaker vs. the serpents. you're incredibly nice, infectiously ambitious and a fantastic competitor. i don't doubt that you'll keep improving and i can't wait to see a trophy below your name in the (near) future. :goat:

why are you even badged? seriously you don't even do anything. anyway, i had some serious doubts about signing up to manage in this tournament. while i personally think i'm a delightful presence (at times), i wanted to make sure the chat presence would be A+, which is why i wanted to manage with you. you're funny, active, social and make a great addition to what i offer as a manager myself (i think). we can look back on drafting a really nice team my man. don't disappear/die/wake up on the other side of the country again/lose multiple fingers/ever manage again!

france's second most anticipated prodigy after Kory260! we talked a bit about this already, but don't beat yourself up over your finals loss. this is your first year on smogon and in it you've made playoffs in two team tournaments AND top 8 in smogon tour. i hope you realize that's genuinely amazing. :fire: keep on keeping on and it would be my pleasure to team up again sometime. :flag_fr: :french_bread:

i don't think i've seen anyone improve the mastery of not one but two languages (english and blobs) as rapidly as you did these past weeks. i really like the way you approach team building and i knew i respected you the moment you weren't afraid to jab at/roast omfuga in our team chat. :obamawhew: you were a great addition to our squad and i love you my man. :blobsalute:

>///////////////< when i first started researching potential doubles picks you were one of the names that popped up as very active in the doubles tournament community, while playing well/winning too. after you made my shortlist you sent me a very organized pastebin of your results the past year, which put you even higher on my list. seriously, a well organized pastebin does for me what marvin gaye music can do for others. :weary: you were fantastic! :goat:

nice name change! :D i know you did not have the record you had hoped for, but i'm glad you still enjoyed being on the team. you're a really nice person and you brought a lot to our team and especially our team chat. always a positive presence, able to comfortably socialize with everyone on the team and able to take jokes/make jokes, too. you should know that i appreciate that a lot and that i 100% do not regret drafting you. x_x

hey man. who knew that sliding into your twitter DMs would culminate in a tournament like this. after picking up abr in round 1 we decided to just go for it. drafting you is a bit of a risk and it turned out to be a wild adventure to say the least. having said that though, you were an amazing team mate. you're afraid your reputation goes against you and that you're considered a poor team mate. well, to everyone reading this, omfuga was a great team mate. even after the forum ban and before knowing you were allowed to finish the tournament, you immediately told us you'd see through the tournament till the end. man, we got so close and i know this one did some damage to you as well. keep dominating in melee handsome. :triumph:

quick scope no scone (?). as soon as i knew doubles was going to be in the tournament i knew i wanted a second doubles player to make sure our doubles slot wouldn't be unsupported. we teamed up in spl 8, which didn't happen btw, and you were a great team mate just like in spl, had that tournament actually taken place. you jumped into the nu slot when it was asked of you and were an A+ team mate overall. you played a big part in our great doubles record and i consider you to be an above average looking human being at the very least. :3

skendrick lamar omfg. i still don't really get lc all that well but i do know you build some of the hottest teams around. lc team building and the way you (but also zoro) are super casual about potential threats keep me up at night, but you were an excellent team mate (again). i'm sorry for not being able to help you as much as i'd have liked to, although you seemingly had everything under control throughout the tour. compared to my constant state of panic you were extremely relaxed at all times which calmed me down a bit as well, so thank you. i gotta say i still don't rate ashlynn though, no offense. :qsns:

pick #140 and possibly the only good thing to come out of inbreeding. must be nice to not have to stand in the sun for an undetermined in an ironic twist, did you know charles darwin married and got children with one of his first cousins? jokes aside, i incested on grabbing you as a substitute because of your willingness to work hard for not only yourself, but also your team mates. you know and play a multitude of tiers and added a lot to our team. you worked your way into the starting line-up and won big when it mattered most. you were excellent my man. i was going to make a 'tapu allele' genetics joke, but it technically doesn't work. :'(

The Trap God
other than abr and myself you were probably the biggest reason for our terrible reputation. i guess a td drafting the ubers player with the worst rep this side of mazar is kind of a bad look, huh. for those wondering, my reasoning is simple. the trap god isn't tournament banned and is a good ubers player. i thought he'd make a good pick because i rate him highly as a player, so i picked him. i love your approach to this game and despite my serious trust issues, i gotta say i trust in the vision now. :p

an admittedly risky pick, but i don't regret taking a chance on you. considering nu and its playerbase is quite volatile (xatu vs. the world!), multiple teams had to be built and the fact that you're a very creative builder i felt it was a risk worth taking. i wish you weren't as nervous during the games because you were hot fire during the tests. :c having said that, you made a very nice addition to our chat and i can easily forgive a disappointing record if you're funny, which you are.

Chill Shadow
self proclaimed 'top 4 unluckiest' (are you seeing this gtm?) and my main point of focus for my geography based jokes. thank you for offering to help us out during playoffs and being an active chat presence on top of that. :blobguns:

Da Raikage
man our team chat must have been the po heaviest of any smogon tournament to date. yui wanted to have you around and i'm very glad he did. i really enjoyed having you in our chat and i know the others did too. you're a great nu player with very cool ideas for teams as well. i was afraid that benching yui meant you'd be less active or even unmotivated to help at all, but you stuck with us till the end, for which i'm very grateful. it was an absolute pleasure, good sir. c:

New Breed
always time for friends right? with omfuga going into ru for the final you immediately offered your support to help us out. we didn't get the w in ru or the final as a whole, but you should know that we all appreciate you helping omfuga a ton. good luck in gsc during spl 9! :pirate:

if mrs. flygon knew how often i've called you handsome she might legit be worried lmao. as a fellow sarah shahi admirer you're obviously a very intelligent human being and that 9-0 run is a great look for you as well. apologies for bringing up the custap berry every once in a while and know that i love you a whole whole lot.

other than that i want to congratulate the pitvipers on their win. you guys know i'm not your biggest fan and you know why. fwiw, me being a td now has nothing to do with my jabs and negative attitude towards you throughout this tournament. i just really wanted to win and knew you were gonna be one of the biggest obstacles in our path towards potential trophies. you don't have to worry about me actively trying to hunt you down to cancel your trophies or whatever, because my team still wouldn't have won. also that video is really funny and nicely made poek, one of the easier likes of my life. :fire:

ty Luigi and Isa for hosting and picking me to manage and ty my friends for looking over teams i built during the tour. <3 i'll try and make that 3/3 during spl ardorin xD
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