CAP 1 Smogon's First "Create a Pokemon": Poll 3

What is the function of our new pokemon?

  • Physical sweeper

    Votes: 21 10.6%
  • Special sweeper

    Votes: 46 23.1%
  • Mixed sweeper

    Votes: 87 43.7%
  • Physical tank

    Votes: 8 4.0%
  • Special tank

    Votes: 5 2.5%
  • Physical wall

    Votes: 7 3.5%
  • Special wall

    Votes: 3 1.5%
  • Supporter

    Votes: 22 11.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Poll Three is on! Although Ice/Steel made a stunning comeback, it, regrettably for me, lost out to Bug/Ice. Which mean, for those 74 souls who voted for it, our new pokemon will have both Bug and Ice typing!

So now we must determine the function of our new pokemon. Will it be a sturdy wall like Scizor, or a fast sweeper like Heracross? Let's find out now!

For reference, here are some examples of the functions you can choose from:

Physical sweeper: Heracross, Weavile

Special sweeper: Azelf, Jolteon

Mixed sweeper: Lucario, Garchomp

Physical tank: Rhyperior, Snorlax

Special tank: Regice, Blissey

Physical wall: Bronzong

Special wall: Cresselia

Supporter: Umbreon

I believe I got all the examples right. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This poll will close in three days.
I've got a perchant to supporter, simply because there are so few of them. Also, I think mence would be a better example of a mix sweeper, chomp is most always physical IIRC.
while upset that ice steel lost, i think a mixed sweeper with ice beam and megahorn as stabs would be really intense, it would be cool if we could get an ability that adds to it's sweeping capability, like an ice version of flash fire or motor drive.
I had to vote Special sweeper. Bug has so few of them anyway.... I don't care as much to represent Ice, as it has Mamoswine and Weavile for physical, Froslass and Abomasnow for special.

Mixed sweepers are gay.
Hm, with two 4x weaks I would want it to be a fast sweeper of some sort, but I went with physical just because I think it would make more sense than something that takes 50% from SR switching out every time Blissey comes in and having to come back in. It just seems like it would make sense for it to be something non-bulky with it taking massive damage from fire and from SR.
Any kind of wall with this typing would be near impossible. It takes 50% from Stealth Rock, and has 4x weakness to Fire and Rock. I think physical or mixed sweeper is the best way to go for the reasons RyouChan gave.

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I still want to give life to Himath, so I'll go with Special Sweeper.

... And because Porygon-Z and Heatran can cause huge damage to Blissey, under certain conditions, even if they are special-based. Fuck the fat nurse, we have Nasty Plot and Adaptibility and Overheat (okay, I know the Ice/Bug guy won't learn Overheat).

But a mixed version would be good too. Although I'd prefer something like ChainChomp; it isn't really a mixed sweeper, but just have the right move to break their main counters. Pretty much as Magnezone carries Explosion for Blissey.

Although I don't think an exploding bug would be funny >_> Whatever, maybe Superpower...
ice bug spells mixed sweeper

i personally thing this game could really use a great support rapid spiner, but something that gets Fed in in the A by stealth rocks, shouldn't be doing that

@gothic: tail glow would be soooooo sweeeet on an ice bug beast


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This has to be a sweeper with that horrible weakness, too bad it wasn't steel ice it would be a cool type and no 4x Stealth Rock weakness. I hope this Pokemon ends up being an uber.


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I wouls vote for support but SR would kill it every time... So now i voted for a plain old sweeper. Mixed, of course.
The 40 people who didn't vote for it to be aphysical sweeper r all wang.

But if physical doesn't win which is how its looking atm, mixed sweeper would be my next preference.
That type combo says to me "special sweeper". Possibly with Tail Glow. I imagine Signal Beam could be useful on this hypothetical Pokemon, especially after a Tail Glow. I also imagine this as a pretty small creature, for what it's worth. I just noticed this thing dies to both of Magcargo's STABs lol.


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This thing needs Magic Guard very badly. The SR weakness is sick, if we're actually trying to create a competitive pokemon. I can't think of a bug/ice concept to make an ability like Magic Guard make sense, but it will be needed.
I went with mixed sweeper. I could imagine it being pretty potent from either end of the spectrum with like Tail Glow / Ice Beam / Bug Buzz / HP Fire on the special side, Swords Dance / Megahorn / Ice Punch / (Brick Break / EQ) on the physical side, maybe a mix set thrown in there, not that any of this stuff is ready to be discussed, but that's just how I would envision an Ice / Bug, something similar to Infernape. It would have to be good to compensate for the SR weakness, and I love the sound of Swords Dance / Megahorn / Earthquake or Brick Break / Ice Beam, just seems very cool.

eh, i don't know, maybe something like 70 HP / 105 Atk / 70 Def / 110 SAtk / 70 SDef / 115 Spd, a total of 540. Seems kind of like a faster, slightly stronger, but with worse STABs and a 4x SR weakness Infernape, I know we're not up to this stage yet, but that's just how I would imagine it.

Not to mention a mixed sweeper would probably have to switch in and out the least out of all the other possible functions, which is pretty important when SR takes away 50% health. It'd be a pain to have to switch out every time Blissey showed up :/
Eh, I went with Special Sweeper. Not the one I voted for, I mean come on guys; do we really need another 4x weak to stealth rock Pokémon? That makes it not viable as any kind of wall or tank, but when I look at Bug/Ice, I just think Special Sweeper.

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