Smogon Tour 16

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Please tell me why do we worry
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Not sure where to post this but for some reason battle window doesn't load for me on Grotto - the battle will start but I can't see it. Anyone else having similar issues? This only matters because tour is on grotto :(


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Regarding Showdown, I asked Joim well before posting this thread how Gen 3 and Gen 4 development were coming along on Showdown. He stated both had bugs, Gen 3 more so than Gen 4, which is a large problem for tour. When both are mostly bug free, we will make the transition. I am not the biggest fan of using two different simulators for the Smogon Tour, but I may consider having BW tours take place on Showdown. Until further notice, they will still occur on PO.

As for what the next tour format will be - don't ask. It's being worked on.
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