Smogon's Forum Invitational - Round One

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I've been waiting for one hour now after the arranged time (unless I've got something wrong AGAIN) so yeah. I approve what pana has said in his post btw except that iirc you didn't tell me to battle on the 26th, I understood your message more like "let's battle in 2011" but whatever, now KG has to decide.
Can it be done tomorrow at around the same time? I mean, you aren't in this as individuals. You are both letting down your teams if you can't put in the effort to be there.


how many seconds in eternity?
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ugh fuck sorry. Either my alarm didn't go off or I slept right through it. Yes I can do it tomorrow at the same time (let me just set 2 different alarms). Sorry, I will definitely be on tomorrow at this time.
The last game will be played tomorrow. If either or both players don't make it, the remaining substitute for both sides will be entered to get it done.
Ok after a hot debate and some serious injuries we decided to let Sapientia play the tiebreaker.

This will hopefully be an intense battle. Be prepared for the slaughter!

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