Data Smogon Usage-Based Tier Update: August 2016

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Cinccino and Ambipom are kinda viable in the low ladder, and half or less than half of Smogon players are low-mid ladder players so that's why they're used a lot. In high ladder yeah they suck and Vaporeon is a really bulky Water type. It was used so much before and now for some reason it's D rank and people hate it? Why?
It's a classic case of changing times. Vaporeon was good in Gen V OU because of permarain making Hydration Rest very reliable, but with permaweather out of the question and other bulky waters simply having much more to offer, Vaporeon literally has no place in the current meta. I'm astounded that even Umbreon is used less, while that thing still has some minor niches. Vaporeon doesn't have jackshit and should drop, and I don't know why people have such a hard-on for it.
Vaporeon isn't a bad mon, it's just a bad case of being thoroughly outclassed. It's not even as bad in UU as many people say it is and you can use it as a bulky water and it will do fine. And because Vaporeon doesn't have any noticeable flaws to it it kinda deceives players into believing Vaporeon isn't dragging your team down as you can switch it with a more fitting mon. Most people on the ladder assume the tiers more or less reflect pokemon's viability and so just assume all the bulky waters in UU must be of similar caliber. I'm more surprised Alomomola isn't UU already than anything.
>implying usage = viability

Plenty of mons have niches in higher tiers, but don't get used enough to rise (or sometimes do - see Quagsire). Conversely there are mons like Ambipom, who literally everyone knows is garbage in RU but somehow avoids the drop each tier shift.
Really it's Smogon's own fault that Ambipom became bad because they introduced Team Preview


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Waat?? I thought the Team Preview for the games was a thing since like Gen 4!!
Have you ever played a multiplayer gen 4 match lol? Team preview was introduced in BW, and to think that it existed in gen 4 requires you to either have a really shit memory or to have never played gen 4 'cause its a pretty obvious part of the game.
I'm so excited for Raikou's and Hippowdon's drop to UU! I hope they don't get banned.
Really? I've been waiting for this for so long. I don't think Raikou will be broken, most Special Walls can shut it down, but Hippowdon I think might be too much. It's like Swampert but with reliable recovery and even better bulk.
Cloyster has its checks the real problem will be Goodra with it's coverage it won't have very many checks. I don't know about Gardevoir
As for Cloyster, most bulky Water types shut it down. Goodra is going to be problematic, between Draco Meteor, Fire Blast and Sludge Bomb very little can switch into it and with its great Special Defence it can easily switch into specially inclined Water types and fire off powerful attacks. Gardevoir I think will be a major threat but it does still have its checks. Assault Vest Escavalier can force it out and Bronzong walls sets that lack Shadow Ball. It too may end being quickbanned though. It's also quite slow, and very frail physically.
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