SPL IX - Administrative Decisions

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RE: Tricking

Situation: Tricking is tourbanned for reasons unrelated to SPL. The Stark Sharks had previously traded for his retention rights.
Ongoing tournament signup phases are concluded only once signups have ended and tourbanned players are not eligible to signup for tournaments, thus Tricking's signup is considered void. Players must have a valid signup in order to be retained.

Result: Tricking will be barred from participating in SPL 9 until midseason, after his tourban has expired. The Stark Sharks keep Tricking's retention rights and may choose to retain him at midseason, provided he has a valid signup.​
RE: Tricking part 2:

There will be a change regarding how Tricking's tourban will affect his trade and retain for SPL. Assuming Sharks retain Tricking, he will be allowed to play the week after his tournament ban ends instead of the previous ruling. The Sharks had already, prior to Tricking's tourban, made a retain for Tricking that would have been confirmed if the evidence for OLT hadn't been leaked the same day.

There's not a whole lot of tours where a player can be tourbanned after they sign up and (almost) get unbanned before the first round of a tournament happens, so in the future this will continue to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
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RE: the Rodriblutar trade:

The Rodriblutar trade will be nulled, and the Wolfpack will get back the credits used in the trade. Trade is being nulled due to unclarities regarding the comments Rodriblutar made ealy on. There will be no other punishment for Rodriblutar unless he fails to uphold the minimum expectations that SPL demands of its players.
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RE: The Smogtours Timer

During SPL - and other official tournament games the timer is to remain on at all times. The only exception to this is when one of the players disconnects. Not only is time management a big part of playing competitive Pokemon at the highest level, but keeping the timer on eliminates the risk of the alternative being abused. The matches will be a lot more spectator-friendly on top of that.

Smogtours moderators, please do not turn off the timer unless there's a disconnection. Even if the opponent consents, the timer should stay on - the TD team recognizes the imbalance with player perception and what is competitive in these situations. While some players may feel confident or comfortable requesting that the timer stay on to allow their opponent to time-out into a loss, there are situations in which this could be made more difficult for inexperienced or newer tournament players. Other than making cheating significantly more difficult, we also want to minimize the effect that community perception has on the decisions a player makes in battle. It is for these reasons the TD team has decided that consent from the opposing player is not sufficient by itself to warrant turning the timer off.

Should a disconnection happen, please only turn off the timer if the opponent consents. If the disconnection followed by a time-out loss happened with little time remaining, then the game will be considered a loss. If the disconnection followed by a time-out loss happened with a good amount of time remaining, then the game will be recreated. We've decided against revealing the exact benchmarks for these rulings, in order to minimize the opportunity to abuse this information.

Please send in your teams before you start playing! It doesn't matter if your connection is Smogon's finest; the TD team cannot guarantee a recreate if we cannot access both teams. Always send in your team beforehand! Read this thread if you're unsure how to do so.


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Re: Team Submissions

As of the update to the newest form of XenForo, editing a Private Message no longer changes the date or displays any indication of a change to TeamSubmissions. As such, we will be using the Team Submissions Forum instead. TeamSubmissions (and chaos) will be the only account able to view threads within the subforum (note: SS members also cannot view threads within the forum). At the moment, members of SS can modify permissions to view threads, but this any SS member who does this can be traced and will face repercussions. If you still have have qualms with this or simply do not trust the corrupt members of the TD team and Senior Staff, feel more than free to use https://cryptobin.co/ and withold your password for said bin from your submission (note: you'll have to provide it should we ask for it).

Sending your team in via Private Message to Team Submissions, as of the time of this post, does not count as submitting your team. Please use the forum linked here.
RE: Trades

In the commencement thread, the wording for when trades are allowed was confusing and directly contradictory to itself. Going forward it will be edited to say:

3. Trades – Trades are only possible when there is no ongoing week. This means you can trade before week 1 has begun and during the midseason break. In order to complete a trade, both involved managers must submit a PM to the host detailing which player(s) on their team and/or how many auction credits they are trading away, as well as what they are receiving as compensation.​

Two teams recently wanted to make a trade, believing it possible under the rules. The rule was always intended to state that trades are only allowed pre-week 1 & during the midseason week. A trade hasn't in SPL's recent history occurred outside of these two time frames and this trade won't be an exception.


