Smogon Snake Draft III - Semifinals

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Since grandpa Shakeitup refuses to realize that we live in 2019, where we cant say the r-word to perfectly healthy people, he inevitably got himself banned, thus being unable to continue the long-standing tradition of unbiased predictions.
Therefore I will assume said role going forward, and while I have big shoes to fill, I will do my best to bring you exciting unbiased pc predictions!!

Terminus Taipans (5) vs (3) Ambrette Astrotias

OU: Mana vs ZoroDark - We start off with a duel between two pretty well proven European players. Mana has more experience in this tier however, while also being 20-11 on the sheet and he has ABR support. Zoro is pretty average at SM OU himself but that doesnt seem to be enough, decent edge.
OU: Twixtry vs Tamahome - I've never been amazed by Twixtry but he does have some upside. Tamahome has a way higher ceiling and even tho his SM OU pales in comparison to his DPP OU he is still the large favorite here.
OU: ABR vs Updated Kanto - It's ABR vros. As I stated in the top 10 players of all time discussion thread, ABR to me is the strongest player of all time and he has yet to reach his peak. Kanto is a worthy opponent tho, he has shown huge upside in multiple tournaments now and he also knows ABR decently well due to them teaming for SPL & WCoP so despite what I said about ABR this is only a small edge.
OU: ima vs Cdumas - To be completely honest I think that neither of these players is truly viable. Cdumas used to be amazing but ever since his SPL season on the bigs you're bound to scratch your head at least once every two games watching him play. Ima is no stranger to chokes either, but he has the momentum as well as ABR on his side.
DOU: Ezrael vs Mint16 No clue vros
UU: robjr vs Lycans - Lycans has good game instinct but his long-term planning caps at 3 turns. Rob didnt look amazing at the start of the tournament, however, he managed to pick up some wins towards the end of it and I think his upward trend will continue, eventually reaching his expected form. Also Pearl is on his team.
RU: Alpha Rabbit vs HarrisIsAwesome - Both are slightly below average, matchup and coinflip turns will decide this game
NU: Sjneider vs Jrdn - Two of the more delightful surprises of the tournament. Sjneider has been slapping people with Sash Counter Sneasel and other wild techs while Jrdn also managed to put up a respectable 6-3 record. Jrdn seems to bring more solid teams so I'll give him a small edge.
PU: Teddeh vs false - The PU translator has been putting up an alright performance. He definitely has potential and know-how in this tier but unlike my senpai I am a huge false believer!!! 5-3 is a respectable record and I trust him to build up on that, he is definitely solid.
LC: jake vs Shrug - Jake is perhaps the greatest lc in this tournament. From what I can tell his play is very clean and methodical. I dont think shrug is horrendous either but this should be a big edge.

Lanakila Nagas (3) vs (5) Lake of Rage Leviathans

OU: ramboss vs Insult - ramboss has been performing this tournament but Insult has also showed good things and is a more proven quantity, decent edge.
OU: Tricking vs Corazan - Corazan has good upside, he knows how to pilot various strategies to success, and he also has great luck but Tricking has been insanely dominant in recent times with an OLT title, a 8-1 record currently in snake and he is also my only SM OU loss so decent edge.
OU: Kebab mlml vs Tace - Kebab doesnt ever look impressive and his record is pretty bad too. Tace definitely has more upside, holding a solid record, showing he can compete vs ABR in OLT, and he also wields Ice Beam very nicely.
OU: Jimmy Turtwig vs Welli0u -Jimmy is a barely viable SM OU starter while Well has yet to lose in this tier, good edge.
DOU: Nails vs emforbes -
UU: Adaam vs Charmflash - I have a high ceiling but the 0-3 UU record is super discouraging. Adaam won slam and this is his main tier so decent edge.
RU: Kink vs roman - Kink's record is super catfish, his playing is alright but I am really not a fan of the teams he brings. Roman should have this if he scouts specs Florges, he's been good so far.
NU: Ren-chon vs Garay oak - Two of the worse performing NU player in this pool. Garay has a richer history, so there is potential upside for him while its looking bleak for Ren-chon in that regard as well.
PU: Ktütverde vs Xiri - The #2 ranked PU player vs the 7-2. Honestly, the PU player pool is pretty weak so I'm not sure how much weight the 7-2 holds, Klut was considered to be one of the best before this tournament so Im gonna keep this at even odds.
LC: Osh vs Luthier - Luthier won LC cup but he does love a good choke and if you watch his Videos you can see that he only thinks 1-2 turns ahead. If he tries to form a long-term gameplan it is usually over-generalized and unspecific. Osh has been smashing people this tournament and is up there with jake, solid edge.
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Terminus Taipans (0) vs (0) Ambrette Astrotias

