Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament II - Playoffs Round 2

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I dont usually do this (nor I like to do it) but enough is enough.

ABR, stop acting like if u were the creator of goth-stall.
stop acting as if u were the creator of hazard control.
stop acting as if u were a teambuilding innovator.
ur no teambuilding prodigy as you would like ppl to think.

all u do is just put a togekiss over clefable and claim my hazard control as your.
all u do is just put a amonguus over cresselia and claim cleanersthanrotomw's goth stall as your.

i know what kind of a person you are, and i wont let ppl think u actually made those teams.
yea this is indeed a call out post on abr just in case anyone was wondering

edit: +Honor: abr why you stole my nickname??
watch out this guy steals everything, notonly teams
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yo if i was tele i would be acting like a bitter asshole (super overblown, btw) 24/7 too. it is hard not to be jaded when the community attacks you for petty things constantly (mostly for likes). cosine was acting even bitchier tbh. "i have an mit essay to write" lol did everyone just glaze over that? get over yourself bro (also as if this wasn't a thing you could have finished months ago if you were feeling it instead of in the middle of the tour when ur availability is already compromised by internet or w/e). Those are all like 150 words anyway, aren't they? yeah i know make it perf and etc., but c'mon. regardless, that was one of multiple things (from what i read, cosine was being a poo even before tele started shit talking? also overblown).
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I am p sure almost everybody on this site would have been exploding after cosines g2 vs tele if he was in cosines position. And cosine reacted like a true sportsman and took it very well. Idk what you have seen but calling out cosine, the nicest and "unbitchiest"(or how do you say that?! Loool) person i know is pretty unfair, especially with an opponent celebrating himself after a hax win etc. etc. Im not saying cosine acted perfectly but what you say is just dumb

---> gooooo cosine180 cya in losersfinals hopefully
tele can be an asshole and wrong about everything else but still right about ABR passing teams as his own, btw. not saying that's the case (neither saying he's an asshole nor saying he's right here), just that it seems like nobody in here has considered his arguments on their merits but merely on his character n.n
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I'm back from vacationing in reyscarface's gay little village, Puerto Villarta. As promised, here's the official power rankings of the remaining players.


#1 Leftiez - The best player in this tournament and probably one of the best overall players on Smogon. He's good at everything and should win this if luck doesn't interfere.
#2 Tele -- He is Jesus. God. Buddha. Tele's the only user on Smogon I can admit is better than me at both playing Pokemon and at posting. He's also better than Hitler. It was tough picking him over Leftiez.
#3 Omfuga -- He used to be my bitch on the UU ladder, according to Omfuga himself. Nigga has come a long way since and is one of the favorites to win this whole thing. I like his game too, and that's a huge compliment coming from me.
#4 PDC - A really solid player. He just needs to man up and stop being a whiny little bitch from time to time...
#5 Alexander. -- This Italian has gotten really good lately. He'll have a chance to pull off the upset victory if he maintains his momentum.
#6 ABR -- He used to enter #blowrajan in the last WCOP to tell me what a big fan of the WhiteQueen he is. He obviously has vision and recognizes greatness when he sees it. He worships Satan too, so watch out.
#7 High Impulse -- He's nowhere near as good as me, but still good.
#8 boudouche -- He's good. Not overwhelmingly good, but good enough to win against any of the guys above with a good match up.
#9 Get This Money -- You're not getting this tour. Still good enough to beat all the newbies below and -Tsunami-, however.
#10 njnp -- The only noob I recognize on this list because of his big fucking mouth.
#11 Arifeen -- Sorry don't know you.
#12 Evanston -- Sorry don't know you.
#13 FlamingVictini -- Sorry don't know you.
#14 foxlord -- Sorry don't know you.
#15 Lange -- Sorry don't know you either. :(
#16 -Tsunami- -- This guy is the worst "superstar" player in the history of Smogon. He doesn't build his own teams; he steals everything. He sucks; he needs luck to win even when he has a team advantage. I proved that when he ran into me on the ladder. He also tries to steal my victory catchphrase, except his is annoying as shit. What the fuck is "VOD wins again? Classic?" Dude stfu and get your ass eliminated already.
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