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RE: NightFox vs. ToF

Earlier tonight NightFox played a DPP match thinking it was this week's SPL game against ToF. After finishing the game, and thus revealing the team he had prepared, it become known he played a banned user impersonating his opponent instead. The TD team offered NightFox a short extension to prepare a new team for his game, but NightFox and ToF resolved the issue by playing their game shortly after the incident.

Result: the match was played and won by NightFox.

In order to avoid such instances from happening again in the future, please be careful before challenging/accepting your opponents challenge. If you're unsure about your opponent's identity, you're free to ask them to switch to their verified Smogtours account to ensure you're not being tricked.
RE: Zorodark vs. Luck>Skill

Situation: Luck>Skill dc'd on turn 186 of his game vs Zorodark, this was ruled as a true dc and as such the TeamSubmissions forum was checked. Luck>Skill had sent in his team entitling him to a rematch, while Zorodark sent in a different team from the one he ended up using, disqualifying Zorodark from getting a recreate with the same teams, as sending in the wrong team doesn't count as sending in your team.

Result: They will rematch with different teams.
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here we go...

RE: Pleasure vs d0nut

Situation: Pleasure dc'd on turn 102 of their game, and d0nut did not consent to the timer being turned off. However, right before Pleasure timed out the timer was (wrongfully) turned off anyway, when Pleasure would have clearly timed out had it not been. Additionally, Pleasure did not send in his team so the disconnect into timeout would have been a win for d0nut under our rules. Turning off of the timer was a TD error, and d0nut would have won without it so we will rule this as if the timer had never been turned off. This was established to be a true DC but Pleasure did not send his team in, as such a rematch cannot be done.

Result: d0nut wins via timeout.


RE: NJNP vs SilentVerse

Situation: During their RU match, NJNP's timer fell to a considerably low amount (~20 seconds remaining). At this point, NJNP disconnected (as evidenced by chat logs). His timer reached zero and it had started below the threshold the TD team has established internally for what constitutes a DC, as such this is being ruled as a true timeout.

Result: SilentVerse wins via timeout.
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RE: Gilbert arenas

Gilbert arenas has been forum banned due to a post in the SPL Commencement thread. Following the policy set in place, he will not be allowed to participate in SPL any longer.

Gilbert arenas is banned from SPL; the Alpha Ruiners may choose to sellback for 3k sellback credits.
RE: The Smogtours Timer

Currently, when a player disconnects on smogtours the game timer continues to run. This is evidently far from ideal but it is what we have available at the moment. While we wait on new timer mechanics to be physically implemented, the TD team has set up an interim policy. Upon disconnect, the timer will always be turned off. Please notify an online TD immediately if a disconnection occurs. Each player will have 5 minutes of reconnection time total (if you DC for 2 minutes earlier on, you can DC for up to 3 minutes later in the match). The same rules with regard to distinguishing disconnects vs timeouts are in place.

This means that: If you disconnect when the game timer is below our threshold and then run out of the 5 minute DC time, you will lose the battle (we will force-win). If you disconnect when the game timer is above our threshold and then run out of the 5 minute DC time, you are entitled to a recreation. Given that we do not currently have the automatic loss mechanic of running out of DC time, your opponent can choose to stay in the battle and wait or recreate at a later time.

As this is not yet implemented, TDs will be manually keeping track of the time if a disconnection occurs. If you play without a TD online, you put yourself at risk of the game time running down as you DC. We know this is not perfect but it is the best we can do until our new policies are coded.
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RE: bluri vs elodin:

Situation: They've together been incapable of sheduling and finding each other on a Pokemon sim so they could get the game done. Neither did more than the bare minimum for trying to get the game done and now both of them are proposing times they can make that the other can't, which would mean that the game will not be completed before the deadline.

Result: Since neither did enough to justify only one team to sub, this will be a forced double-sub. Both managers should get a new player in as soon as possible.

Managers involved: M Dragon Hikari Philip7086 obii
RE: Lavos vs choolio

Situation: The game played out such that the optimal line of play for both players was to keep switching indefinitely, resulting in an effectively endless battle. After 800 turns, both players agreed to a draw and the game was forced to a tie by a TD.

