Solomods Megathread


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Solomods Megathread

Welcome to the Solomods Megathread!

The purpose of this thread is simple: much like a tier's Team Bazaar thread, you can post your very own personal Solomods here in a casual environment and have other discuss and give feedback on them and maybe even get them coded!

What's a Solomod?
A Solomod is a Pet Mod where multiple changes are made to the game, usually changing the stuff about most pre-existing Pokémon, adding moves, items, and abilities, and even changing mechanics, that don't have any preset rules and, most importantly, are controlled by and have all of their changes applied by a single person or small group of people. Mods that don't quite fit as either Pet Mods or Other Metagames also generally fit here.

Rules of the Thread
A full list of rules for this thread and the subforum as a whole can be found HERE, but in general:

1. All initial Solomod submissions must go here unless you have been approved to have a thread for your Solomod.

2. Only 2 Solomods can be active per person in this thread. Solomods with they're own threads do not contribute to this total. You must wait 7 days after posting a new Solomod to retire it or post another one.

3. If you want to post a third Solomod, you must retire one of your two active Solomods and wait 7 days to post the new one.

4. Be respectful when discussing other people's Solomods.

While not required, it's recommended that you use the following template when posting a Solomod:
Name of Mod: (Doesn't have to be super creative, can literally just be something simple like "Yoshiblaze's Solomod")
Mascot (Optional): (An optional setting that allows a Pokemon icon sprite (or Fakemon icon sprite if you have it) to be associated with the mod to make an archival listing look pretty.)
Link to Changes: (Recommended that all changes are placed into a neat and easy to follow Google Sheets document or something similar)
Summary of the Mod: (State what changes in general, any special gimmicks, your mindset when creating it, etc.)
Competitive Overview (Optional): (Share some theorymonned competitive sets and/or give an overview of what the metagame could be like)

That's all! Have fun sharing your ideas!


If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the Pet Mods moderators, AquaticPanic, DuoM2, Scoopapa, or Yoshiblaze


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Solomod Submissions are now open!

The Solomod Index will be its own thread, with its link being added to the OP of this thread once that thread is created.

Also, I'll also use this thread to announce thread approvals for Solomods and I'd like to start by pre-approving 3 Solomods from last gen to have their own threads if they wish to!

Copen and R8's Modern Gen 1 and Modern Gen 2 (Either as one "Modern Gen Meta" thread or as two separate threads)
May's Kanto Expansion Pak
DuoM2's Duomod

That's all for now, get to Solomodding!
Name of Mod:The 3-3-1 Typechart
Link to Changes:
How the mod is going to work:
So basically gen 9 has a lot of busted stuff. Seeing as how this is a completely different meta because of the typechart change fundamentally changing Pokemon, I wanted to do something a little special. Basically, every few weeks a few Mons from gen 9 will be let into the meta. The basis for the solomod is gen 9 with only the gen 9 dex(except SV Mons) along with the Pokemon in the Changes to Pokemon section that aren't already in the dex(Swampert, Aurorus, etc). This should make this less of a broken mess and increase the amount of people who play this(hopefully). That being said, the first wave being let into the mod is:
Changes: Protean is reverted to pre-nerf effects
Changes: None
Changes: 85/110/85/85/75/90 stats
:sv/Clodsire:Clodsire(What did you expect?)
Changes: 130/80/60/75/100/20 stats, +Scald
The Typechart
TypeWeaknessesResistancesImmunityHits SEHits NVEIs Immune
Water types are immune to Rock,so they are immune to Stealth Rock
All status and misc. immunities stay the same,so Fire types still cannot be burned,Grass types are still immune to Powder moves,etc.
Added Move:Power Gem
Added Moves:Extreme Speed,Earthquake,Nasty Plot,Recover
Drives:Now give a 1.2* boost to the moves of the respective type
Snapped from existence
Self Destruct:140 BP
Explosion:160 BP
Boomburst:110 BP(Different from last gen)
Extreme Speed:70 BP(Different from last gen)
Last Respects/Rage Fist:Go up by 25 for their respective proc, cap at 130 BP
Protean(Not Libero): Reverted to gen 7 effects
Summary of the Mod:

In The 3-3-1 Typechart,all types hit 3 types Super-Effectively,3 Not Very Effectively,Not Affect 1,and are hit by 3 types SE,3 NVE,and are immune to 1.
I might buff some stuff in the future to show off cool typings.For example,I buffed Aurorus to show off the potential of the Rock/Ice type.
Competitive Overview:
Water/Flying:Since Water is now immune to SR,Water/Flying is HDB:The Typing.This is important as it allows Pelipper to hit the field multiple times per match to set rain without dying after 4 switch-ins.It also allows Gyarados to hit the field and sweep witout taking heavy chip in the process.
Dragon/Flying:Dragon/Flying is a powerful offensive type,with Dragon hitting ALL of the types that resist Flying SE.It's not too shabby defensively,either,with only 4 weaknesses.
Hazards and Hazard Removal:With everybody and their mother having access to hazards now, more hazard setters are going to inevitably pop up. This is especially relevant because of SR having so many neutral targets. Because of this, hazard removal is a near necessity.
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Now that I know what I’m talking about, let’s get serious
Tera Crystal
Summary: This mod would bring Terastalizing and Tera Blast into a Gen 2 OU format. I’m submitting this because I’d like to see how Terastalizing would work in a format with both type split and a more limited Pokémon selection. The Tera Blast the Pokémon gets will be automatically physical if used on a physical type and special if used in a special type. This allows mons with types that don’t mesh well with their stats and moves to better utilize their stats. For example, Sneasel, which has a more notable physical stat than special, but with two special stats, can Terastalize into a Normal type to more effectively utilize Slash. Or you could use something like a Ghost Tera type on Gengar to give it a boosted STAB Ghost move and have it shed its Poison typing.

Honestly there’s not much else to add here, it’s a pretty straightforward idea that doesn’t require much input beyond coding in a gimmick and a move, but I’d be open to opinions on it.

:poliwrath: RedwoodRogue
:espeon: Rezzo
We’re recruiting more
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Name of Mod: Kaen's Dex
Mascot: :luvdisc: Luvdisc
Link to Changes: Google Sheet
Summary of the Mod: Fakemons made by me.
With over 160 new monsters, moves and abilities, it is pretty much its own generation, all the fully evolved Fakemons are made with the idea of being at least viable and the only banned one is the cover legendary at the end of the list. You can also go and use some of the classic official Pokémon that are receiving an evolution, Hypno, Luvdisc, Shuckle and Arbok for the eviolite experience.
Playable on Dragon Heaven.

Mayor April 2023 Update:

There are over 200 fakemons now, around 115 fully evolved forms ready to fight.
There is also 80 new moves, 41 new abilities and 7 new items not counting Mega Stones, Z-Crystals and similar.
Hail now also has the effect of Snow, so it deals damage to non-Ice Types and boost the Defense of Ice Types.
Freeze was changed to work like in PLA, so it halves SpA and deals damage each turn now.
Similarly, Sleep was nerfed, now is only a 1/4 chance to not move, Sleep inducing moves now have higher Acc to compensate.
Recharge moves no longer stop you from using a different move next turn, similar to Gigaton Hammer, but have lower BP.
Check out all the details in the spreadsheet!
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epic gen 8 solomod im just gonna throw in here

Name of Mod: Chaotic
Mascot: :giratina:
Link to Changes: Spreadsheet
Summary of the Mod: In this solomod micrometa, i let anyone submit anything and everything they wanted. it turned into chaos very quickly. i absolutely could NOT stop them from submitting it, as broken as it was. if it was broken, it'd get in anyway. luckily, no one submitted anything broken (i think)! this was mostly done in the main Pokemon Showdown! server's lobby room as the spreadsheet name suggests. (though alot of stuff here was made by me)
Competitive Overview: here are some sets to put into perspective the absolute insanity that is this solomod. since its a micrometa, theres a ton of threats, and since its not coded yet, its a mess with tons of broken stuff that'll be nerfed eventually. there'll be of course an Ubers tier! its also super unexplored, so if anyone wishes to discuss it, feel free to do so if you like the metagame in its current state.

