Smogon Snake Draft IV - Semifinals

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Sky Tower Lindworms (1) vs (2) Lanakila Nagas

OU: Eo Ut Mortus vs Sacri': i think The Sac is one of the best SS players out right now, and the way he played last week (while also changing up his style!!!) really showed that. i do rank eo lower than sacri, but not by much. on top of that, eo has been on an absolute tear this tour, and he is definitely a better metagamer than sacri. given that he is very familiar with sacri's style, i think he is more likely to pinpoint and exploit these weaknesses here than anywhere else... something he's already proven to be great at doing in this tour. very close one, very exciting one, but clearly in favor of eo.

UU: Garay oak vs SoulWind: garay's a solid player, but there's a pretty big skill gap here. i also assume soulwind has a significant leg up on tier knowledge too, but garay has a whopping five days to learn the tier. anyway, soulwind has been in these situations before, so it's gonna take a lot to top him here.

DOU: umbry vs Tenzai: picking doubles is extremely cursed, and tenzai did win vs umbry last time. still, umbry is the better player by a decent margin, but such a tiebreaker pick is really only justified with an absolutely dominant doubles player. i don't think losing to someone is a dealbreaker for a rematch, but in doubles? with the trends we've been seeing lately? idk. the hail last week maybe gave umbry some confidence that she won't get tripped up by something like that again. still, giving tenzai a very slight edge here. i think this is gonna be the one that decides the series.
Shoutout to everyone on cobras, was a very fun and wholesome atmosphere. Prinz and averardo did a good job managing.

OU: Eo Ut Mortus vs Sacri - This is a very interesting game, looking forward to it. Eo has looked great so far with a 9-1 record and picked a good moment to matchup fish and win in his last game. Sacri also looked very strong vs ima and didnt put a foot wrong. I expect both to bring more standard balances on this occasion and in that matchup I favour sacris more aggressive playstyle and ability to pull the trigger.

UU: Garay oak vs SoulWind - Soulwind seemed to correctly predict some cheese coming and got a good matchup while also making trademark strong plays barring a hiccup with poltergeist. I dont expect garay to be able to learn this tier in a week and get good enough to outplay sw. If he does know the tier, then I still think sw has enough experience to be the clear favourite.

DOU: umbry vs Tenzai - Not going to pretend that I know much about doubles, but I see tenzai seemed to outplay umbry in the first game. Umbry has had a good tour though and I dont expect them to lose again.
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