SS OU Release Tournament - Round 2


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Atrociously lucked Finch in g2 especially, sorry bud thanks for being a good sport about stuff we can't really handle, you def showed me that I need to get my head in this more
my opp missed the schedule and he gave me the win
but i would try to reschedule and play, i will take the win if we failed to get it done before deadline.
Please reach out if one of the below decisions should be changed.

Activity Calls / Forfeits: (10/48)

Aurella vs Alumn
Mysterious M vs Farmer
Decem vs xray
vs Jase The World
Dragonflo vs Guilhew
lyd vs Quaze
vs bigtalk
Fener vs wehavecancer
Vaboh vs JohnYiu
Sensei Axew vs Pais

Coinflips: (5/48)

c kai vs Martsian Jr
Lennart vs toljs
zugubu royale vs TechnoRaptor
vs Shogarth
-Latios- vs Sageau

Me and lopunny kicks have had a hard time scheduling (entirely my fault) requesting extension till monday
monchooo Lopunny Kicks Please play today or it will be a coinflip

Round 3
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