:zacian-crowned: :braviary: :manectric-mega: :kyurem-black: :rotom-wash: :golduck: :diancie-mega:
Zacian-Crowned @ Rusted Sword
Ability: Intrepid Sword
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Behemoth Blade
- Close Combat
- Play Rough
- Wild Charge
now, you may be thinking "what why is zacian-c in this SoloMod!!!", however, it has been nerfed to fit the power level! wich is probably insane anyway.

Rotom-Wash @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate / Drizzle
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Will-O-Wisp
- Flip Turn
- Recover
- Thunderbolt / Surf
ok this is actually pretty broken defensively

Braviary (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Defiant
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Brave Bird
- Close Combat
- Swords Dance
- Sucker Punch
not much to talk about here, kinda just standard Braviary honestly. lets move on

Kyurem-Black @ Choice Band
Ability: Raging
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Earthquake
- Triple Axel
- Fusion Bolt
- Dragon Claw
comment from moretto: "FUCK STEALTH ROCKS". it dos some pretty high damage, with decent offensive coverage (ground/boltbeam/dragon).

Manectric-Mega @ Life Orb
Ability: Intimidate
IVs: 0 Atk
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
- Volt Switch
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Stunning Scorch
you may have seen that Diancie and Manectric's mega stones are gone, and now they only need their signature moves to mega evolve like rayquaza, right? this opens up HUGE possibilities, and makes them simply outclass their base forms even more. and in diancie's case, it may even be broken, ngl. Stunning Scorch is nice as coverage and is needed to transform, but its actually useful since it can paralyze.

Golduck @ Golduckite
Ability: Damp
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Hydro Pump
- Ice Beam
- Earth Power
- Nasty Plot
150 special attack? check. decent offensive coverage? check. good speed tier? check. nasty plot? check. item slot? not checked. oh yeah, its sweep time.

Diancie-Mega @ (your item of choice)
Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 68 Atk / 184 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Earth Power
- Mystical Fire
- Moonblast
- Diamond Storm
this pokemon is something for sure. like damn, all stats that high, +any item you want and magic bounce as an ability. with the only drawback beeing you have to run diamond storm wich isnt really a drawback since it dos a bunch of damage anyway.

this solomod is huge, so i recommend you check it out yourself! there's also always more to come.
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funny gen 8 solomod im also throwing in here:

Roulettemons: The Solomod

(Note: This mod doesn't feature Baloon or Albatrygon, I just wanted to show them as funny little icons)
Welcome to Roulettemons: The Solomod! This is literally Roulettemons, but a solomod, but also aims to take a lower-tier approach, sort of like how Clean Slate Micro did (which is also why this has 20 mons lol.) This is why not too many of the stats reach 150 or greater, and this was only broken by Glasyte, Megalo (Yes that is an actual Pokemon name, look at the spreadsheet,) Oysteat, Skelehawk, Pandaid and Autoad. Another thing I changed in this solomod is Gen 9 Mechanics only. This means no Z-Moves, Megas, or Gigantamax, and no items that aren't in Gen 9. However, past gen moves are still given to Pokemon. With that out of the way, enjoy the mod!

SPREADSHEET: (Currently outdated)

This mod is also playable on Dragon Heaven! (Has now been ported to Generation 9, but be aware that some moves aren't coded)
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Hello everyone! So, I've finally done it, an update for Roulettemons: The Solomod! I've actually been REALLY wanting to make this for a long time, but lack of motivation had pushed me away from it for a while. Without further ado, here it is! There will be five new Roulettemon added to the meta in this update, which includes two offensive mons, two defensive mons, and a free slot, so here's a showcase of each of them!: (Note that they don't have competitive overviews yet...)


Abilities: Magician / Dazzling / Mega Launcher
Stats: 107 / 100 / 89 / 88 / 97 / 119
Movepool: Pursuit, Waterfall, Searing Shot, Freeze-Dry, Boomburst, Reflect, Perish Song, Thunderbolt, Judgement, Leaf Storm, Aqua Jet, Stomping Tantrum, Volt Switch, Zen Headbutt, Thousand Arrows, Roost, Play Rough, Mach Punch, Flare Blitz, Assist, Noble Roar, Horn Attack, Barrier, Bite, Teeter Dance, Ion Deluge, Struggle, Aura Wheel, Burn Up, Quash, Recycle, Solar Blade, Last Resort, Rock Tomb, Blizzard, Double Hit, Mirror Move, Dizzy Punch, Rock Smash (Automatically learns Psychic)


Abilities: Levitate / Rock Head
Stats: 79 / 122 / 94 / 85 / 123 / 97
Movepool: X-Scissor, Revelation Dance, Cross Chop, Knock Off, Nature's Madness, Poison Jab, Psyshock, First Impression, False Surrender, Encore, Play Rough, Volt Tackle, Power Whip, Lunar Dance, Glare, Rock Blast, Behemoth Bash, Bug Buzz, Parting Shot, Thunder Fang, Mind Reader, Nightmare, Pollen Puff, Cut, Sludge Bomb, Land's Wrath, Slam, Headbutt, Twister, Rollout, Weather Ball, Lick, Quash, Thrash, Grass Whistle, Life Dew, Water Pledge, Growl, Giga Impact, Recycle


Abilities: Merciless / Desolate Land / Healer
Stats: 55 / 111 / 164 / 52 / 135 / 83
Movepool: Hex, Moongeist Beam, Stealth Rock, Leech Life, Wish, Leaf Blade, Anchor Shot, Taunt, Encore, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Psychic, High Jump Kick, Reflect Type, Power Gem, Quick Attack, Poison Jab, Will-o-Wisp, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Work Up, Aurora Beam, Parabolic Charge, Frost Breath, Feint, Electrigy, Guard Swap, Grassy Terrain, Brine, Heat Crash, Absorb, Water Gun, Spotlight, Draining Kiss, Screech, Double Slap, Grass Pledge, Gravity, Twineedle, Decorate


Abilities: Mimicry / Toxic Debris / Seed Sower
Stats: 89 / 78 / 71 / 106 / 158 / 98
Movepool: Fleur Cannon, Iron Head, Calm Mind, Nasty Plot, Freeze-Dry, Pursuit, Anchor Shot, Flash Cannon, Seismic Toss, Nature Power, Drill Peck, Ice Beam, Roost, Thunderbolt, Dragon Tail, Thousand Waves, Energy Ball, Thunder Punch, Icicle Crash, Pain Split, Burn Up, Thief, Vemon Drench, Miracle Eye, Celebrate, Electric Terrain, Ion Deluge, Water Gun, Struggle, Mimic, Brutal Swing, Leer, Disable, Happy Hour, High Horsepower, Electroweb, Bone Club, Acid Armor, Beat Up, Supersonic


