Pokémon Spidops



: Bug

Stats: Irrelevant

Abilities: Insomnia/Stakeout

Notable Moves:

Allow me to introduce you to the concept of solo-Spidops in OU: The only Pokémon on your team, and the only one you will ever need.

Screenshot 2022-11-26 051801.png

+ Simply seeing Spidops will intimidate your opponent more effectively than a team full of Landorus-T
+ Memento immediately proves to everyone watching that you aren't afraid to die and that, in fact, you are going to
+ Insomnia+Focus Sash Lead Memento Spidops is only hard countered by Sandstorm, Multi-hit moves, Taunt, Moves, Poison, Burn, other Pokémon, and Good As Gold, and as such you are nearly guaranteed to get off Memento
+ More-than-useable base 35 Speed ensures that, even if scarfed, you would be out-sped by nearly everything, requiring that you run a Focus Sash, whose activation upon getting hit adds insult to injury when you use Memento immediately after
+ You get to look at Spidops every time you play the game

- Cannot use more than one Spidops
- Your fingers may get tired from typing "gg wp"

Terastalization Potential:
Although Spidops could potentially go Tera-Ghost to prevent Population Bomb, Tera-Dark to prevent Prankster Taunt, Tera-Ground, Tera-Rock or Tera-Steel to prevent Sandstorm, Tera-Fire to prevent Burn, Tera-Electric to prevent Paralysis stopping your Memento, Tera-Poison or Tera-Steel to prevent non-Corrosion Poison, or even Tera-Fairy to put its excellent bulk to good use, it is generally frowned upon to convert Spidops to any type other than Tera-Bug, as such an act is an assault on the ideological bedrock that Spidops rests on: being Spidops. Nothing more, nothing less.

Potential Sets:

The 'Ops
Spidops @ Focus Sash
Ability: Insomnia
EVs: N/A
Tera Type: Bug
Bold Nature
- Memento

The big one. Survive a hit with Focus Sash and use Memento to prove you are the Alpha Spidops Player. If no other choice is available, use Struggle. Insomnia to prevent Sleep status from stopping your Memento. Bold nature required as only those who are truly bold can withstand the power surge that comes with using Spidops. Spidops has the lowest base stat total of any fully evolved Pokémon in Scarlet/Violet, and one of the lowest in the entire franchise, so no EV investment required; but feel free to input whatever number of EVs you feel boosts your confidence enough to click Memento first turn.

The win condition of this Pokémon, and its essential purpose in the OU metagame, is to inflict serious psychological damage to your opponent. It is close to impossible to avoid a Memento from Spidops, unless one of dozens of preventative factors is at play, and your opponent will have to live with that. It doesn't matter if they've won in the game, they've lost in real life. Your adversary will have to come to terms with the fact that your towering intellect dwarfs theirs, simply by virtue of your outstanding choice in Pokémon. After the dust settles, when you type "gg wp" (and you will), it will be clear to any who witnessed your match that you are the Spidops Expert.

Note: While it is possible to use up to 5 additional Pokémon in your team selection, the writer of this analysis strongly discourages such a choice, as restriction to only using Spidops is considered one of few possible paths towards "winning" the unwinnable, unending "game" contained within the continuous capitalistic dirge that is the Pokémon franchise. You win by releasing your mind from the very concept of winning itself.


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I think we're all missing the point of Spidops.

Spidops is a stealthy agent who specializes in setting traps and taking out prey before it's even noticed.
Thus, sending them out when a Pokemon battle has already been declared defeats their point.
They are best utilized outside of battle setting tripwires and contaminated caltrops, then utilizing their exceptional eyesight to find trainers that will be too dumb to notice they've walked into a stakeout.
Spidops is truly ahead of its time.
Well every game gamefreak makes at least 1 awful pokemon, but this is one of the worst we have gotten in awhile. Yeah it has 1 good unique move but thats it
As much fun and diverse this Spidops set is for the meta, it makes our little spider too much for the tier. It is uncompetitive and leads to a lot of 50/50s where it can or not land a Memento. There is no other solution unless to ban Spidops as a whole.

We can try to create a separeted ladder where Spidops is legal, or even show Spidops moveset on teampreview, but none of this will solve the problem. Ban this already. It is uncompetitive and leads to a lot of 50/50s.

Did I mention it is uncompetitive and leads to a lot of 50/50s? No?
So i'll say it again:


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