OU: Mana vs ZoroDark - Zoro usually does pretty decent but never particularly amazing, feel like Mana has a higher ceiling as a player even if the former‘s only loss so far has been to activity :messi:
OU: Twixtry vs Tamahome - not too high on tama and this is the closes matchup in my eyes, Twix has been putting up good results lately and just turned his record back to even so Id favor him slightly
OU: ABR vs Updated Kanto
OU: ima vs Cdumas - Cdumas is on a cold streak but he definitely has what it takes to turn it around here, wouldnt count ima out regardless due to his recent performances but Cdumas‘ play is more solid in general
DOU: Ezrael vs Mint16 - never loses
UU: robjr vs Lycans - rob has looked poor all season while lycans would be positive if he didnt misclick vs durza kek
RU: Alpha Rabbit vs HarrisIsAwesome - harris has been playing well and hes w the mainers for a reason
NU: Sjneider vs Jrdn - god neider has nu figured out, still dont know what to make of jrdn but idt hes on neiders level
PU: Teddeh vs false - u know the drill bold falses opponent every week etc
LC: jake vs Shrug - jake holds the best LC record rn and for good reason, Shrug hasnt been that impressive

Lanakila Nagas (0) vs (0) Lake of Rage Leviathans

OU: ramboss vs Insult - Insult‘s been solid all tour and Im never gonna forget ramboss‘ w1 team choice
OU: Tricking vs Corazan - woatli.
OU: Kebab mlml vs Tace - Tace made quick work of kebab last time they played and I have no reason to expect a different result here
OU: Jimmy Turtwig vs Welli0u - the well may be the future of sm ou with his unstoppable streak but jimmy just won a game w trace garde so who knows
DOU: Nails vs emforbes - Nails brings some funny looking teams that‘s probably the secret to dou
UU: Adaam vs Charmflash - Adaam‘s one of the best UUers rn and Charm‘s obsession w using random mons like decid doesn‘t seem to be working out at all
RU: Kink vs roman - gonna be closer than most ppl think but hard not to favor Kink after clawing from the bottom of the pr all the way to best ru record
NU: Ren-chon vs Garay oak - i guess? garay really seems unable to get back on track and it‘s been 9 weeks so assuming he continues to perform this way he could very well lose to mili, perhaps a slight edge to him would be reasonable
PU: Ktütverde vs Xiri - always found ktut‘s hype prior to the tour questionable and he hasn‘t done too hot so Xiri should have the edge even though statistically Xiri should prob lose a game soon bop
LC: Osh vs Luthier - Luthier‘s live coms are hilarious, his timer always seems to get real low when he needs it the most and Osh strikes me as a more experienced player in general, should have a decent edge

bakers and mainers for finals :psywoke:
Wont predict my own team bc I'm not a [ban me] like shake but felt like doing some this week.

Lanakila Nagas (0) vs (0) Lake of Rage Leviathans

OU: ramboss vs Insult - Insult is overall a solid and consistent player and has been this way for about a year and a half. Still not sold on ramboss or his team choices as sometimes they just seem poor. Ive only watched a few ramboss replays this snake and he had ups and downs while thats not a total indication of what kind of player he is I favor Insult because of his consistency.
OU: Tricking vs Corazan - Cora and Tricking both have been super hot as of late. Im not a huge fan of charmflash and cora switching for obvious reasons but thats not really on the players as much as it is the managers imo but i digress. I think its hard to not favor the OLT champion right now. Hes had a hell of a year and continues to impress with calculated risk in terms of play and great team choice (even if the teams themselves looks gross).
OU: Kebab mlml vs Tace - Cant say I've watched either of them play much recently altho I've had more experience playing vs tace overall. Based on that ill favor him
OU: Jimmy Turtwig vs Welli0u - Both of these guys are top of the line players when you consider all their results over the past few years. While bolding Jimmy seems like a bit of shocker I'm really just going with my gut here. I think most people know he wont be building his own team but I expect him to play solid and pilot whatever he is given and grab a win for the nagas.
DOU: Nails vs emforbes - too hard to pick
UU: Adaam vs Charmflash - Adaam is one of the best current uuers and to be totally honest after losing to passion charm should have been relegated back to sm ou but that was not the case. I expect adaam to bring some h/o or some blissey shit and beat charm and whatever band of ru/uu mix he will bring this week.
RU: Kink vs roman - prob another close game taking Kink based on experience but maybe roman can bust past whatever magic kink has going rn.
NU: Ren-chon vs Garay oak - Idk whats going on with Garay. His hyped seemed through the roof before this started and rightfully so. Both players had meh records going into playoffs but i expect garay to bring a solid team and get his play under control for this game.
PU: Ktütverde vs Xiri - dont know enough about pu tendencies but this guy also plays monotype heavy so get em champ
LC: Osh vs Luthier - idk fuck LC go luthier.
UU: robjr vs Lycans (45/55): Both top tier UU players but Lycans has a slightly higher ceiling. Rob has better team building support but that has not really helped him too much this season. As long as Lycans actually plays his game he has a slight edge.

