Finals Smogon Snake Draft IV - Finals [Won by Sky Tower Lindworms]

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SS OU: Eo Ut Mortus vs lax: I am undefeated predicting for eo and he's given me no reason not to !
SS OU: beatiful vs talah: Talah has had a great tour, as has Bea. I have however from a pure playing standpoint been much more impressed with bea. This is to no fault of talahs, they have done a very good job in the builder which has caused them to win at matchup a few times and not really have to do much from a playing standpoint i.e. the bk and garay games. I like to do predicts assuming neutral matchup most of the time so going off of that I am going to bold Bea.
SS RU: Garay oak vs Ajna: would probably pick garay against anyone else regardless of the tier but ajna is the king of snake sporting a 30-11 record and winning the tour twice. Garay is certainly capable of nabbing the upset here but ajna has looked pretty bulletproof and its hard to imagine garay can learn the tier well enough in 5 days to play out a longer game against ajna without getting tripped up by some tech or a game situation that he has not been in yet.
SS OU: Eo Ut Mortus vs lax - he's [EDIT: basically] undefeated but guessing here is probably no better than a coinflip

SS OU: beatiful vs talah - Zesty's predict for this is pretty much why I started checking records/writing this post, HOW is my boy talah 4-1?????? let's go dude

SS RU: Garay oak vs Ajna - he beat me so I have to bold him
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Congratulations Lindworms and ggs for real this time lmao. Very well deserved after being at the top of the standings all tournament.

To my Rattlers, thank you for making this last Smogon Snake Draft such a blast for me. I know it sucks to lose this close to the finish line, but the journey was certainly worth it in my eyes. Love you all and see you all in SPL! :pimp:

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