Abilities: Analytic / Stalwart / Synchronize
Stats: 91 / 110 / 123 / 109 / 61 / 106
Movepool: Acid Spray, Techno Blast, Aromatherapy, Horn Leech, Heat Wave, Hex, Grav Apple, Final Gambit, Dragon Claw, Autotomize, Low Kick, Spiky Shield, Moonblast, Shadow Bone, Blaze Kick, Shadow Claw, Seed Flare, Flash Cannon, Flamethrower, Strength Sap, Ice Hammer, Fake Tears, Magnet Rise, Incinerate, Curse, Freeze Shock, Rolling Kick, Skull Bash, Pound, Mega Punch, Block, Tickle, Razor Leaf, Crush Grip, Egg Bomb, Sing, Fury Cutter, Blast Burn, Hypnosis, Bounce, Trick-or-Treat
With this being said, these mons aren't going to be coded into RTS just yet - if Dragon Heaven releases a Gen 9 patch I'll code in the mons that were announced through this post, but if not I'll let people discuss about the new Pokemon being added and then I'll code in the Gen 9 abilities, then I'll put them in the mod. I'm currently working on a new spreadsheet that adds the new Pokemon onto the original sheet, so stay tuned!
Evolution Project (Evo)

Our beloved mascot is Coconfetti, who evolves from Spewpa
Coconfetti was made by jazzmat and designed and sprited by inkbug
All of our hearts belong to Coconfetti

users currently involved:

link to changes:
- Check out our cool sheet
- inkbug is absolutely nuts and modded a damage calculator just for this!!​

- so basically there are a bunch of us hanging out in a safe space and making new crossgen evolutions and regional variants of Pokémon we like

- This is a micrometa based on the Gen VIII version of Natdex mechanics. It will probably continue to be rooted in Gen VIII rather than Gen IX going forward, as some mechanical changes have disrupted existing archetypes and some movepool additions have buffed existing Pokémon in ways they were not designed for.

- We have both a singles format and a VGC format!

- There are usually three simple prompts that we use for inspiration at a time (usually a type-themed prompt, a "concept" prompt like a kind of move or Ability, and a stat-themed prompt, but these are very loose), but a given Fakemon just tries to correspond to one of them at a time and most people make multiple Fakemon per slate - it's not quite like Restrictions, where the focus is on answering multiple prompts per submission.
(We've been thinking we might tone down the number of submissions for future slates, because the mod is already pretty big and the last couple of slates have been increasing the number of Pokémon very quickly, so there is no guarantee that we will continue at a rate of one sub per person per prompt! That's just how it's been so far.)

- We don't really veto or vote on subs any more, but we like to take things slowly and discuss every sub and balance change as a group before a slate goes live. There have been times when people chose to withdraw a sub on their own and prioritize something else, but there are also times when we've come up with really cool last-minute changes when focusing on a sub because people felt iffy on it at first, and this has been a system that worked really well for us C:

- We generally aim for our variants and evolutions to stay "true to the original" to an extent, so we usually enforce certain standards on changes like the extent of stat changes or the number of move additions, although some of this just comes down to gut feelings.
(By our internal rules, a specific list of moves may be considered "free additions" because of a Pokémon's type, and a move is always free if any other Pokémon in the same line learns it, but most Pokémon only get two wildcard picks with some exceptions.)
In general, we place value on making a sub feel original and like a creative twist on the line, without compromising its relationship to its base form. It's pretty awesome when making subtle changes on the surface brings out a completely different side of what's already there, you know?

- Absolutely no canon Pokémon are modified in any way (except to gain Eviolite compatibility where applicable)! The only new content is centered on the new Pokémon.
That said, while a majority of canon Pokémon in the mod are part of the same line as something new we've added, we did add a selection of completely-vanilla Pokémon early on to help flesh out specific roles, which is why some very cool Pokémon like Bronzong and Aromatisse are around!
(Some of these Pokémon got additions later on - for instance, vanilla Steelix and the Eevee line have been part of the mod since "slate 1.5," but slate 4 revisited them both to add Aleon and the Crystal Onix line. C:)

- A Pokémon can be quickbanned if we don't want it around for any number of reasons; it doesn't strictly have to be broken if we just don't like how it interacts with one of our Fakemon or something, and we're not very concerned with justifying or properly suspecting our bans as long as all of us are happy. Meaning: please don't complain about the banlist okay we're just here to have fun

- There are currently no Mega Evolutions in the format, and the only Z-Moves in the format are signature Z-Moves on the Pokémon that have them in canon.

- This has existed for one year and one week and I have never posted about it on Smogon
This is probably okay, because I didn't have any other solomods anyway so it's not like I was cheating around the limit, but also what was I doing not posting sooner
That said, this is a milestone because it means we are no longer a Non-Smogon Mod (TM), and the idea that we are not a real Pet Mod can no longer prevent us from being the best Pet Mod!
- The power level of the metagame is meant to be relatively low overall, although some specific Pokémon stand out as a cut above the rest.
Some recent slates have been slightly more offensive than past ones, so we may be making an effort to dial back the offensive pressure and make teambuilding easier. (One thing based on the latest batch: it's definitely worth carrying a Normal resist even if you don't happen to pick a Steel-type for the part, because our most recent slate introduced a lot of offensive Normal-types!)
Currently, a majority of our new Pokémon feel very usable if you choose to build with them, and we're doing our best to keep that level of diversity! A lot of Pokémon are designed with some rarely-seen gimmicks in mind and are able to thrive because we keep an open mind and try to tailor the power level to these strategies' success where we can. C:

examples of common offensive threats:
Gourmant (a Fire/Dark-type evolution of Heatmor) is an excellent wallbreaker in the metagame, using its astounding base 137 Attack to capitalize on the raw power and strong effects of STAB Knock Off and Fire Lash. Pairing these moves' strong effects with Toxic makes it very difficult to find a Pokémon that's willing to switch in on them, while Sucker Punch (augmented by Gourmant's own innate burn immunity, which lets it avoid the common anti-Sucker tactic of Wisp) lets it somewhat reliably compensate for its low Speed. It often runs either Black Glasses or Heavy-Duty Boots depending on its team's hazard control, and bulky Adamant spreads are usually preferred over significant Speed investment.​
Carnivenom (a Grass/Poison-type evolution of Carnivine that notably gains Coil) is a strong setup user that can be difficult to break. It can consistently use Coil repeatedly in tandem with its excellent special bulk, Toxic immunity and recovery options, and in addition to the regular benefits of a move like Bulk Up, Coil's accuracy boosts feed into not only Power Whip but also Sleep Powder.​
Eclipseroid (a Rock/Ghost-type evolution of Solrock and Lunatone that notably gains Recover) is another notable wallbreaker with a flexible array of setup options, including any of Meteor Beam, Calm Mind and Nasty Plot according to the user's preference, strong neutral coverage from its new Ghost type, and wide super effective coverage thanks to its Rock STAB and Ground and Ice options.​

