Smogon Usage-Based Tier Update: January 2015

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just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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I have to say this shift is overall pretty disappointing, almost all the stuff that rose resided in a BL already, so it's not like the shifts are actually relevant :/ The most "exciting" one is probably the quag drop tbh. Looking forward to next month :c
tbh I find this super exciting. it means for the most part the suspect testing process is "working"
Mawile will likely go there next shift. Pokemon can only drop one tier at a time.
i know im thinking ahead of myself lol. But anyways, would love to see some mons like Skuntank and Claydol, or possibly even Clawitzer (I dont know the usage of it but i feel like its lower, so just making suggestion), come down from RU.
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