Smogon Snake Draft III - Week 7

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Tournament Rules and General Guidelines


Shinto Ruin Serpents (3) vs (6) Black City Mambas

OU: Star vs Gilbert arenas
OU: Sacri' vs PDC
OU: yoppie vs Empo
OU: BKC vs xray
DOU: Demantoid vs Human
UU: Corckscrew vs Christo
RU: DurzaOffTopic vs Averardo
NU: 0NI vs ict
PU: soulgazer vs Sam I Yam
LC: BurntZebra vs LilyAC

Celadon City Cobras (7) vs (3) Berry Forest Bushmasters

OU: FMG vs Vore Gidal
OU: Jytcampbell vs xtra$hine
OU: Eo Ut Mortus vs HSA
OU: KingKdot vs z0mOG
DOU: Tman vs SMB
UU: Accelgor vs Amane Misa
RU: UltraBallz vs Eternally
NU: Finchinator vs yeezyknows
PU: Raiza vs Taskr
LC: Kingler12345 vs tazz

Rumble Hall Rattlers (5) vs (4) Sky Tower Lindworms

OU: teal6 vs Lopunny Kicks
OU: frisoeva vs imsosorrylol
OU: TonyFlygon vs xImRaptor
OU: TPP vs Relous
DOU: Spurrific vs Stratos
UU: SoulWind vs HT
RU: TDK vs Ajna
NU: Kushalos vs col49
PU: rozes vs tom holland
LC: London13 vs trash

Ambrette Astrotias (3) vs (6) Terminus Taipans

OU: Updated Kanto vs ima
OU: Cdumas vs le LLiolae
OU: Tamahome vs Mana
OU: ZoroDark vs Twixtry
DOU: Mint16 vs Ezrael
UU: Lycans vs robjr
RU: Feliburn vs Alpha Rabbit
NU: Jrdn vs Sjneider
PU: false vs Teddeh
LC: Shrug vs jake

Lanakila Nagas (6) vs (4) Lake of Rage Leviathans

OU: Jimmy Turtwig vs Insult
OU: ramboss vs Welli0u
OU: Kebab mlml vs Tace
OU: Tricking vs Charmflash
DOU: Nails vs emforbes
UU: Adaam vs Corazan
RU: Kink vs roman
NU: Ren-chon vs tlenit1
PU: Ktütverde vs Xiri
LC: Osh vs Luthier

Deadline will be October 13th, 10:00 PM EST.
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Unfortunately, no teams are eliminated yet. The eulogies wil be put on hold for a week.

One of the preseason favorites, the Serpents led by notorious Smogon villain obii, are on the brink of elimination heading into Week 7. They need massive wins in the next 3 weeks to fix their atrocious BD. Can they pull it off? The Mambas desperately need a result here too. A loss basically ends their season.Who will prevail in our first elimination series?

Shinto Ruin Serpents (0) vs (0) Black City Mambas

OU: Star vs Gilbert arenas | marcop looked a bit shaky in his most recent battles, having some pretty noteworthy displays of incompetence. Star is way better. big edge.
OU: Sacri' vs PDC | Crust ass PDC is somehow 2-0 LOOL Against a lesser opponent, I might consider bolding him. Sacri is relatively solid, though.
OU: yoppie vs Empo | yoppie is some random clown who plays lower tiers and has been hyped by various parties throughout his brief Smogon tenure. I'm not buying it. Still not a huge Empo fan but hey.
OU: BKC vs xray | bro LOOL The goat has surprisingly been one of the worst players in the entire tournament. I don't know who could have expected this type of performance like wow watching his games sometimes reminds me of watching Indigo Plateau. Not the biggest xray in SM OU fan, but bolding BKC right now is insanity.
DOU: Demantoid vs Human
UU: Corckscrew vs Christo | Dickscrew fluked his way to his first win. Congrats. Christo has been unexpectedly pedestrian so far, but you have to love his odds in this creampuff matchup.
RU: Nat vs Averardo | Bolding Nat is kind of worrisome because she may or may not be in tilt city right now. Need to see more of Averardo before I bold him, though, since he could still easily be trash.
NU: 0NI vs ict | 0NI had a nice start to this career, but come on people LOL ict's been pretty solid and should smash.
PU: soulgazer vs Sam I Yam | Bolding SG every week has been free as fuck LOL This garbage ass PU mainer definitely isn't beating him.
LC: BurntZebra vs LilyAC | Lily's been good and the Zebra has struggled.

