Announcement Some big things for BSS in 2018

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2017 was huge year for our section, largely due to the successes of our circuit and premier league, ran by DragonWhale, bringing in many new faces and driving the metagame forward. DragonWhale was the first mod added since I was promoted by Hulavuta, which is also the first time this forum has had 3 mods. With Hulavuta stepping down, I'm really proud to say that DragonWhale is the new Battle Spot Singles Co-Leader! Make sure to tell him how much you love and appreciate him ITT; thanks DragonWhale!

Also, thanks to the 2017 circuit being such a success, I'm really excited to officially announce that the 2018 circuit will award the winner of the Invitational with a

As Hula was explaining in his retirement post, back when he (and later I) became leaders, no one would have even imagined something like this happening for our section, so it feels really rewarding as a Leader of this community to have us recognised like this, and is a credit to all of your dedication. Go us!!

Here's to an even better 2018.


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Great job DragonWhale! Looking forward to playing more Battle Spot this year, and like I said in Hula's retirement thread, it's great that the meta has grown so much on PS and Smogon.
Thanks DW for a fantastic year of bssc and bspl! Also thanks for not kicking me out of bssc after I went MIA for half the year.

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