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So, we've made a lot of huge strides on the Smogon Facebook page to provide compelling content on a daily basis, and one thing we'd like to do once a week is feature you guys, the unsung heroes of Smogon who provide so much to our site through the art you do.

So, every Friday we are going to make an album on our Facebook page for a "featured artist" to let you all have some more exposure for your artwork.

This thread will serve as the home to applications to become a featured artist.

How To Apply:

-Compile a small portfolio of 4-5 of your favorite pieces of artwork that you would like for us to display on the Facebook page. They will become an album on the page for everyone to view for all time!

-Give us a link to your art thread (if applicable). This way, we can link people to your art thread in the status update so that they can view your other pieces of artwork that you don't want in your featured portfolio.

-Give us a mini biography of who you are. This can be as simple as your real name / age / where you live / how you got into Pokemon. Anything you want really. The best part about this is not only do we get to see your art, but we can feature who you guys are as people, too!

-Create a banner for our page! This banner will be used for the entire week that you are Smogon's Featured Artist, until the next banner is created by another Featured Artist.


Please note that the last three are not MANDATORY to become a weekly featured artist (though they certainly help!)

I really look forward to what you guys bring us so that we can continue to provide quality content on our Facebook page.
Thanks for doing this Lonelyness :) As a heads up, there are some bios for various artists here. Some have a few pics and a link to their Smeargle's thread and some don't, but if you wanna feature anyone with info from there, it's pre-prepared :)


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Just wondering, are the banner dimensions 859 x 322? I went through previous cover pictures and found the one that seemed like it fit (the current one it cut off compared to the original picture so I can't use its dimensions)
some website said:
The size for the Facebook Timeline banner (or cover as they call it) is 851 x 314 pixels
The one I did was 859 x 322 (I presume you looked at mine then) but that's because I couldn't specify dimensions on my phone so it was a little rough

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