Celadon City Cobras (5) vs (3) Berry Forest Bushmasters

OU: FMG vs Vore Gidal | FMG has had dome some disappointing performances, but you won't catch me bolding an SM Oceania player in 2019 unless I have no other option.
OU: Jytcampbell vs xtra$hine | Been hating on Jyt every week so. Not the biggest xtra believer, but I'll trust him. Minimal edge.
OU: Eo Ut Mortus vs blarghlfarghl | damn the blargh bolding streak really came to a screeching halt. Eo's been a monster and he should take this one.
OU: dice vs z0mOG | This one's interesting, but idk I just like dice as a player and I think he's adjusted well enough to the tier. Minimal edge.
DOU: Tman vs SMB
UU: Accelgor vs Amane Misa | No idea LOOL both have been crazy inconsistent and neither have any results. Wrap
RU: UltraBallz vs Eternally | The juggling is real I guess LOL Not the biggest Eternally fan and I think UB is a bit better
NU: Finchinator vs yeezyknows | yeezy has shown some flashes, but he's way too unproven to be bolded here. Finch is solid.
PU: Raiza vs Taskr | Raiza has fallen off a cliff after a good start. Gonna trust the more hyped BKC of PU.
LC: Kingler12345 vs tazz | Kingler has been AWFUL LOOL jesus fuck I didn't think he would be this bad. Gonna trust tazz here by default.

THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!! THE LINDWORMS VS. RUMBLERS ELIMINATION SERIES. My beloved Lindworms have scratched and clawed their way to Week 7. The disastrous performances of their objectively terrible Round 5-7 draft selections threatened to sink the team. A loss here would surely finish them off for good. They are opposed by the token Jerk team, who had to do a crazy juggle reminiscent of the Valentine Cryonicles just to tread water. The winner of this series controls their own destiny while the loser will be featured on the Week 8 eulogy writeup. Let's get into it.

Rumble Hall Rattlers (5) vs (3) Sky Tower Lindworms

OU: teal6 vs Lopunny Kicks | teal has been out of his mind this tour LOL HE'S BEATING EVERYONE...IN OU TOO He took down the #1 and #2 ranked players in LC AND OU LOL Lop Kicks is a spreadsheet warrior who has had a nice season too, though. teal's definitely a threat rn, but I'll take my chances.
OU: frisoeva vs imsosorrylol | This is the classic case of taking the more unknown commodity over the proven clown. frisoeva is unremarkable, and is probably bad, but LOL sorry is DEFINITELY TERRIBLE LIKE HELLO DID YOU WATCH SPL BROS??? I can't believe he's starting, but that's what happens when you take a completely trash loser in Round 5 LOL Minimal edge.
OU: TonyFlygon vs xImRaptor | Raptor is one of the few saving graces of the Lindworms draft. He's had a solid season, but I like Tony a bit more here.
OU: TPP vs Relous | TPP can't seem to buy a win and Relous has had a solid year so far.
DOU: Spurrific vs Stratos
UU: SoulWind vs HT | IT HAS TO END EVENTUALLY BROS LOL HOW THE FUCK IS HT 5-1 %&%HTIFHJ WHAT LOOOOL NA inconceivable. SoulWind's index finger has more skill than this guy's entire body no way the blind squirrel is finding the acorn for a 6th time. This is the first time HT has played a relevant player since he got curbstomped by Christo so. Big edge.
RU: TDK vs Ajna | Ajna has been pedestrian for his standards. He's still the best RUer, though. I still don't like TDK as an RUer and he hasn't exactly been otherworldly so.
NU: Kushalos vs col49 | 49 has really struggled this tour and the chef has been solid enough.
PU: rozes vs tom holland | HT slaughtered some sheeps for tom holland last week, or so it appears. Still not convinced he's remotely viable so. rozes isn't exactly the scariest name, but he's definitely way better than spiderman. Big edge.
LC: London13 vs trash | Now THIS is a crossout game LOOL both have been garbage as fuck and have no real results. Moving on.