examples of popular defensive Pokémon:
- Against all odds,
Pollugonal (an Ice/Poison-type evolution of Cryogonal that gains Spikes and Toxic Spikes) thrives as one of the definitive special walls in the format, using its immense special bulk and recovery to switch in on special attackers, consistently set and clear hazards and ahem threaten freezes on passive opponents with Freeze-Dry often.​
- Another star of the format is
Oonabee (a Bug/Fairy-type evolution of Vespiquen that notably gains Flash Fire, Flare Boost and Psycho Shift). Flash Fire sets have an excellent defensive profile, so it can run Heavy-Duty Boots to function as a reliable defogger with slow pivoting and recovery, but there's also a twist - more offensively-angled Flame Orb Flare Boost sets can also use Psycho Shift as a reliable variation on Will-o-Wisp provided they haven't switched in on a Knock Off in the same game, giving them a major defensive niche even other Oonabee can't run. In general, Oonabee's fantastic bulk and defensive type make it one of the most consistent mixed defensive presences in the format.​
- For another bulky Fairy-type, we have the physically-biased
Constabull (an evolution of Granbull which retains Intimidate but can also choose Iron Barbs), an excellent option to punish U-turn and Knock Off. Constabull usually runs sets with Rest and Bulk Up in tandem with its Fairy/Ground coverage, and it can also support its team using Heal Bell, Roar and Thunder Wave.​
- As bulky Water-types go, some of the best options are the canon
Vaporeon, which can run a diverse array of options like Scald, Toxic, Wish, Protect, Heal Bell and Flip Turn, and the more offensively-angled
Milotic, which does not provide Wish or Heal Bell support but can sustain itself more easily with Recover, use Competitive to punish Defog and the various stat-lowering moves in the format, and even run Mirror Coat to punish special attackers which is REALLY fun and so worth it​

examples of popular glue Pokémon:
Balleringue (an evolution of Wormadam-Trash that has Triage) is one of the most relevant glue Pokémon in the tier, and it's important to build with it in mind!​
It is easily able to compress strong priority (Leech Life), hazard control (Rapid Spin) and hazard setting (Stealth Rock) into a single set, and it usually also runs Gyro Ball and may be seen using offensive items such as Life Orb to exert as much pressure as it can, healing off Life Orb recoil with Leech Life. It's very effective at providing support and easily forces progress against faster, frailer teams, so it has set the pace of the metagame for most of the mod's history.​
Balleringue's defensive answers aren't completely conventional - since much of its damage output comes from Gyro Ball's high power, it's sometimes answered better by slow Pokémon than by actual Steel resists. Some Fairy-type Pokémon may choose to run min Speed so they can answer it more effectively by minimizing Gyro Ball damage, as they already resist Bug! On the other hand, fast Pokémon may be easily threatened by its combination of Gyro Ball (which directly punishes high Speed) and Leech Life (which outright bypasses high Speed), sometimes regardless of type.​
Unidentified Togekiss (a Steel/Flying-type variant of Togekiss, which has a physically offensive slant to take advantage of Hustle, perfect-accuracy STABs and Extreme Speed) is one of the most dangerous Pokémon in the format and can absolutely wreck unprepared teams all on its own. Its offensive presence will probably be toned down in the near future, uh, somehow, but setting that aside and focusing on it as a glue, it boasts Wish support, strong priority, Defog access with very little to fear from hazards, and arguably the hardest defensive type to break in the format (there are strong Pokémon that badly punish both Electric- and Fire-type moves and conveniently appreciate Wish passing). However, unlike vanilla Togekiss, be mindful that it doesn't have instantaneous reliable recovery like Roost - Wish and I guess Drain Punch are its only options!​
Variant Noivern (a Fighting/Dragon-type that has Levitate but loses a small amount of its Speed) is one of the most versatile pivots in the tier. Although it doesn't exert nearly as much immediate pressure as Balleringue or UFOgekiss - it's much more easily answered by bulky Fairy-types like Constabull and Oonabee and can be threatened by Pollugonal - its type and Ability combine to give it less to fear from hazards than any other Pokémon in the format without needing to hold Boots, allowing it the freedom to run offensive Life Orb sets with Roost and Choice + Switcheroo sets. Its defensive profile also helps it switch in on some of the most relevant attackers in the format, and it was specifically created to help against sun teams that dominated early in the format; its bulk is not bad with the right investment if you leverage its resistances wisely, so it can keep making progress and disrupting an opponent's momentum throughout a match.​
- The bizarre
Crown Starly (a very special kind of Starly... with a Schooling clone.
is another common glue Pokémon set apart by its own unique form of long-term chip: its signature move Flurry deals physical Flying-type damage at the end of each turn for five turns, even if it leaves the field. This can't be cleared other than waiting it out, but it also can't stack with itself and isn't that big a deal on its own - it's mostly important to keep in mind when using a Flying-weak Pokémon or a Pokémon with low Defense. That said, a lot of our Pokémon have very lopsided defensive stats and there is an entire slate of Pokémon with good Special Defense but bad Defense, so this comes in handy at times! Flurry aside, Starly can consistently contribute for most of the game without being worn down thanks to Roost, U-turn and its choice of Rapid Spin or Defog, and it has a ton of stats propping it up even though its offensive movepool is toned down and deliberately mediocre.​

entry hazards:
- Many of our popular hazard control options use Rapid Spin rather than Defog, so having a spinblocker is worthwhile if you're running hazard stack teams!​
As mentioned earlier, Pollugonal is a popular defensive Pokémon that will find many opportunities to set up Spikes, so it's important to be prepared for this and not assume only Stealth Rock-weak Pokémon need to be protected from hazards.​
- One of the coolest archetypes right now is a Toxic Spikes offensive structure pioneered by ink, which uses Pokémon like
Alchemissus (a Ghost/Poison-type Mismagius evolution which can choose between Levitate and Corrosion),
Dolorak (an Ariados evolution with Prankster) and
Unbound Cofagrigus (a Dark-type Cofagrigus form with Pickpocket and Unburden) to spread poison in tandem with other hazards as reliably as possible, then capitalizes on the spread poison to enable Alchemissus's Hex and Venoshock as well as
Tyrandra (a Dark/Dragon-type evolution of a variant Seadra that uses Merciless Draco Meteor).​
- Sticky Web is also extremely powerful as of the most recent slate. In addition to Dolorak's Prankster Sticky Web, teams now have
variant Orbeetle (a Bug/Electric-type that keeps Sticky Web from its base form but also gains Cotton Down) to provide an incredibly consistent form of Speed control with excellent longevity, and there are many frail attackers that appreciate this support, including the deceptively powerful
Kalosian Shiinotic (a slow, frail Poison/Fairy-type with Spore; it abuses Technician Acid Spray, Draining Kiss and Hidden Power and can make incredible progress in a match, but it's difficult to use to the fullest without first securing a Speed advantage) as well as more conventional webs abusers.​

