SPL IX - Administrative Decisions

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RE: Gondra vs Znain

Situation: At some point in week 9, Znain tested teams with user Miguelmart. On Sunday, Miguelmart revealed information to Gondra about two teams he thought Znain was likely to bring to their game. While Znain did not use the exact teams that were leaked, the team he brought had several similarities to what was leaked. As a result, Gondra had a clear advantage during this game.

Result: The game between Gondra and Znain is being considered a dead game. Miguelmart will be tournament banned for 6 months.


Please note that while leaking teams is clearly against the rules, the current rules do not address consequences for the receiver of leaked information, especially as we have no evidence that Gondra sought out or asked for such information. For this reason, Gondra will not be punished for this incident. The TD team is reviewing the rules on leaking and plans to make changes to this, but we will not retroactively enforce any such changes.

We are also investigating and reviewing any potential breaches of trust involving the members of the TD team involved in this. While there are no rules in place requiring regular users to report team leaks, we take breaches of trust among Tournament Directors very seriously.
RE: Slowbro-Mega

Despite the suspect vote, Slowbro-Mega will not be legal in UU for finals. This is to not significantly alter the metagame right before the finals as well as because the Tier Leaders intended the suspect to finish after finals was posted, but were thrown off by a longer than typical tiebreaker. If both players agree, they may play with Slowbro-Mega anyway.
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