Ambrette Astrotias (5) vs (3) Terminus Taipans

OU: Updated Kanto vs ima | both have surprised, but Kanto has at least done this once before in SPL 9. Decent edge
OU: Cdumas vs le LLiolae | Sheet god Cdumas against an unproven goon. Wrap.
OU: Tamahome vs Mana | I think Tama is a better player and should be able to take this.
OU: ZoroDark vs Twixtry | Twixtry had a solid enough World Cup, albeit with some luck. ZoroClick is more proven, though, and I like his odds here.
DOU: Mint16 vs Ezrael
UU: Lycans vs robjr | rob seems to have finally realized he's not dogshit LOL Lycans has struggled a bit too, but I'll trust the recent sheet performance once again
RU: Feliburn vs Alpha Rabbit | Not really a rabbit fan, but hey. Feliburn has struggled once again and there's no real reason to trust him here. Minimal edge.
NU: Jrdn vs Sjneider | both have defied expectations and just randomly win LOL who knows. no read.
PU: false vs Teddeh | false himself admitted that he was unviable in the PU ddiscrd earlier so...LOL yeah we already knew that though if we're bein real LOOOL Big edge.
LC: Shrug vs jake | Maybe Star ghosted Shrug last week too. Either way, Zeb has somehow ascended in this tour.

Lanakila Nagas (4) vs (4) Lake of Rage Leviathans

OU: Jimmy Turtwig vs Insult | Insult has been on fire and I still don't really trust Jimmy in SM.
OU: ramboss vs Welli0u | Not the biggest Well fan, but he's probably better than ramboss
OU: Kebab mlml vs Tace | Kebab beat the corpse of BKC last week, but he's still probably dogshit. Tace is decent enough.
OU: Tricking vs Charmflash | Charm has had a nice tour but spreadsheet warrior Clicking is also on fire. He's a bit more proven so going with him.
DOU: Nails vs emforbes
UU: Adaam vs Corazan | Corazan lucked his way to a ridiculous amount of wins in this tour LOL Adaam has been serviceable, and he did just take down god lax and win Slam so he clearly has some talent.
RU: Kink vs roman | Both have done surprisingly decent, but neither have many results and I don't have a read.
NU: Ren-chon vs tlenit1 | bro who the fuck is this LOOOL hello. At least I've heard of Ren chon I guess...Minimal edge.
PU: Ktütverde vs Xiri | Wow a lot of dumbass games this week LOOL Both hav been decent enough and they're both mainers of this meme tier so they're both probably similar enough in skill.
LC: Osh vs Luthier | Osh has had a nice tournament and he's more proven.
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time for another week of RU PREDICTS from the only person who cares about this tier ROFL let's get this shit going

[SER] Nat vs Averardo [MAM]: yet another week of the queen of RU struggling due to possible tilt, as her team is in dead last and her motivation to play just might not be there- either way, when she puts in effort, she's unstoppable, and Averardo is coming off a tough loss to TDK last week. Slight edge to Nat, 55-45. Most definitely wouldn't be surprised to see the pizza take this one though.

[COB] Ultraballz vs eternally [BUS]: UB hasn't really been impressing me too much, and it's hard for me to outright ignore eternally's skill. This one can go one of two ways: a quite close game, or a landslide victory for eternally. 40-60.

[RAT] TDK vs ajna [LIN]: all hail the king, goat Ajna is back in form and looks to slam a mid-tier opponent and go up with the best record this Snake. Ajna's carefully executed style of play and unwillingness to give ground should easily triumph over TDK, but the seasoned player might bring strategies to trip up Ajna for a surprise win. Keep an eye on this one. 40-60.

