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The purpose of this thread is to provide a visual list organized by roles to see what Pokémon do what. This will help new and experienced players alike in finding Pokémon that fit their teams when looking for specific roles. Each Pokemon that is here is viable in the OU metagame, and as such, it will change as the viability rankings get updated. If you feel there is a Pokemon viable for the roles mentioned below and it hasn't been added to the group, then recommend it in your post with solid explanations. Niche Pokemon that are C+ or less will now be separated by |
The order of roles will be organized in the following way:
  1. Utility (hazard setters and removers)
  2. Offensive roles (wallbreakers, choice item users, and setup sweepers)
  3. Defensive roles (walls and pivots)
  4. Weather (rain, sand, and sun)
  5. Trick Room
1. Utility

Entry Hazards:

Stealth Rock:

Sticky Web:

Toxic Spikes:

Hazard Control:


Magic Bounce:

Rapid Spin:

Clerics and Wish:
Heal Bell / Aromatherapy:

Healing Wish:

Lunar Dance:


Knock Off (Defensive/Utility):

Knock Off (Offensive):



2. Offensive Roles




Choice Item Users:
Choice Band:

Choice Specs:

Choice Scarf:

Setup Sweepers:

Belly Drum:

Bulk Up:

Calm Mind:

Dragon Dance:


Nasty Plot:

Quiver Dance:

Shell Smash:

Shift Gear:

Swords Dance:


Aqua Jet:

Bullet Punch:

Extreme Speed:

Grassy Glide:

Ice Shard:

Mach Punch:

Shadow Sneak:

Sucker Punch:

3. Defensive Roles

Physically Defensive:

Specially Defensive:




4. Weather

Snow Warning:

Slush Rush:



Swift Swim:

Rain Abusers:

Sand Stream:

Sand Rush:



Sun Abusers:

5. Trick Room

Trick Room Setter:

Trick Room Abusers:
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I just have a few questions.

Is there going to be a specific role for just generally good dynamax abusers, or is there no need for that?

What happened to certain mons that were listed on the OU viability list, such as Durant, Alcremie, Coalossal, Duraludon, and Indeedee?

Finally, shouldn't there be a role for dual screen mons (namely Grimmsnarl, but I've also seen dual screens Dragapult)?
Coalossal should be included in spikes rocks and spin it’s not amazing but definitely a viable option
Concur with this, it's arguable that there should be a higher percentage of niche picks listed in a Gen 8 RC for the obvious reason of a smaller pool of available mons and something like Coalossal whilst not neccessarily a viable mon does provide decent compression despite being outclassed by Excadrill. Copperajah also gets access to SR so I'd imagine it should also be listed under SR and not just Steelsurge, especially when you consider there is a Sash set that has seen usage with SR + G-Max, and SR is a wholly more consistent option there given your Dynamax can be neccessitated for other mons depending on matchup. Following on from Copperajah, that sees a lot of usage on TR, another mon with access to SR for TR teams that has been omitted is Runerigus, which seems strange irrespective of viability, esp when you consider Mew + Bronzong are the only other mons that get the same combination.

Regarding access to Spikes, two users that we've previously seen in earlier gens + this one that aren't listed are Diggersby + Golisopod, primarily on Choiced Sets when switches are forced, not overtly common given their main role is to wallbreak but often seen as utility on said sets. Galarian Weezing is also the only other T.Spikes user that is worth consideration. For Webs, Araquanid has definitely been seeing usage, and Galvantula is actually an ok pick that could fit webs onto an Anti-Meta offensive set as per the OU Metagame discussion thread. It's not as if either of these mons haven't utilized the move in previous generations either, although it's arguable they're relatively outclassed by Ribombee on HO.

Eldegoss should almost certainly be listed under Rapid Spin given that's it's only niche when you consider it's barren movepool and it has seen some play, one could also list Torkoal (and under SR by extension) although it remains to be seen whether Sun will be a remotely viable playstyle in OU. As for Defog, Weezing-Galar I believe is the only other notable mon that gets it.