field effects:
- Many field effects are popular in the format, but most of them are not usually the basis of entire teams, especially because most of the conventional weatherspeed Abilities are sparsely distributed here. It's pretty common for a weather setter and two or three abusers to be used as a core, though, and a lot of them can have excellent type diversity since so many field effect setters here aren't the same types as any abusers!​
- Probably the most popular field effect in the format, sun teams are carried by
Kalosian Gigalith (a specially offensive Rock/Electric-type with Drought instead of Sand Stream), a bulky sun setter that can support its team with Stealth Rock but also hit just about anything for serious damage with wide coverage off of its base 135 Special Attack.​
In addition to Kalosian Gigalith, sun teams may choose to run vanilla
Leafeon for Chlorophyll, any number of offensive Fire-types, and Tropius's powerful evolution
Musasoar (a Grass/Flying-type that gains Acrobatics to complete some startlingly hard-hitting SubHarvest + Dragon Dance sets), while indirect abusers like Kalosian Shiinotic and variant Noivern have been observed using the sun to bolster their coverage, and... well! we will get to the last two in a bit--​
- The other contender for most popular field effect is hail, which is defined largely by the extremely fun pairing of
Skiversnow (a speedier utility branch of the Snover line that often uses Rapid Spin, Leech Seed and U-turn and wide coverage, with the same mixed offenses as base Abomasnow) and the vanilla
Alolan Sandslash, which is impressively dangerous in this format thanks to Slush Rush, also has Rapid Spin access, and comes with Swords Dance and a very strong offensive movepool.​
Usually, one or both of these Ice-types will run Rapid Spin, not only to support their team but also to abuse the Speed boost with Skiversnow's pivoting and Alolan Sandslash's Swords Dance sweep potential.​
The rest of their team does not necessarily need to interact with hail at all, but many good Pokémon in the format have Weather Ball and appreciate the Ice coverage, and the Skiversnow/Sandslash pairing can be used alongside slower pivots like Vaporeon or
Resurrectric (a mixed offensive Ground/Electric-type evolution of Marowak, which has less Attack but can still hold Thick Club and now has pivoting with Volt Switch; that said, its stats were nerfed since the potential VoltTurn core with Skiversnow was brought up, and I am admittedly not sure if it would still work that well with hail now but it seems cool) to form a dynamic balance or offensive core that seems very unlike canon hail or can also fit onto much more aggressive teams, featuring wallbreakers like Eclipseroid and stallbreakers like Shiinotic-Kalos.​
One thing to be mindful of: although canon hail is largely defined by Aurora Veil, Skiversnow does not have the move, so other hail setters like Abomasnow or other screens setters like
Mienshao-Yaoguai (a mixed offensive Fighting/Ghost-type Mienshao variant with less Speed but access to Prankster, letting it run screens support with Taunt and U-turn among other things) may also be considered.​
- Sand is theoretically notable for being the only weather condition that has more than one autosetter, as it can potentially be set with Sand Stream from vanilla
Gigalith but also Sand Spit from Eviolite Sandaconda or
Coilrig (a Ground/Poison-type evolution of Sandaconda that mostly specializes in spreading status with Sludge Bomb, Glare and occasionally Scorching Sands).​
However, it isn't nearly as commonly run as other weathers for a variety of reasons, which mostly boil down to a lack of abusers. Unovan Excadrill is not legal; two of the only three Sand Rush users are restricted by Species Clause; Coilrig is usually just run with one of its other Abilities (Shed Skin and Liquid Ooze, both of which have proven consistently relevant in context); the defensive utility of sand's Special Defense boost is not always worth the defensive liability of stacking Rock-types; and Rock is one of the weaker available Weather Ball types, since it isn't directly boosted like Fire but isn't quite as widely useful as coverage as Ice.​
However, we do have objectively the funniest "sand abuser" of all time,
Arctaran Lycanroc (a Rock/Ice-type variant of Lycanroc also titled Midnight Sun Form, which retains Sand Rush from Midday Form and Tough Claws from Dusk Form but also has the option of Fluffy). One option for Arctaran Lycanroc is to play about as far from the strengths of its type as possible, with an extremely defensive stat spread that reaches absolutely comical levels of mixed bulk by combining Fluffy, the Special Defense boost from Sand and reliable recovery in Shore Up; at the same time, Sand Rush sets have just enough Speed and Attack to leverage the offensive potential of its type using Swords Dance in tandem with moves like Stone Edge, Triple Axel and Close Combat or Drill Run while still taking special hits like nothing.​
It should not work but it tanks the strangest hits​
It's kind of not that scary most of the time but it's funny as all heck​
- Electric Terrain and Psychic Terrain do not seem especially prevalent as field effect archetypes in singles, as there are no Pokémon whose Abilities directly interact with them other than the Pokémon that appreciate every field effect, and the format's various Unburden users all either prefer other Abilities to Unburden or are designed to abuse Unburden using items other than Seeds.​
However, both terrains are set by a field effect setter that does not share their type, meaning it is easy to stack other Electric- or Psychic-types on the same team without creating a defensive liability.​
Electric Terrain is set by
Neural Reuniclus (a Fighting-type variant with a physically offensive bias - it keeps Regenerator as an option but also gains Electric Surge). Although it doesn't have STAB on Electric moves, it is unique in that only Electric Surge sets can use its exclusive Axon Rush, a move that boosts its Attack, Defense and Speed and the same stats of its allies in doubles but only works in Electric Terrain; it also appreciates limited access to Steel Roller as coverage for Fairy-types once it is done setting up, and the high reward of Axon Rush, exclusive coverage, hazard resistance and Drain Punch/Recover access go a long way to make it easy to forego Regenerator on offensive sets, while by no means overshadowing it on defensive ones. Other Electric-types like the aforementioned Resurrectric may see use alongside it, appreciating the boost to Rising Voltage.​
Meanwhile, Psychic Terrain is set by
Bafflack (a Water-type evolution of Golduck, although a pending nerf may lower its stats and make it evolve from Psyduck instead - it is defined by the choice between specially offensive Psychic Surge sets and physically offensive Pure Power sets). Bafflack is mostly seen with Pure Power, which boosts strong offensive options in Aqua Jet and Flip Turn, but Psychic Surge exists as an option to circumvent its comically low Defense by blocking priority. Choosing to run Psychic Surge essentially gives it a pseudo-"secondary STAB" in the form of boosted Expanding Force, and while Flip Turn no longer has the wallbreaking power it does on Pure Power sets, it can be used to share all of Psychic Surge's benefits with the rest of its team at no risk.​
One of the more popular Psychic Terrain abusers is
Hocuspocus (a mixed offensive Psychic/Ghost-type evolution of Kadabra, which uses Tough Claws or Super Luck to support its physical movepool but also has such tools as Expanding Force and Will-o-Wisp), which may occasionally run manual Psychic Terrain to get around Sucker Punch and support its own Expanding Force.​
- Finally, two of the most unique Pokémon in the format,
Aleon (a very fast Normal-type evolution of Eevee that primarily abuses Normalize but can also run Adaptability or Beast Boost) and
Nown (a Psychic-type evolution of Unown with Protean and exactly four moves: Hidden Power, Weather Ball, Nature Power and Guard Split) deserve a section all of their own, as they are essentially designed to benefit from nearly every field effect.​
Aleon is a popular glue in its own right with tools like Wish and STAB Scald and Volt Switch, but it pairs especially well with teams that run field effects, as they are by far the best way for sets that choose Normalize to gain coverage of other types. Although Normalize makes nearly all of its moves into STAB moves with 1.2x power, it can be purposefully bypassed using Weather Ball or Terrain Pulse, so it's common to see Aleon run Normalize sets with one or both of these moves depending on its teammates in order to get the best of both worlds - sun teams can use a Normalize-boosted Normal-type Solar Beam and a sun-boosted Fire-type Weather Ball, Electric Terrain teams can use a Normalize-boosted Normal-type Rising Voltage and a terrain-boosted Electric-type Terrain Pulse, and so on, all while keeping STAB Scald and Volt Switch.​
Nown doesn't have Aleon's incredible Speed, but it hits much harder, and it has STAB on all of its type-changing moves thanks to Protean; the result is something bizarrely customizable and adaptable to field effect-centric teams even while having essentially zero set variety. While Aleon is a flexible glue that becomes a dangerous cleaner with field effects, Nown is just an all-out wallbreaker that can punch holes with a variety of types. Its most popular Hidden Power type right now seems to be Ghost, and since it is essentially forced to have Guard Split on its set even if it doesn't care for it, it can take advantage of its high HP stat by using Guard Split to temporarily bolster its own defenses and tear into an opponent's at the same time when it needs the extra help.​

