Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)


tough call for this one but i think these two are guaranteed viability while eldegoss is a bit more gimmicky and prima just doesn't tickle my fancy
Eldegoss: 8
G-Articuno: 12
Celebi: 11

Regidrago: 1
Primarina: 3

two new mons have been added to the meta! on a side note, please wait for the next slate. as we are still choosing mons or deciding to take a small break due to how busy we've been recently TT
With permission from winter, we've decided that we'll be taking a break from posting slates for about a few weeks. we've had a lot of mons coming in, so this is great time to try out what the meta is like. as always, you can participate in discussions in our discord.

And of course, thank you for sticking with us throughout the mod! It really means a lot to us!
Okay everyone, with my exams finally over, its time for us to come back from hiatus with a new slate!

:ss/Whimsicott: + Fairy Aura + 20 Sp.Atk
:ss/Copperajah: Steel/Water + 20 Sp.Def + Liquidation
:ss/Latios: Dragon/Electric + Volt Switch
:ss/golurk: + Shift Gear
:ss/inteleon: + Protean + Spikes


Edit: Ive also gone ahead and edited the OP to be upto date
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:whimsicott:: yay another fairy/grass!<333 i love this one, 97 spa with fairy aura is really, really good, moonblast hits hard but not as hard as to be ridiculous
:copperajah:: YES BIG ELEPHANT, really good typing, insane special bulk, and nuclear damage in SFLO Liquidation or Iron Head, yeah, awesome mon prolly my fave sub
:latios:: meh? i like latios getting offensive buffs as a counterpart to latias, but i do not like this one in particular, just not my cup of electric tea
:golurk:: really cool
:inteleon:: greninja 2: a little better, honestly this is really good, prolly voting for this
:ss/Whimsicott: + Fairy Aura + 20 Sp.Atk
Pretty okay. Fairy Aura boosted Moonblasts seem very appealing to just spam with its good speed tier. Loses hard to Tran tho, but can use specs Psychic to break through Pex, Drain breaks through all the other bulky waters, and Moonblast just hits everyone not a steel pretty hard.

:ss/Copperajah: Steel/Water + 20 Sp.Def + Liquidation
252 SpA Choice Specs Tapu Lele Psychic vs. 156 HP / 0 SpD Assault Vest Copperajah in Psychic Terrain: 105-124 (24.7 - 29.2%) -- 100% chance to 4HKO
Bruh. This thing would be an insane AV user, if it has cleric support from Clefable it's over. This thing will just sit on special attackers and yawn in their presence as it prepares to nuke its life force with a hefty Heavy Slam, Liquidation, Power Whip, Heat Crash, Stone Edge, Superpower, Zen Headbutt, or Earthquake. Amazing movepool, incredible bulk. Bonkers.

:ss/Latios: Dragon/Electric + Volt Switch
I'm not sure how viable this would be, but I love the flavor. It makes the 2 latis unique from each other and makes a really strong special attacker with STAB T-Bolt and Volt Switch and Ice Beam off the end. Very cool.

:ss/golurk: + Shift Gear
Im petrified of this thing. +2 Speed +1 Attack, a spammable ghost move, STAB Earthquake, and Dynamic Punch for Blissey and Dark Types. Once this thing is set up its practically unwallable. I might not vote for this thing out of fear.

:ss/inteleon: + Protean + Spikes
My least favorite of the 5. It's literally just Gren 2. No true flavor, it doesn't feel unique compared to the others and just doesn't appeal to me at all.

My votes in the current state are probably :copperajah: and either :latios: or :whimsicott:

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