UU: Adaam vs Charmflash (65/35): Adaam has solidified himself as a top 3 UU player and has been quite consistent recently. Charmflash has had an abysmal UU showing thus far so I do not see much hope for him. Not sure why they even slotted him in UU since he is such a consistent OU player. Large edge.

Indigo Plateau

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Wanted to say some words now that we’re officially out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this clearly wasn’t my tour. I had poor perfomances throughout for several reasons, whether that be personal stuff going on or just bad playing mistakes. It’s really sad that there’s some people out there trying to shit on someone’s attempt at having fun and getting exposed to the team tour scene for the first time on a Pokemon site LOL but luckily, I’m not the type to take that stuff seriously.

Ojama and lax, thank you for taking a chance and drafting me early on. Despite what others might think, you both would personally talk to me about how to improve and support me after every loss and I appreciate it. Hopefully you truly still enjoyed having my presence / support in the team despite my shortcomings. You two are easily one of, if not the, best combination of a player + builder in your respective tiers. My respect for you guys has only grown since the start of Snake, and I’m sorry as a team we couldn’t fully fix our weaknesses throughout the season and make it to playoffs since you two fully deserved it.

To all my teammates and outside helpers, thanks for putting the time in to perform as well as you could. No one played perfectly throughout the season but I knew each one of you guys was giving it your all and that’s all you can really ask for. We had some pretty enjoyable conversations throughout the season like talking about our favorite shows / pizza toppings just to have Ojama trash them all LOL. You guys were all (well.. almost all) a fun bunch and never failed to encourage me after every single loss, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I hope you guys rank me a little higher than 6th on your all time worst teammate list :psysly:

Thank you to everyone that privately reached out to help, support, or encourage me throughout the season. Some were friends that I’ve had for some time, while others were people I hadn’t even talked to, but you guys know who you are. A nice message goes a long way :blobthumbsup:

Good luck to all the remaining teams in, personally rooting for winner of Taipans/Astrotias but I also wouldn’t mind seeing my boys Tricking/Adaam with a second trophy


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PEOPLE OF EARTH, here are shitty and irrelevant UU predictions for this weak of snake draft.

UU: robjr 55 vs 45 Lycans - This'll be a great battle with both sides using defog oven in 2019 like they have every other battle (pls dont fact check me, i dont watch these headass games lol). Hard to blame them b/c this metagame is a piece of dogshit, relying on shitty role compression like fog oven is what's necessary to stay sane while building this garbage tier. Anyways, my irrelevant ass is 1-0 vs Lycans and like 1-3 vs rob so rob will win if he doesn't bring some standard rob balance that'll get shit on by some standard Lycans offense. Between rob forgetting to respond to pms and Lycans being Lycans this game will more than likely not happen tho.

UU: Adaam 99 vs 1 Charmflash - Basically what christo said, but way more extreme and one sided b/c I'm an asshole and these are 100% biased predictions. Charm is good but Adaam has single handedly shown us that we can avoid building this tier and still win every game if we just use mmq + lati + lass + rocker + shark + filler, UU solved. If charm wins I'll never doubt him again, but scarf nihi being his only out vs malt on the fabled "charmflash special" has upset me for too long with yeezyknows gassing it to unbelievable extents.

On another note, I'm not sure if I've ever laughed or even been amused by shake's UNBIASED predictions, ik my opinion doesn't matter and is irrelevant but I'm genuinely confused as to why anybody cares, I love shit talking tho so I understand the appeal to some extent. Also Charmflash, if people are using this site in hopes of having "fun" it's safe to assume they're not "perfectly healthy", as someone that applies to this I just wanted to poke that hole in your opening statement, pls don't feel the need to assume that role going forward tho dude LOL. All love.

go taipans
This is p entertaining to stare at, thank you durza my boy.

Also can everyone stop shitting on IP just cause he sucks >:(, IP is p nice to me so I will protect him at all costs. Reminder not to take most of this seriously b/c the only reason im hating on shake predicts is b/c my tiny ass brain can't muster up the energy to read that many words in one sitting LOL. I hope everyone has a good playoffs :)
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