Echoed Voice:
- ... wait what​
yeah it's a thing

This is an archetype that emerged kind of out of nowhere following our Normal-type prompt; there were a lot of new offensive Normal-types at once, and the Normal-type move Echoed Voice becomes stronger each consecutive turn that it's used... regardless of whether the same Pokémon or even the same team is using it! It has become popular to run Echoed Voice on teams that would be choosing to run Normal spam anyway, as its power escalates quickly and can be totally worth the setup in the right situations.​
Variant Dewgong (a pure Normal-type that has Recover and the options of Thick Fat and Adaptability) is consistent at getting multiple Echoed Voices off in a row by itself, and Aleon makes a return on these teams, using its high Speed in tandem with Adaptability or Normalize to sweep weakened teams with already-boosted Echoed Voices.​
It's not likely that you could build an entire team out of Echoed Voice, of course, but people have chosen to run Echoed Voice on more than one Pokémon on the same team and it has paid off at the funniest times​
I love this mod so much​

ongoing balance changes:
- As a small heads-up, there were a couple of nerfs I was supposed to poll but didn't finish formally resolving yet, sorry!! but uh,​
variant Slurpuff,
variant Orbeetle and
Unidentified Togekiss are all pending nerfs with varying degrees of certainty.​
Unidentified Togekiss is on everyone's watchlist right now, but we haven't completely reached a consensus on the nerf we want, so that might go through a couple of variations in the future while we try things out! and Balleringue is borderline right now, but not nerfing it at all is also still on the table. The others here mostly have specific ideas set in stone, but I am just a bit behind on administrative stuff!​

I have definitely not covered everything here, so please go and explore! C: I just wanted to cover what felt like some of the most relevant archetypes and differences in the format to share some of its identity.

Carnivenom (evolves from Carnivine; submitted and designed by inkbug)

Eclipseroid (evolves from Solrock and Lunatone; submitted and designed by ausma, second design pass by me)

Alolan Malamar (submitted by Violettes, designed by ausma and Violettes together)

Kalosian Gigalith (submitted by Violettes, designed by ausma and Violettes together)

Tenoris (evolves from Swablu; submitted and designed by Albatross)

Galarian Magcargo (submitted and designed by jazzmat)

This is a version of the design made by me but it's mostly a joke
We are officially going with jazzmat's own version!

Mienshao-Yaoguai (submitted, designed and drawn by me, with some awesome design feedback from inkbug)

Scrafiti (submitted by Magmajudis, designed by inkbug)

theatre kids.png (by inkbug)

Skiversnow (evolves from Snover; submitted and designed by ausma)

Balleringue (evolves from Wormadam-Trash; submitted and first designed by Magmajudis; second pass by inkbug)

Dark Roast Sinistea and Cold Brew Polteageist (submitted by me and designed by inkbug)

Aleon (evolves from Eevee; submitted and designed by inkbug)

Ultra Ludicolo (submitted by Violettes, designed by ausma and Violettes together)

Musasoar (evolves from Tropius; submitted by Violettes, designed by ausma and Violettes together)

Neural Reuniclus (submitted and designed by ausma)

Dusglow (evolves from Dusclops; submitted by Violettes, designed by ausma and Violettes together)

Hisuian Excadrill (submitted and designed by ausma)

Gourmant (evolves from Heatmor; submitted and designed by jazzmat)

Variant Orbeetle (submitted and designed by Magmajudis)

Michu (evolves into Mimikyu; submitted by me, designed by inkbug, fanart of Michu wearing crocs by Albatross)

Carnelion (evolves from Persian; submitted by abismal, designed by inkbug)

Coconfetti (evolves from Spewpa; submitted by jazzmat, designed by inkbug)

Arctaran Goomy and Goodra (submitted by ausma; designed by inkbug)

Variant Mantine (submitted and designed by Violettes)

Galarian Klefki (submitted and designed by Albatross)

Unidentified Togekiss (submitted by jazzmat, designed by inkbug)

Alchemissus (evolves from Mismagius; submitted by Kero, designed by inkbug)

Jackourd (evolves from Gourgeist; submitted by Kero, designed by inkbug)

Resurrectric (evolves from Marowak; submitted by me, designed by inkbug)

Farmunk (evolves from Greedent; submitted and designed by jazzmat)

Terrestrial Naganadel (submitted by Kero, designed by inkbug; bottom right is not the Shiny, just a comparison to base Naganadel's colors)

Tyrandra (evolves from Seadra-Variant; submitted and designed by ausma)

Freedling (evolves from Trevenant; submitted and designed by ausma)

Kantonian Centiskorch (submitted and designed by jazzmat)

Unbound Cofagrigus (submitted and designed by inkbug)

Boomblare (evolves from Loudred-Variant; submitted and designed by ausma)

Plaguicate (evolves from Raticate-Kanto; submitted and designed by ausma)

Chukaurd (evolves from Watchog; submitted by jazzmat, designed by ausma)

Nown (evolves from Unown; submitted by abismal, sprited by inkbug based on abismal's design input)

Ultra Wailord (submitted by abismal, designed and sprited by inkbug)

Narcissopod (evolves from Wimpod; submitted by Violettes, designed by ausma and Violettes together)

December 13th:
edit: I added a gallery .w.
edit again: now there are icons in the post!
edit again: I did some proofreading and fixed some wording

January 12th:
edit again much later: added a damage calculator by ink and welcomed Michu wearing crocs to the gallery!
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Random Dex: The Solomod

My main solomod is still being worked on and this is a placeholder for now. Random Dex was cool, but not a very pet moddy thing. This is RandDex as a solomod & NatDex. It is much broken, yes it is. More bans are 100% coming, as there is no way several things are staying. The watchlist has several things that most likely aren't broken, but I'm keeping an eye on them.
When Exploud got rolled, I looked at a lower power level meta like Evo Project (check them out, its a cool solomod), and realized it might be quite scary. Lopunny-Mega then came in and I immediately banned it. Not in this micrometa.

It got banned from NatDex (I think it was NatDex).

In MY Meta? Not on my watch.

Idk Exploud can be scary without proper resists. Ghosts don't work because of scrappy & it has coverage to hit Steels & Rocks.

Gee, I wonder why

Kind of terrifying with huge SD boosted moves & Sharpness to boot. Mega is faster but kind of weaker?

Hits quite hard with Pixilate Hyper Voice

I like Gren, that's why I didn't jump the gun yet. Prob still broken though.

Not sure why. They have lots of diversity though, kind of scary.

One of the least threatening mons in this list. Ice/Ground stab goes hard though.

Shed Tail go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Prob not deserving to be on the list. Its only here because of how good it was in RandDex.

1. Speed Boost 2. SD 3. ??? 4. Profit

145/101 Special Offense

HUGE wall

Fillet Away goes hard

It has Tail Glow. Wows.
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Weedmons is a SoloMod originally led by The Reptile, whose purpose is primarily to make a fun micrometa based on the
completely arbitrary limitations of the theme of Weed! That being said, only Pokemon that meet the following requirements can participate​
  • Pokemon with the 420 BST
  • Pokemon with the ability Blaze, Sap Sipper, Cloud Nine or White Smoke
  • Cherubi (420th mon in the dex)
  • Oddish (the original Weedmon)
This leaves us with a funny list of Pokémon, which will be listed below. Ofc, this is a Nat Dex based metagame in order to utilize the full number of qualified Pokémon.

The list goes as follows


  • Standard Gen 9 Nat Dex Clauses
  • Ability Clause - A Pokemon with Blaze, Sap Sipper, Cloud Nine or White Smoke must have that ability (ex Azumarril must have Sap Sipper)
  • Mega Evolution is banned.
Have fun!!!!


