Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament II - Playoffs Round 1

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The greatest story of them all.
Is calling activity when you were unavailable for most of the time that the games had to be played in looked on more favourably now? I see it a lot here

I don't like tele but only saying you can play 2 days when he said he was available the whole time then calling activity seems a little perverse


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alright cosine ur a massive scumbag, got 0 respect for u from my part from now on

[23:21:43] tele: cosine
[23:21:47] tele: if u dont accept
[23:21:50] tele: im asking for act
[23:21:53] Cosine180: tele cmon
[23:21:54] Vinc2612: hehe
[23:21:55] radianthero156: sei cazzo, tele? Seductive Funbro: feelsgd not oak: Kappa
[23:21:56] VOD CLA$$IC: TELE
[23:21:58] Cosine180: every1s leaving already.

who fucking cares if ppl are leaving? who fucking cares if ppl dont watch

also proof of my challenge u can also see hes the one whos ignoring my pms

later he says

[23:22:49] Cosine180: ill call for activity in 5
the heck? im challing u and u call for activity? are u legitimmaly affected by some mental disease?

[23:26:03] Cosine180: no tele isnt responding
lol see screen of the convo

[23:26:44] Cosine180: i wont waste another 2 hours into a game that i shouldve already won
this is funny. tell me how u shoulda already won if we tied 1.1

[23:27:13] Cosine180: ive been ready for 1.5hours now mcm
[23:27:41] Cosine180: im leaving in 3mins

[23:28:21] Cosine180: he posted in the thread that me might not wanna play cuz its 11pm
[23:28:22] ABR: r u rly
[23:28:23] Cosine180: wtf
yes (BAN ME PLEASE) i posted here becos u were not responding to my pms
also i said on this same thread that i was fine with playing on gold
last edit was at around 10.35pm our time

[23:28:36] Cosine180: yea i am i gotta write an essay for MIT thats due sunday
[23:28:41] Cosine180: i dont have time for this
ur a fucking retard, u hadnt the time for this but u had the time to watch the entire lange vs xrayx series and commentate their plays in the chat

forgot about this
[23:20:30] Cosine180: im prepared!
BLINGAS: this server = feelsbd
[23:20:31] Tailz: ur ass
[23:20:32] Vinz28: panpawn
[23:20:32] Cosine180: (not rly)
very funny indeed

[23:21:15] Cosine180: is blunderr on?
the fuck has blunder to do with all of this shit?

[23:30:17] Cosine180: he even challed 10mins ago and then insta cancelled
now ur the biggest liar ive ever seen
i challed you, took the time to screenshoot it, and wrote in the chat that i was challing you. noone can deny this

[23:30:51] Cosine180: mcm would he get an extension?
[23:31:04] Cosine180: i dont want one
[23:31:24] Cosine180: if i leave now, would i get the win

ur a fuckin scumbag. got 0 respect for u.
im still willing to fite if mcm decides to give extension which i dont think he should anyway


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[7:20:46 PM] ABR: Play now
[7:20:49 PM] ABR: Cosine
[7:20:58 PM] Cosine180: is he here...
[7:21:09 PM] ABR: Go on gold

[19:21:44] Luigi: tele cosine is willing to play
[19:21:52] ~panpawn: !seen tele
tele was last seen online on October 28th 2015, 6:50:41 PM EST. (31 minutes ago)
[19:21:56] Omfuga: ,
[19:22:22] Luigi: i left a vm for him on smogon
[19:22:25] Luigi: pray he sees that

[7:22:56 PM] Cosine180: is he here?
[7:22:58 PM] Cosine180: ill play now

battle pls

for those just tuning in,

game 3 about to start!
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