Result: The match is declared a tie and a rematch with the option of new teams will be enforced.
RE: Ghosting Incident

Situation: The TD team has acquired irrefutable evidence which proves that users bluri, Fakes and qwily took part in ghosting during Smogon Premier League 9.​
Result: Considering the situation at hand, as well as previous incidents involving some of the users involved, bluri will be tournament banned for 2 years, while the other two users will be tournament banned for 1 year. As a reminder, all of these will be reviewed halfway through their duration. Besides that, bluri and Fakes are no longer allowed to participate in the current iteration of SPL, which means that their managers should look to sub them out and notify their Week 6 opponents as soon as possible. There will be no refunds.​

Managers involved: M Dragon, Hikari, Tony, KratosMana
RE: z0mog vs. Gondra

Situation: The game played out in a way that lead to both players switching back and forth between 2 pokemon without either side trying to win, so it was ruled by me that it was an endless game. After about 300 turns the players agreed to draw the game.

Result: The match is declared a tie and the players will rematch with the option of using new teams.
RE: Tiba vs sulcata

Situation: sulcata contacted Tiba shortly after Week 6 was posted stating his preference for the weekend and late afternoon. Tiba responds on Thursday saying that would work for him. Late that night, sulcata asks if Sunday 5pm EST works, which Tiba agrees to. Somewhere around an hour before the scheduled time on Sunday, Tiba informs the Cryonicles he can't make the time and that he'd like to play an hour later, which sulcata agrees to accommodate. Tiba then misses the newly scheduled time of 6pm EST. sulcata posts for activity at 6:15pm. Tiba gets online sometime shortly afterwards, but sulcata has already left to go to sleep and isn't available for the rest of the day. Tiba effectively missed two different times agreed upon by both parties, which outweighs sulcata's unavailability afterwards.

Result: sulcata is granted the activity win over Tiba.
RE: Lycans vs Manipulative

Situation: During their game Lycans disconnected, this was ruled a true DC, as such Lycans was entitled to have a recreation. Due to some technical issues that happened because we needed Lycans online to be able to click the button that allows a recreate to happen it took us a long time to be able to get the input log, but now i have it and we are working on ways to get it in similar situations that arise in the future with less hassle.

Result: Lycans and Manipulative will have a recreation of their battle up until turn 21, they will then continue playing normally after that point.

tagging both players because i'll need to be online during the time of their game to be able to recreate the match, so tell me when you guys reschedule for. (if they schedule for a time where i can't be online i'll give the input log to one of the hosts)
RE: Feliburn vs Windsong

Situation: Finchinator's post sums it up well
Windsong scheduled with Feliburn for today at 10pm EST (it is now 10:45pm EST as I post this). They were in contact earlier this week and had discussed both weekend days, but eventually agreed upon a range earlier today (Windsong said 3-10 Central worked and then Feliburn said 4-8 was ideal for him), but then Feliburn asked to push it back to 9pm Central earlier today (which is 10pm EST) and he has not shown up while Windsong has been on discord the entire time. We would like a substitute or Feliburn on and able to play by 11pm EST as Windsong has IRL things to do and was on throughout the range (I mentioned this to Obii a bit after 10pm, for the record). I have screenshots to back any of this if necessary.
The Scooters didn't have any available substitutes and Feliburn wasn't able to show up in time.

Result: Windsong is granted the activity win over Feliburn.
RE: Pleasure vs choolio

Situation: choolio contacted Pleasure soon after Week 8 was posted stating he prefers to play on the weekend. Pleasure responds about 12 hours later saying any day after 10/11pm or very late on Sunday would work, while Saturday would not. Choolio wants to play on Sunday and asks for a more specific time and Pleasure doesn't reply until Friday after choolio sends him another message on Discord. Pleasure says he can't give a definite time, but probably around 9-11pm GMT+1. Around 8:30 he updates choolio saying to not expect him to be there before 10. At 10:43 Pearl tags the Sharks asking for Pleasure and he doesn't receive any response. Pleasure also gets online and talks in his teamchat at 10:43, but he doesn't message choolio until 11:09, by which time choolio has already gone offline. While it was only a rough estimate of his availability, Pleasure missed the 2 hour window they scheduled for, which outweighs the shortcomings in choolio's communication.

Result: choolio is granted the activity win over Pleasure.
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