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WIP (in terms of stats)

:Pumpkaboo: MiniMons :Gourgeist:

Minimons is a solomod that balances out the SV OU meta by scaling down (or up in some cases) to 400 BST for each pokemon

Link to changes (WIP):

Misc: Not on Dragon Heaven yet, but I’m not a coder, would someone like to help out?
I noted that no legendaries nor Paradox forms are in this list, is that intentional? Also, what exactly is the scale down formula used?
Currently, the list is being made lol, all mons will be available, also I’ve been making the scaling 400/Current BST, then applying that to each of it’s stats, rounded to the closest number, this gets to roughly 400 (maybe 1-3 off).


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Long time no see!

Just wanted to pop in really quick to announce the first approved solomod thread since the initial wave at the beginning of the generation:
SwordIsBored's Modern Gen 3!

Like the other MG metagames, MG3 has been the most active solomod of the generation, so despite the subforum being dominated by MG metas right now, I can't deny their success, so all 3 deserve a thread.

That's all for now, so keep posting solomods! I have had one in the works for a few weeks that I can't wait to share soon!

Furthermore, I will hopefully have a new Solomods Discord created soon (hold me to that), so look out for that!

See you later!

As we all know, all types are not created equal.
I wanted to try to balance out the type chart more (while still having diverse types)
as well as introduce new moves/changes in order to rectify some weaknesses.

Link to changes: Type Chart+

Here are all of the type changes, no immunities were changed.
All additions are well... additions so they have that new interaction in addition to their old ones
IceFairyUnchangedUnchangedUnchangedUnchangedBug, Fairy, Flying, Poison
FairyUnchangedUnchangedBug, IceFire, IceBugUnchanged

I also added a passive for Poison where a similar effect to Liquid Ooze is passively active, where draining moves deal 1/16 of the attacker's hp and do not recover hp

Old MoveCategoryTypeBPAccuracyEffectPPQuality
Acid SpraySpecialPoison35100%Unchanged20Corrosive
Gastro AcidStatusPoison-100%Unchanged10Corrosive
Apple AcidSpecialGrass80100%Unchanged10Corrosive
Steam EruptionSpecialWater11095%Unchanged5Vaporizing
Frost BreathSpecialIce6090%30% Frostbite10None
New MoveCategoryTypeBPAccuracyEffectPPQuality
Corrosive ExcrementStatusPoison--Applies Corrosive to next Physical Attack10None
Acid SlashPhysicalPoison70100%-15Corrosive
Molten JabPhysicalFire70100%-15Vaporizing
FlashfreezeStatusIce-85%Applies Frostbite15None
FrostbiteReplaces FreezeDeals 1/16 of targets max hp per turn, halves damage of special moves

Corrosive and Vaporizing are 2 new qualities I added (qualities meaning sound/ballistic/powder etc).
Corrosive removes the steel typing from the target and deals resisted damage against steel types. The pokemon regains steel when it switches out. Part poison types are immune to the damage and corrosive effects of these moves. (literally just Revavroom but who cares)
Vaporizing means it is super effective against water types.

This solomod introduces new type interactions to try to balance type interactions in the metagame while still keeping each type varied. For example, Fairy is often considered the best type in the game. This mod adds resistances offensively in Ice and Bug while also adding weaknesses in Fire and Ice, as well as removing its bug resistance. Ice is often considered the worst defensive type in the game, so I added 4 resistances to Bug, Fairy, Flying, and Poison.

There were a few moves I added/changed in order to provide some balance. Poison has really low offensive presence as its only super effective against two types. It's now super effective against Water and can also remove the steel typing from pokemon using certain moves.

I also brought Frostbite back from Legends Arceus as a Freeze replacement, while also introducing a frostbite counterparty to Will-o-Wisp. Right now there are some incredibly strong special attackers (Gholdengo, Chi-Yu, Flutter Mane + more) that are really hard to play around. Freeze is also just stupid and i believe Frostbite is 100 times better.

This is all still very early on and I'm very open to suggestions/feedback
I have no clue if this would actually be balanced or if it's even more unbalanced
I personally think I may have made Fire too strong and Fairy + Water too weak but I have no way of testing

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:snorlax: :zapdos: GSC DOUBLES: :starmie: :marowak:

GSC with doubles.

Functional Changes:
Spread Moves:
All other Pokemon: Earthquake, Explosion, Self destruct
All foes: Blizzard, Growl, Icy wind, Leer, Powder Snow, Razor Leaf, Razor Wind, Rock Slide, Spikes, String Shot, Surf, Swift, Tail Whip, Twister
Moves which hit all other Pokemon deal 100% damage. Moves which hit all foes deal 50%.
Screens: Reflect and Light Screen both negate 1/3 of incoming damage.

:celebi: Celebi
:ho-oh: Ho-Oh
:lugia: Lugia
:mew: Mew
:mewtwo: Mewtwo

:snorlax: Snorlax (Extremely high bulk under dual screens)

Name of Mod: "NatDex AG WILD"
Summary of the Mod: basically NatDex AG but allowing all gimmicks (Tera, Dyna, etc..) from all generations, past and future !

With all the new gimmicks that have disappeared (such as Dyanamax, Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, etc..) it is time for a new format, a future-proof format: «NatDex AG WILD»
The wild format will in essence be what the NatDex AG format could have been...
Yes... this means the NatDex AG WILD format will have a very large player base on the main server on it will be one of the most played formats. Success guaranteed. Top 3.

The main non-negotiable point of NatDex AG WILD is:
  • every gimmick is playable (Tera, Dyna, etc... from all generation, past and future, adding the new ones in the future)

In order for the NatDex AG WILD format to be future-proof (i.e. not having problems in the future generations) there needs to be one additional constraint:
  • each pokemon can only have one activatable gimmick enabled.
An activatable gimmick is a gimmick that requires an activation box in-game. For example in order to mega-evolve you click the mega-evolve box in-game. Same for Dyna, same for Tera, you click the activation box. Same for Z-Move actually.
The problem is that you cannot have 4 boxes. And even if you could have 4 boxes, what happens when we reach Generation32? We can't have 20 boxes.
So the choice of «which gimmick is enabled» will be made in Teambuilder

Just like a drop-down menu allows you to select the type of the Terastalisation (in the Teambuilder) you will have a menu where you can select which gimmick is enabled for each pokemon. Even when we reach generation 32, this will be fine, you select in this menu (in Teambuilder) which gimmick is activated on your pokemon. If you select Dynamax, fine, if you select Terastalisation then a new sub menu appears allowing you to choose which Type. So it is a very clean solution for the future, it is future-proof.

Choices that remain to be decided, but less important:
  • do we keep all items as well? (I would tend to say yes)
...and probably some other question that I can't think of right now, but will edit and add accordingly if the comments show that some other questions arise

IF YOU LIKE THE IDEA FEEL FREE TO COPY PASTE IT AND SUBMIT IT WHEREVER ELSE YOU WANT (I can't post in some threads because even though I am an ancient player I only created this account on the forum recently). That would help, thanks.
Name of Mod: ADV OU + Chimera
Mascot: FrLg Ghost / Pokéstar Studios Old Statue
Link to Changes:

Summary of the Mod:
ADV OU ruleset with the option to bring up to one custom Fakemon (Chimera) that can be generated on-the-fly within the teambuilder. The Fakemon has base stats limitations, ability restrictions and movepool restrictions applied to it, as is outlined in the Google doc. The Fakemon reveals its base stats, ability and typing to the opponent upon being sent out into battle, but it does not reveal its EVs, IVs (hidden power type) or attacks.

