SPL XI - Commencement Thread

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I wrote them and nobody quality checks this shit. I didn't lose my sanity yet, I just didn't bother checking any records. The writeups are literally "player x is known for y and played in z" or dice getting gigatriggered by sulcata. The quality is about as high as you get for dudes writing this shit for no compensation.
*sprays on axe*
you don't even
*opens up a Wikipedia page*
strictly adhere to the optimum moves predicted by
*adjusts stained Smogon sweatpants*
game theory. LOOOL IM DEAD VROS
*types furiously*
You're probably unaware that humans strictly adhere to Nash Equilibrium
*cheap mic getting bumped noises*
therefore you are predictable and creative in your WOAT team choices vro, LMAOOO.
LMAO im the GOAT
Except Lycans, his family's life savings are currently worth half of what they were worth when I generated this low effort meme so they won't even be enough.

They're great and all but let's face it, I'd say that 49 euros is a tad bit too much.
Thanks to this message and a few others on discord, we've discovered that the prices set in the store were not what was originally intended. That's quite expensive!

The store items have been temporarily removed and will return as soon as possible. I am sorry for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding!


lofi memes radio - beats to relax/shitpost to
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Returning for another year are the team avatars, all made possible thanks to Zarel once again and created by myself, rozes, and a few others who I don't know exactly.

trainers & logos2.png

The avatars should be available for use on both main PS and the Smogtours server. If you were submitted on your team's roster you just log on to the account submitted, usually the one you're voiced on the Smogtours server, and use the command /avatar splxi[teamname], with the full command list as follows:
/avatar splxibigs
/avatar splxiclassiest
/avatar splxicryonicles
/avatar splxiraiders
/avatar splxiruiners
/avatar splxiscooters
/avatar splxisharks
/avatar splxitigers
/avatar splxityrants
/avatar splxiwolfpack

Also here's each of the avatars separated in their original size:

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Can I get a refund then?
If you open the confirmation e-mail you got from Teespring and then click on the "Track My Order" button you should find a "Cancel My Order" option. It takes a few days for orders to actually be printed, so if you're quick you can cancel the order and order a new one once the store is updated (which is being done as I'm writing this post). For example, this is what my order now looks like:

Once the store is back up Zracknel will update his thread so you can order your merch again at a cheaper price. We're getting some extra stuff too so stay tuned!

EDIT: The store is back up!
It is.

However, here's the official tournament calendar : https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/official-tournament-schedule-2020.3656262/ so you know when would be the next tour, and here's the page for all tournaments : https://www.smogon.com/forums/forums/tournaments.34/ , the official tournaments are pinned, and you can see what they consist in and what happened in previous editions by opening their respective sections.

Of course you have to signup before the tour starts, all you gotta do for that is signing in the thread which has "signups" in it's title, like this one : https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/adv-cup-v-signups.3648787/ (I took this one randomly but you get the idea)

I suggest reading the rules of the tournament before doing shit.

For example, the next official tournament is "Official Smogon Tournament" which is a pretty straightforward tournament consisting in first-to-two-win in Gen8OU, i dont know when the signups for this one will open but for this one you have several days to sign in, so if you look at it's subsection once every day or every two days, you wont miss the signup thread.

Oh and by the way, if you scroll down you'll find a lot of unofficial tournaments, which can be equally fun as official ones. Or even more if they involve DPP OU !
Thank you!
RE: Prediction Tour

I'm confused on the incentive to predict each week for the banner; you're penalized on wrong guesses, while the goal is to remain as close to a clean slate as possible, so wouldn't that reward just predicting the final week to earn the least amount of points possible?
it is actually a punishment to win that god awful banner so they're dissuading anyone from participating
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