Smogon Snake Draft Manager Signups

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The format is almost decided and we have settled on the date this tournament will start, so the TD team is going to open up manager signups for the second edition of the Snake Tour. Tiers will be the same as last year and week 1 will go up on August 27th, which should give you quite a bit of time to prepare.

We are looking for 10 Manager + Assistant Manager Duos. Experience as a manager and being knowledgeable in at least some of the tiers played are the main qualities we are looking for. All managers must post in this thread to be considered. This will be left up for roughly a couple weeks, but may close sooner if we believe 10 suitable managers have signed up, so please post as soon as possible so you don't miss the cut.

I will be hosting this tournament and am currently going over potential co-hosts, if you are interested contact me or any member of the TD team.


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Applying as a manager (or assistant manager). RoAPL 3 champion, POWC 2017 champion, POCL 2016 runner-up as manager. Have developed Canada’s current-gen OU since 2016 and have been playing in smogon major team tournaments since 2015, including the first Smogon Snake Draft. Regular SM OU player and builder since its launch and a regular ladderer in lower tiers save DOU for the last 6 months in preparation for this endeavor. I have been keeping tabs and statistics (advanced and basic) on all lower tier and OU tournaments and players since 2016 and I feel I will be able to draft an extremely competitive lineup in this tournament as I have in every tour I have managed or have helped to draft.

I am looking for a motivated, active, and amicable partner to win this tournament with me. Feel free to send me a message here or on discord if you would like to team up.
In for manager or assman, dont really care which of them. I have managed a few smaller tournaments in the past which have went smoothly and basically stepped up as an assman for spl 9 classiest this year with Jimmy and Isa. I have great knowledge of not only the ou player base but the lower tier playerbase as well. If anyone is looking to manage alongside me let me know.
I would like to manage with snagaa as my assman.
Contrary to popular belief, snaga is not actually trash at everything he does, he's actually great at managing.
We've had p good success in every managing attempt so far in smaller tours like roapl (win), exhibition/pocl/powc (playoffs every time) and with our combined (lack of) lives we cover every timezone and we actively play every tier and know all communities in them (im esteemed winner of lc and ubers ssnl and snaga is some nu guy or w/e and plays uu). We actually do an obscene amount of draft prep for what some consider as irrelevant team tours and we're willing to step up to the big ones, besides do u really wanna see me play another ru game in snake? spare the spectators.
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