Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Round 2 (Loser brackets)

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That is all I want
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UU Leader
[21:23:58] +ABR: is this NU game important
[21:24:08] +ABR: ._.
[21:24:12] +Pearl ✿: that's for grand slam 1
[21:25:01] +ABR: some answer
[21:25:04] +ABR: whats the series at.
[21:27:14] +ABR: wait
[21:27:17] +ABR: its gen5 nu
[21:27:24] +Pearl ✿: abr that's why i said it was for grand slam 1

that 7 hour long match taking its toll on abr's mind... hope he recovers in time for the next round of olt
o well that was OLT for me. lost 4/5 games played, all because of hax. special thanks to p2 and Sabella for teams!
Hey bro keep ur head up u played way above average in every game u played during this tournament and i think anyone who watched those games drew the conclusion that u are a beast :). Luck may have been shit right now but it may turn around in a big way in the future.. keep up that good work itll pay off fren.
Hitler's reaction to ABR v Tele is the best thing I've ever seen.

1:18.75  -  1:23.25: I know for a fact tele is way better then ABR
1:25.25  -  1:28.00: ABR should be banned like Bloo

2:43.00  -  2:47.50: Tele lost to that stupid ABR because of stupid teams
2:48.50  -  2:53.00: I bet ABR will never have a Girlfriend

3:25.55  -  3:26.75: RIP telelegend

3:53.75  -  3:56.00: someone get me cosine to cuddle with
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got fucking dongered on by the neymar jr of pokemon. its a bit embarrassing to go out like this but I guess you get what you give - i havent rly played since i qualified in cycle 1, showe up wrecked to both series ("lol brag about it"0, and idnt prepare adequately so i suppose its fair that idont deserve to advance. i wjust wish i could have been a litle more motivated because i was super psyched about bein able to partipicate in the playoffs of an official tournemnt and hope if another opprotunity like this arises hopefully i can put up a better showing. still though, i wa shonored to play such skilled players such as googly and nintendi and hope you two go far

s/o dice johnyiu psychicmewtwo for the teams because i was way too lazy to build any myself

top secret strategizing session:
[2:09:28 AM] dice: sup noob
[2:21:50 AM] Michael ‌: hey man
[2:21:53 AM] Michael ‌: I'm fuckin crusing irhg tnow
[2:21:54 AM] Michael ‌: whast ogin on
[2:21:58 AM] dice: lmao
[2:21:59 AM] dice: nm
[2:22:02 AM] dice: tryna oras
[2:22:11 AM] Michael ‌: nah man I'm really fucked up rihg ntow dude
[2:22:12 AM] Michael ‌: shrr
[2:22:14 AM] Michael ‌: noather time
[2:22:16 AM] dice: lmao
[2:22:23 AM] dice: I made u a decent team tho
[2:22:27 AM] dice: a couple actually
[2:22:28 AM] Michael ‌: oh shit hniggas thgnks
[2:22:34 AM] Michael ‌: ill check them ou ttomorrow dude
[2:22:36 AM] dice: lmao
[2:22:39 AM] Michael ‌: I cant right now I'm litearlly about to fall over
[2:22:41 AM] dice: this niggawiggity
[2:22:48 AM] Michael ‌: I'm listening to house music and this fuckin Russian kid is sistting right next to me
[2:22:52 AM] Michael ‌: andis wondrin who I'm talkin to
[2:22:54 AM] Michael ‌: ok ottyl
[2:22:58 AM] Michael ‌: oim out bBITCHHH
[2:23:03 AM] dice: bye
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