Smogon Snake Draft III - Finals [Won by Lake of Rage Leviathans]

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Ggs Taipans rooting for my boy ima to get a trophy after his fantastic season.

I wish I had a chance to bring you guys the trophy @Astrotias, I only signed up to mimic masterclass who had signed up before me and you guys drafted me and without me telling you that it was a meme post and I didnt really feel like playing you guys made me want 2 win and I even started to try and be more active with all the tiers which is something I've never done and probably not the best at but I saw a lot of u especially in the lower tiers grow as players over the tournament so that's always nice to see. Big shout out to False for helping the OU with building and ideas and doing the most when trying to build / support for 4 slots with an ungodly time zone.
And big thanks to the helpers tht joined in eo accelgor indigo 0ni ajna lst and specs
Would give everyone in the team indiv shout outs but I think I show u all love all the time except false so I sorta gave him one.


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Rooting for Jon Evans, second snake final in a row, impressive, u deserve the worldS.

Good luck to french players, Well, Cora, (LLLiolae) and my boys Garay and Luthier.


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My own predictions that no one cares about but ima(haha) give them anyway

Taipans(6) vs Leviathans(4)

OU: ABR vs Tace
OU: Twixtry vs Welli0u
OU: ima vs Insult
OU: le Lliolae vs Corazan
DOU: Ezrael vs emforbes
UU: robjr vs Charmflash
RU: Alpha Rabbit vs Roman
NU: Sjneider vs Garay oak
PU: Teddeh vs Xiri
LC: jake vs Luthier

Not gonna write anything special about each match but goodluck to both the Taipans and the Leviathans!
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Rooting for the Taipans, GL dudes! Both teams are strong, but the Taipans have a few more close friends and they have been a bit better thus far. I'll give some brief predictions in honor of our fallen vrother who can no longer predict.

Terminus Taipans (6) vs (4) Lake of Rage Leviathans

OU: ABR (70) vs (30) Tace - Hard to not predict ABR to win here. Tace is not bad, but he will be outmatched in the builder and in the game for this match. I think ABR makes any less experienced player struggle with preparation given all of the things he uses. I also think Tace is still getting better as player, but not quite at his peak. I favor ABR pretty decisively.
OU: Twixtry (45) vs (55) Welli0u - Close match. Twixtry has shown some flashes of brilliance, but I think Well has become a consistent force as of late and I think he is the favorite because of that. A lot will come down to what they decide to use, but I think Well is a tad better.
OU: ima (45) vs (55) Insult - ima's had a good showing this tour, but in some of his wins I feel like there have been pretty shaky plays thrown in there. I find it hard to really bold him with confidence, especially against someone solid like Insult. The game can go either way, but I'll stick with Insult, who I feel has played solid this tour besides 1 or 2 games.
OU: le LLiolae (51) vs (49) Corazan - Close, but lll has impressed me a lot in some games. Cora I'm a bit less familiar with, but I must admit that he, too, has some wins that seem good on the sheet. I'm just less familiar and less confident in him. Really could see this one going either way.
DOU: Ezrael (60) vs (40) emforbes - Can't predict against him after how well he has played all tournament
UU: robjr (55) vs (45) Charmflash - Better UU player. They're close in terms of overall play, but you probably give Charm the slight edge. Regardless of that, I always will favor robjr in UU, especially given his recent success and Pearl's support.
RU: Alpha Rabbit (45) vs (55) roman - Rabbit has made some mistakes that are hard for me to get past. roman has been surprisingly competent and solid. I like the team choices the Leviathans RU have had for the most part and I think this coupled with less misplay potential will go a long way.
NU: Sjneider (45) vs (55) Garay oak - Garay has had a bad tour, but he can and will salvage it here. Sjneider's semifinal team literally was weak to SD Incineroar (ok the Rotom set lured, but he still had no defensive check and pinch berry could make things get out of hand way too easily) and I feel like he leaves himself vulnerable from team preview to something or other pretty often. While his gameplay has been strong, I struggle to be confident in him due to this. Garay I have been less close with recently, but I always will remember how much effort he put into things and how detail oriented he was during SPL. I think if anyone is going to come back from a bad start to win in playoffs, it will be Garay. Hard to favor heavily due to Sjneider's stronger record, but I'll give Garay a slight edge.
PU: Teddeh (51) vs (49) Xiri - Teddeh lost to Bouff and Xiri has been really impressive, but I still have to go with Teddeh. More proven by a long shot.
LC: jake (55) vs (45) Luthier - jake has proven he was not washed up all tour and Luthier's good videos? I'll go with the guy who has won almost every week.
Never really compelled to post in a finals thread my team isnt apart of but wow, both teams have been insanely impressive and there have been some insane runs from players on both teams. I'll root for whoever puts on the better spectacle to close Gen 7 out (will hear betting offers tho PM me)

Have a handful of friends on both teams so no reason to complain about either winner :swole:

