Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Winter Edition 2012: ROUND 1 [UPDATE: READ POST #49]

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great activity guys, but now i need a roll call on the remaining games:

The Chaser vs Cipher Admin Lovrina
Vaz vs RT.
LegendX1 vs Hydrattler
Disposable Puppets vs Joshe
.Robert vs 6a9 Ace Matador
SuckaPunch123 vs Atticus

I'll start and give an example of what to post.

I contacted suckapunch on the 24th and haven't received a response yet.

please post your activity situation BY DECEMBER 31st, i'll begin putting in subs on january 1st.
Max has been subbed in for The_Chaser since he has no interest of finding his opponent unless they approach him on IRC. Likewise, am has also been subbed out for the same reason (and hasn't even posted in this topic). .Robert just hasn't shown any activity whatsoever.

Sergio and Hobo_joe will replace both am and .Robert.

As for my match, Suckapunch responded to my PM and we should get this done tomorrow.
Not open for further replies.

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