Only other mon I'd like to mention rn is prob Sylveon, whose niches actually have a fair amount more value in than in previous gens, most notably being able to compete with Clefable as a Specially Defensive Wall to check things like Hydreigon, Dragapult, LO Clef etc. Biggest thing it has going for it is Hyper Voice infiltrating Substitutes whilst being naturally stronger than Moonblast. If Umbreon is being listed then I definitely believe Sylveon should be also.
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Scarf: Add Toxicitry
BD: Add Kommo-O
Why is sun not listed as a weather
Torkoal and Ninetales under sun setters
Under Chlorophyll Leafeon and Shrifty


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Made a quick list of additions that I personally think are at least fringe viable:

Stealth Rock::Drednaw-gmax::Copperajah:
Toxic Spikes::Cloyster:
Physical Wallbreakers::Durant::Diggersby:
Choice Band::Durant::Diggersby:
Choice Scarf::Toxtricity::Dragapult:
Bulk Up::Conkeldurr:
Dragon Dance::Dragapult:
Swords Dance::Diggersby::Mimikyu:
Shell Smash::Cloyster:
Belly Drum::Kommo-o:
Shift Gear::Toxtricity:

The biggest thing to me is actually the lack of Mimikyu, it's still a viable revenge killer. SubDD Dragapult is also an overlooked physical sweeper and Toxtricity can potentially forego Choice Specs to use a Throat Spray set with Shift Gear.

I also think there's merit in adding a Priority section, especially if/when Dynamax is banned, since it's some of the primary counterplay to threats the likes of Choice Scarf Darmanitan:

Sucker Punch::Dugtrio::Bisharp::Cinderace::Grimmsnarl::Dragapult:
Aqua Jet::Crawdaunt::Golisopod::Barraskewda:
First Impression::Haxorus::Durant::Golisopod:
Shadow Sneak::Aegislash::Mimikyu:
Mach Punch::Conkeldurr:
Ice Shard::Mamoswine:
Quick Attack::Diggersby:
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Also Dragapult could count as mixed (with the mixed DD set)
I mean it doesn't see usage any more but it did early in the metagame


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Correct me if I'm wrong (and I may well be if this thread isn't about more complicatex roles), but aren't Cleaner, Tank and Revenge Killers some important categories?
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The nomenclature given in the OP is a little more specific. Cleaners can be setup sweepers, choice scarfers, or priority users. Tanks are walls or pivots with a recovery move outside of rest. Revenge killers are a version of cleaner used to take out a setup sweeper. The problem with these terms is that these roles can change from game to game. A tank, for instance, can become a cleaner against 6 Magikarps by outspeeding them and using Thunderbolt. They are roles, but there are better categories out there.
I think Pincurchin could be put in spikes and t-spikes, a bit fringe pick, but it has a niche that no other does so it sees some use.


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The Pokemon that have recently been added to the VR are currently missing:
Specially defensive wall (defensive pivot?)
Sticky Web
Shell Smash
Physical wallbreaker, Choice Band user, First Impression

should be deleted from Choice Scarf users

Other stuff that's missing (in my opinion):
Swords Dance, Shadow Sneak
Special wallbreaker and Choice Specs user (it appears to me that most Pelipper are used as Choice Specs wallbreakers with Weather Ball and Hurricane lately, it's even been used like this in SPL)
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I think :espeon: should be included in the Magic Bounce section, with Specs in Psychic Terrain it hits like an absolute truck it can be viable, especially with Trick crippling switch ins like Mandibuzz and Corviknight.
Dugtrio should be in the Choice Band section, it is able to hit Pokemon such as Toxapex, Fairy types and Seismitoad without needing to use Screech.

Also add Toxticrity to offensive pivots. It has its checks but still hits pretty hard.


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I feel like there should be a cleric section like last generation since most teams do have one right now (mostly Clefable or Sylveon).



Should probably hold off on a Healing Wish section.

Last generation we also had a suicide lead section which I feel could be useful for HO:

Suicide Leads:

Take from this what you want.
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Lucario vaccum wave priority is pretty important, ohko bisharp, obstagoon and cloyster. Can revenge scraf hydra

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you forgot trick room (idk how to add those icon things
Trick Room
Setters: Runerigus, Mimikyu, Bronzong, Hatterene, Jellicent, Aromatisse,
Abusers: Crawdaunt, Copperajah, Hatterene, Conkeldurr, Golisopod, Incineroar(?), Reuniclus, Rhyperior, Venusaur, Escavalier, Snorlax, Galarian Slowbro soon

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