OU: ABR vs Tace - 55/45 yeah okay I watched a few of taces replays and I'm sold, hes very capable. ABR has seemed a little absent this tour, discounting the teams he may have built behind the scenes it seems like the Taipans still would've coasted to finals without their first picks personal record -- pretty insane. ABR is too proven a battle regardless of the stakes though, and you already know the team he preps for this game is going to be one of those "RMT it and hang it up for the next 6 months" types. Frankly, as well as tace has been playing, pressure is gonna be immense and he doesn't have a playoffs resume to go off of. Should be good nonetheless if they both choose not to play into their ice beaming stereotypes.
OU: Twixtry vs Welli0u - 40/60 Twixtry turned my head in semis with his win over tama, albeit I felt the matchup was supremely favorable. Welli0u is a little more varying in his team choices than twix's last opponent and he has been on fire playing-wise this tour. I'd trust him more in a high pressure setting like finals here, and expect it to be another victory for the well. Twixtry has the potential to succeed and I hope he plays his heart out so we get another good match.
OU: ima vs Insult - 55/45 This one feels really tricky. Gut tells me ima didn't go from 0-3 in wcop to 8-2 redemption arc just to lose in finals right after it. Hopefully ima records live because I think focus is just what he needs to fulfill his full playing potential. Insult is probably going to need to switch up what he has been using to not end up at a big disadvantage at preview because he has been much more cteanamble than ima generally has been.
OU: le LLiolae vs Corazan - 45-55 I found it strange that LLL was subbed last round in favor of twix and mana, but at least in twixs case it ended up being justified. Glad to see him in now because I am generally fond of his offensive nature and team selections. Although he may be a little impatient ingame still, I think he fits the description of wild and hard to anticipate against. Corazan has looked composed and has been impressive in his ability to play to a win from turn one. If I started hosting my tournament after this finals match I'd probably send an invite to Cora, he's made a swift impression. I dont have a strong opinion on his team selection -- I just feel between these two rookies that Corazan will end up playing better.
Welcome to another week of the Exciting Unbiased Politically Correct Predictions!!!

Last week's prediction score: 10-5

Terminus Taipans (4) vs (4) Lake of Rage Leviathans

OU: ABR vs Tace - To the surprise of nobody ABR gets bolded here. He is simply the greatest gen7ou player and the guy to beat. Tace has been no slouch however, showing good stuff in snake as well as OLT, even against ABR himself. Decent edge, good chances this game sees a solid amount of freezes.
OU: Twixtry vs Welli0u - Twixtry managed to slay Tama last round and is holding a respectable 3-2 record. Unfortunately for him, Well is holding a 6-0 SM OU / 8-2 overall record, which is the best one in the tournament. His experience and hot streak should give him a good edge here.
OU: ima vs Insult - Ima is also holding a 8-2 record, however, this is his first breakout performance. While he is definitely an interesting prospect, I also remember less impressive performances in the past so I'd like to give a slight edge to the more consistent entity, Insult.
OU: le LLiolae vs Corazan - Liolae is back in action after a break last week. He's definitely been an up and comer, reaching the most recent OLT finals and holding a solid 3-2 record, but Corazan is 7-2 overall and has yet to lose in SM OU so I'll give him a slight edge.
DOU: Ezrael vs emforbes - while im not sure about the result even I can tell this 1 looks like a banger
UU: robjr vs Charmflash - rob is continuing his upward trend with a win over Lycans last week. I also managed to show some potential with a win over Adaam, but rob is way more proven in this tier and also has Pearl on his team so I am favoring him by a good amount.
RU: Alpha Rabbit vs roman - Rabbit is sometimes making plays my predecessor would get banned over if he were to describe them, but I'll just say they aren't always well thought out. Roman is holding a respectable 4-2 record and has been looking good all things considered so he gets the bold.
NU: Sjneider vs Garay oak - Sjneider is on fire right now, amassing a bombastic 7-2 record of his own. All signs point towards him taking it, but Garay does have a long history in this tier and managed to win last week, therefore I will only give Sjneider a slight edge.
PU: Teddeh vs Xiri - This is last week all over again. Experienced fan favorite vs. the upcoming sheet warrior... this coupled with my inexperience in this tier makes me unable to really favor either one here.
LC: jake vs Luthier - Lastly we have the most dominant looking lc player of the tournament in jake taking on a struggling Luthier. I am way more fond of jake's calculated & precise style & the records are also in his favor so I'll give him a decent edge over Luthier, who has shown good potential upside with his lc cup win.

Looking forward to prepping for & playing in this series, I'm glad that we are witnessing a final with so many new faces, lets keep proving those complaining about potent competitors not emerging in the past years wrong, we are right here & we're ready deliver some quality Pokemon games.

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UU: robjr 60 vs 40 Charmflash - I'd normally predict rob to get a dub here like w/o hesitation but I literally said that I'd never doubt Charmflash again if he beat Adaam, which he did. Sjneider said he liked my post tho and he's on rob's team. Pearl is p nice to me while I'm just now learning of Genesis7's existence. Literally the only thing compelling me to pick Charm is the fact that I said I would but I think the OP-ness of Pearl + rob + my personal bias towards that team heavily outweighs that sentiment. If I see 0 defog ovens this week I'll boost z0mOG to diamond in league of legends.

gl hf etc
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