This is mostly to be a demonstration of the sandbox feature which I am planning to load into the Dragonheaven server once it is gen9-ready, and the capabilites that a sandbox should be able to offer. I'm planning to run a tournament for this tier once it is ready too, so look out for that!
Out of Luck

If you’ve ever lost a game to getting para’d twice in a row at a crucial moment, or from your 95% accurate V-Create missing twice in a row, then you know why I’m proposing this mod. This is a format where all luck factors have been removed.

Because many inaccurate moves are now reliable, such as the infamous focus blast, offense teams are probably getting a bit stronger. Scald is no longer burning physical switch-ins, making bulky water types easier to manage. Screens are more consistent with the removal of random crits, which ignored their defensive boost.

Please let me know if you would wanna play this, because I think it deserves to exist at least as an experiment, to see whether the removal of rng would improve the game. Also, I’m not sure what to do about speed ties. I would like to have the attacks trade, but I’m not sure if that’s codeable.
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Ema Skye

:meganium::typhlosion::feraligatr: JohtoMons :ho-oh::lugia::celebi:
Johtomons is a GEN1 solomod that adds the 2nd generation of Pokemon and some moves to the RBY metagame. It is mechanically unaltered, but, as you can imagine, adding about 40 new Pokemon to an existing format shakes it up quite intensely.

This mod wouldn't be possible without the work of Crystal_, who created RBY251 many, many years ago on the now defunct RBY2k20 server. A few of us had interest in reviving this mod and making it up to date (we didn't know all the cart inaccuracies in the simulators at the time of RBY251's release).

Many thanks to TehTayTeh, juoean and eshe0 for collaborating on building the mod and helping to import it to current gen.

What was added to RBY?
Every Gen 2 Pokemon and some moves
Aeroblast, Sacred Fire, Present, Spider Web, Megahorn, Extreme Speed, Vital Throw, Mach Punch, Morning Sun, Metal Claw, Steel Wing, Octazooka, Hidden Power, Outrage, Milk Drink, and Triple Kick

These are every signature move given out in Gen 2, when factoring in a RBY TM list. There were two exceptions to this: Pain Split, which would have made Misdreavus broken due to being impossible to break and rewarding degenerate Confuse Ray strategies, and Spikes, which doesn't translate to RBY's mechanics and, assuming Gen 2 Spikes, would've had a negative impact on the meta.

What about Dark/Steel types?
They're both here with their GSC type effectiveness! Bite is Dark-type.

Any Other Changes?
A few Pokemon had stat changes to accommodate parity between counterparts. This includes Feraligatr, Raikou and Ho-oh.

What about Shuckle?
Shuckle had a bit of an overhaul because it wouldn't work statistically in RBY as 230 special is unheard of. Its special was reduced and its HP was increased to create equivalent special bulk. Its stats are now: 70/10/230/70/5.

What about Smeargle?
Smeargle learns every move it could normally obtain in GSC.

What about Wobbuffet?
It learns Counter and Mimic. Have fun!

What about Unown?
It is the only user of Hidden Power, which follows the same rules as GSC. Note that the builder, as an RBY mod, doesn't support showing Hidden Power type and so you will have to manually set your Hidden Power type.

How were movepool changes decided?
RBY mons stayed the same unless they got a new move (Arcanine, Machamp, Hitmonchan, Dragonite). Otherwise, this is copied from RBY251.

First off, TM/HM moves available in RBY 251 are only the TMs/HMs available in RBY.

Out of these 55 (50 TM + 5 HM), there are different cases (if a move satisfies 2 or more of the following critera, whichever criterion is first takes precedence):

Moves learned by every Pokemon in RBY with the exceptions being only Caterpie, Kakuna, Magicarp etc. -> Every GSC Pokemon except Unown and Wobbuffet (and Smeargle who learns everything via Sketch aka level) learns them in RBY 251. Examples: Mimic, Rest.

Moves that are also TMs/HMs in GSC -> If a Pokemon learns it in GSC, the Pokemon learns it in RBY 251. Examples: Fire Blast, Fly.

Moves that can be learned by tutor in GSC -> If a Pokemon learns it in GSC, the Pokemon learns it in RBY 251. Examples: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower.

Moves that can be learned by TM/tutor in ADV -> If a Pokemon learns it in ADV, the Pokemon learns it in RBY 251. Examples: Counter, Body Slam, Sowrds Dance.

(if a Pokemon can learn a move via breeding but can NOT learn it via TM/tutor, it does NOT learn it in RBY 251). Example: Mantine and Rock Slide (I can't remember more atm).

There is a very small number of justified exceptions to these rules. Examples: Hitmontop and Rock Slide (the other hitmons don't learn it in RBY), Espeon/Umbreon and Cut (the other eons don't learn it in RBY). The main exception is Reflect, which has a much wider compatibility in RBY than in ADV, where it is a tutor move.

Reflect and the moves that don't belong to any of the previous criteria have their compatibility chosen according to RBY trends. For example, only Pokemon that can stand in two legs learn Submission, and, like in RBY as well, Psychic and Psywave are learned by the same Pokemon, and the same for Water Gun and BubbleBeam. In addition, Mega Drain <-> Giga Drain, and Skull Bash <-> Headbutt, because of the very similar spread in GSC.
I will link to the moveset data file on DH once it is live, which should hopefully be soon.

Metagame Analysis

The best Pokemon in the tier. 130 attack Slash cleaves through the tier (thank you RBY crit mechanics!). Hyper Beam is also ludicrously strong and it gets Swords Dance too. Earthquake typically rounds out its set.

An insane defensive pick as a bulky normal with recovery (Milk Drink), it is one of the few things capable of withstanding Ursaring's assault while also not being an offensive slouch.

Most of its checks (Rhydon/Golem) are walled by Miltank and so Zapdos is usually free to click Thunderbolt against most of the tier, while keeping Drill Peck for grasses.

So you know how RBY is dominated by Normal and Psychic types? Yeah so here's the Bug/Fighting type with the 120BP bug move...

The fattest mon in the tier and it shares Alakazam's gigantic special attack. A strong and versatile defensive piece.

A good Normal resist with great coverage and, especially, Thunder Wave access.

Miltank sidegrade. This one can boost with Sharpen and has double the recovery PP, but lacks Body Slam's pressure.

Still as versatile as ever. Meta changes benefit it a ton!

A new Amnesia user (+2 special) with a relative lack of common weaknesses makes it difficult to stop once it gets going.

Another Normal resist that isn't weak to Earthquake while packing Metal Claw to chunk Tyranitar.

While getting around Miltank is a pain, it does well vs Ursaring and Zapdos.

Its a ghost and it isn't weak to Ground! Has worse stats than Gengar and lacks much of a movepool, but makes for a strong defensive piece.
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Name of Mod: Kaen's Dex
Mascot: :luvdisc: Luvdisc
Link to Changes: Google Sheet
Summary of the Mod: Fakemons made by me.
With over 160 new monsters, moves and abilities, it is pretty much its own generation, all the fully evolved Fakemons are made with the idea of being at least viable and the only banned one is the cover legendary at the end of the list. You can also go and use some of the classic official Pokémon that are receiving an evolution, Hypno, Luvdisc, Shuckle and Arbok for the eviolite experience.
Playable on Dragon Heaven.
(Currently Gen 8, will change to Gen 9 eventually)

is there a discord server?


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Popping in real quick to announce that we now have a new Discord server for Gen 9 Solomods! Join by clicking HERE.

The server is a lot like the Gen 8 one, but more organized with less clutter and a new Tournaments channel, where you can plan, schedule, and discuss future roomtours and forum tournaments. This'll hopefully get more play for Solomods as a whole.

That's all for now, see you in the new Discord!

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