[AST] Feliburn vs Alpha Rabbit [TAI]: I'm not ready to bold against Feli quite yet. I'm just not, I don't have it in me. Even with a hard loss last week and now, due to meeps' swap, holding the worst record in these pools, there's a deep gut feeling that tells me Feli brings it back this week. I can't tell why, but speaking to him personally makes me think he can do it. The potential is there for the game to go either way, but Feli needs every win he can get to help propel the Astrotias into qualifier range. That alone should fuel him for the win. 55-45.

[NAG] Kink vs roman [LEV]: ah fuck, here's my match of the week, easily, by leaps and bounds. Roman has been all but untouchable, stomping both fan-favorites Feliburn and Ajna to make himself look like the best player in the pools right now. But, that being said, Kink is hot on his feels- being tied with Ajna for the best record in the pools, and being a far cry from his 8th-place preseason rankings. RU fan or not, watch this game. I guarantee it will deliver. That being said, I have to give the slight edge to Roman. His ability to thoroughly prepare for his opponents is something Kink will need to mentally steady himself for, and the game may well be decided before it even starts depending on the prematch mental game. Kink, like Feli, needs this win to push the Nagas into contention, so perhaps that will give him an edge. 49-51.
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I will do it anyway.

soulgazer (80) vs Sam I Yam (20)
There is not much that can be said here. Sam has been pretty unimpressive, with his two wins being against tom holland and Raiza not really showing that he has the ability to beat the best player in the pool. It might be a good game, though.

Raiza (30) vs Taskr (70)
Taskr admittedly doesn't look as good on paper as he really is with the same 2:3 record as Sam, but he still is one of the more skilled players here, losing to soulgazer and Teddeh doesn't really prove the opposite. Raiza was looking very solid at the start of the tour, but now he's struggling and versus Taskr it will be very difficult to break the unfortunate series of losses.

rozes (65) vs tom holland (35)
Rozes is good, even my underdeveloped mainer brain has to admit that after his wins versus Sam and Sam (although the battle versus Sam didn't really say much). If Specs Jigglypuff gives him a solid team, rozes should he favored versus Tom, who isn't as good of a player. Tom did get his first win last week though and his confidence seemingly went through the roof, so he probably has a chance.

false (25) vs Teddeh (75)
It's a bit surprising that false didn't sub out, playing is difficult if you don't enjoy it. And Teddeh is not going to make it any easier. Better player, an upset is unlikely now that Teddeh began picking up wins as he was expected to before the tour started. Hopefully the goat Astrotias support will improve.

Ktütverde (40) vs Xiri (60)
Seems that Ktut decided that all that stuff about him being able only to fish for matchups is dumb and that he can just outplay his opponents. Yup, he definitely can and Xiri sometimes looks a bit shaky, with some of his games decided by his opponents who played badly in the endgame. Xiri's win streak is very impressive though, and with reliable support from tlenit1 he should have a small edge over Ktütverde.
oh here are actual pu predicts

soulgazer (75) vs sam i yam (25)

soulgazer is very good and will win the rest of his games unless he gets bad luck or somehow devolves. big edge, sam i yam isn't bad but he is against one of the two best players in the pool and hasn't proven himself very much either.

raiza (40) vs taskr (60)

both of these players are great, but raiza is in a bit of a slump right now and taskr has been performing well consistently. There hasn't been a game where taskr plays poorly, even on the losses. small edge.

false (40) vs Teddeh (60)

I think false is very capable of winning, but with Teddeh's recent momentum I think he has a small edge. We all know Teddeh is great and right now facts are proving he won't slump, and people with intelligence also know that false is great. The difference in this one is just that Teddeh has been winning more lately, so yeah he is gonna be favored this week.

ktutverde (35) vs Xiri (65)

I am loving how the Xiri and Tlenit core has spiced up. Their teams are looking cooler every week and Xiri is playing better every week. I give a fairly big edge to Xiri because ktut's wins haven't been as convincing and I have seen the xiri and tlenit core improve and do well


spider man playing tomorrow 4 pm gmt-4
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